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Before we launch into my Mother's Day garden party setting.... Last week, I had the total pleasure of heading to The Ivy Chelsea Garden with Marks & Spencer, for a Mother's Day Flowers Masterclass (check out some of their expert tips!). It was a fabulous evening consisting of advice from M&S flower expert Simon Richards and award-winning blogger Rona Wheeldon, as they talked us through three different floral arrangements.  A sweet, compact narcissi arrangement was on the cards first, followed by the most beautiful bouquet of roses and finally, ending with a wild flower arrangement (check out last week's office setup and you'll understand why the latter became my fave!).  Better yet, we were encouraged to bring along our mums and so I had the pleasure of learning all about this season's floral trends with my mum by my side!  So, a couple of champagne flutes later, it was time to devote all of my attention to the creme brûlée doughnuts (I know, yum!), pack up our floral arrangements and head home, or rather... just around the corner.  Because the beauty of going anywhere with your mum, is that your dad insists on picking her up and so by default, you get secondhand princess treatment.  Bliss.
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So, now that Valentine's Day has been ticked off the calendar, it's time to focus attention towards the next special date this season... Mother's Day!  I always think of Mother's Day as the beginning of Spring, helped along by the inevitable purchase of flowers in shades of pink, and pretty desserts that for some reason you don't think of buying during the colder months of the year.  After last week's Flowers Masterclass with Marks & Spencer, I've been thinking about ways of bringing their beautiful blooms into a Mother's Day setting. A bouquet makes a wonderful gift and particularly if you're short on time.  Although, what if you're not?  If you have plenty of time to put together a table setting to make your mum swoon, I've put together a few ways of helping the flowers you've bought go the extra mile...
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Upgrade your bouquet, so to be able to use some of the flowers and/or petals for other purposes at your table setting - it will most likely still end up looking impressive in size.  Fab!  All the flowers shown in this post are from M&S - would you look at their Mother's Day Flower Bouquets, dreamy.  I've opted to use Avalanche roses (a firm favourite at the masterclass), pink roses, tulips and Gypsophila

F L O A T I N G   P E T A L S

Is there anything more frustrating than lighting candles outdoors, only to have them blow out just moments later?!  Thanks to this genius little Ombre Lantern (also available in a clear version), that's a problem of the past.  Better yet?  It serves the perfect opportunity to get creative!  There's always the option of filling the bottom of the lantern with small metallic stones, or perhaps sand in the summertime.  But seeing as we're talking about Mother's Day, flowers seem like the obvious choice!  I've broken up some petals from a smaller M&S bouquet of roses and rested them on a shallow pool of water.  It's minimal effort, high impact!

D E C O R A T E   D I S H E S

Okay, so when I set eyes on this chocolate dome cake from M&S, I think my heart may have skipped a beat.  I can't find it online right now, but I'd definitely recommend taking a trip to your local branch to scout one out!  There's no chance of leaving empty handed anyway, as their range of indulgent chocolate cakes is pretty extensive.  Yum!  Again, I've opted to break up (Avalanche Rose) petals to decorate the circumference of the cake stand.  Squared edges placed on circular dishes tend to bother me (petty but true, I'm afraid) and so this is a fabulous way of concealing the ''square peg in a round hole'' effect, as well as giving your cake stand a total upgrade.  Wow factor?  For sure.

E M B E L L I S H   S E A T I N G

Another way of personalising your Mother's Day table setting, would be to cherry-pick sprigs of flowers to tie with ribbon or thin rope to one corner of each chair - making sure to choose the same side each time.  It's a wonderfully inexpensive way of spreading the use of flowers outside of the table.  Buy enough flowers and you could create one hell of a magical scene! 

T A B L E   S E T T I N G S 

One of my favourite use of flowers for special occasions, particularly events.  Select the most beautiful of flowers from your bouquet and place them diagonally across each person's table setting.  For other occasions, attaching name tags could be a fun touch.  However, considering it's Mother's Day, I'm pretty sure you'll know everyone's name at the table!  If not, buy more flowers to distract everyone.


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M&S Avalanche Roses and Magenta Roses
You may have noticed a fair few gorgeous additions to my homeware collection in this post.  Well, most of what can be seen is all available at M&S in their homeware department!  The clear Apothecary Vase holding the tulips was provided for the narcissi display at last week's flowers masterclass, and then to match the gold hardware of the ombre lantern I mentioned earlier, a Deco Round Mirror Tray, the perfect centrepiece for your flowers.  I've purchased countless mirrored trays over the past couple of years, and now finally I've found what I was looking for all along.  It's also available in silver, but nothing stands in the way of my intense love for gold homeware!

Considering cake is to be served, I've opted for Maxim Side Plates for their small size and simplicity.  But another of my all-time favourite homeware additions is undoubtedly, hands down these Marble Placements.  Oh my gosh.  Sadly, they're currently (and unsurprisingly) out of stock online.  They're gorgeously weighty and go a long way in adding a touch of luxury to a Mother's Day table setting.  No need to despair though, as M&S have plenty of other dreamy marble homeware pieces!  Okay, so what about the chairs?  Four Navy Linen Cushions. Is it strange to have had a craving for linen cushions?  Probably.  But now is definitely the time to pick them up, in preparation for the warmer, sunnier months ahead!  These linen cushions have also not helped my obsession for navy-and-gold colour combos.  Not one bit.  Not at all.

Psst! All gold cutlery, serving slice and serviettes are from Anthropologie.    
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M&S have a ridiculously good range of cakes - in particular, of the chocolatey variety.  Mmmm.  This gold-polished cake is filled with salted caramel chocolate truffles, dark chocolate curls and maltesers.  Heaven in a dome.  The delicious dessert is in store and available now.  Yum!  In fear of repeating myself, I adore champagne truffles.  I mean, I'm strongly considering breaking tradition and picking up a champagne chocolate Easter egg this year.  The dusted champagne truffles shown in this post are only available to purchase in store, and also come in a variety of different flavours. Last but not least, the bubbles!  Along with the Chambort and Moët displayed, Oudinot Rosé Medium Dry Champagne makes for an utterly beautiful table setting addition for Mother's Day.  Delicious appearance, and even more delicious in taste.  
Reflection of Gypsophila in Glass Tray
M&S Chocolate Dome Cake Filled With Truffles and Malteesers
Cheers with Luxurious Gold Metallic Flutes
As I recently explained, I love celebrating each and every occasion.  Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to recreating this moment for Mother's Day - and especially with such beautiful homeware!  One thing's for sure, I've absolutely learnt how M&S blooms can go a very long way in making Mother's Day special.  Moral of the story?  The more, the merrier!  I hope you've enjoyed brainstorming ways of displaying flowers for Mother's Day.  Anything in this setting stand out to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

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