Mii Cosmetics Beauty Blog Full Look Review
Oh!  Surprise, surprise.  I'm still in love with Mii Cosmetics.  For those unfamiliar with my longterm obsession with the British brand, Mii Cosmetics specialise in makeup that flatters your face, rather than hides it.  They're all about natural beauty, flattering shades and making the most of your features.  So, if that ticks all of the right boxes for you, you'll love this news... their new collection launches in just three days from now!  Nude Ambition launches officially on March 1st and features a Double Delight Concealer & Serum, Illusionist Translucent Powder and Double Delight Blush & Bronze.  Along with these gorgeous new additions to their range, I've put together a full look using all Mii Cosmetics products.  Some of my classic favourites are included, along with a few new introductions from the brand's extensive range...

N E W   C O L L E C T I O N  :  N U D E   A M B I T I O N 

Starting with my absolute favourite product from the new collection, Double Delight Blush & Bronze (Revel & Glow 01).  Contrary to what seems like the general shared opinion, I churn through blushes ridiculously quickly.  I guess y'girl likes to look as though she's blushing?  Having tried quite a few now, I can safely say this new release from Mii Cosmetics is in my top three blushers.  It's certainly got me excited to try the bronzer this Spring!  The soft natural finish is perfectly subtle and works seamlessly with the Mii Cosmetics Precise Finish Brush.  

Also featured in the new collection is the Illusionist Translucent Powder (Mystique 00).  This was a new introduction for me, having never used a product similar to the powder before.  Short story?  Smitten.  It claims to conjure up a long-lasting look of airbrushed perfection and photo-ready radiance - and it doesn't disappoint!  Six hours of foundation wear without it cracking in the usual pesky areas.  It can be used as both a primer before applying makeup, as well as afterwards to set makeup.  For this look I only used it as a primer, though have to say I'm pretty excited to see how well it performs at setting makeup...
Mii Cosmetics Double Delight Bronze Blush Review
Mii Cosmetics Double Delight Bronze Blush
Mii Cosmetics Nude Ambition Double Delight PaletteOkay, I genuinely feel as though it's impossible for Mii Cosmetics to put a foot wrong.  But if I had to choose the weak link in the new Spring collection, it'd be the Double Delight Concealer & Serum.  The concept of applying both serum and concealer together for a flawless finish is genius (especially as the formula is both makeup and skincare), but it isn't the perfect fit for my skin type.  The finish is gorgeously smooth and stays that way for hours on end, but it's not quite enough coverage to conceal all of those late nights of writing and photo editing!  Oops.

Psst!  I've layered Clarins Instant Concealer over the serum and concealer to achieve this look.
Mii Cosmetics Double Delight Concealer and Serum Review

M I I   C O S M E T I C S   :  C L A S S I C   F A V O U R I T E S 

As you can probably guess, I have a lot of favourites from Mii Cosmetics.  Put it this way, about 70% of my daily makeup routine is now by the brand!  Depending on how long you've been reading A Glass Of Ice, you may recognise some of these makeup-hero products I've been continuously returning to.  First of all, my all-time favourite Mii Cosmetics product; Wide Eyed Liner from the Tropical Daydream collection.  This was a serious discovery for me and I can pretty much guarantee I'll be repeating this liner for many, many years to come.  It's the quickest route to wide eyed beauty that hides just how tired you've been for the last ten years.  This is the shiniest, sparkliest inclusion in my natural, 'no-makeup makeup' routine thanks to its ability to totally transform your eyes.  Try it!
Along with the Wide Eyed Liner, I've also used Showstopping Liner from the Supernova Collection.  My first liquid eyeliner and the only one I've been using since last Autumn.  If you've been putting off the moment of trying liquid eyeliner, this is definitely the direction to look in - super easy to use, long-lasting and perfectly defined tip.  But wait, things are about to get even shinier...  Say hello to the Forever Eye Colour Crayon in Sorbet.  Gorgeously creamy, subtle and flattering - ideal for taking from day to night!  
Mii Cosmetics Wide Eyed Liner Innocent 01
Easter Flowers Bouquet Yellow and White
I've been singing the praises of Lancôme Hypnose mascara for as long as I can remember, and then Mii Cosmetics came along with their Showstopping Lash Lover and I've had to totally change my tune.  Literally the best mascara I've tried - which is a pretty big statement! The volume is insane and especially considering only a couple of coats are needed.  The brush is best kept to the upper lashes though, and so for this look I've opted to use the 'definition' brush from the Full Focus Lash Duo for the lower lashes.  Obsessed.

To finish the eyes, I've used Enchanting Eye Colour in Sunbeam in the corners of my eyes.  Subtle, but high impact.  Again, such a cute trick for enhancing that 'natural beauty' vibe.  This has been my go-to now for over a year when that somethin' somethin' extra is needed.
Mii Cosmetics Showstopping Lash Lover Blog Review
Mii Cosmetics Mascara Showstopping Lash Lover
Z for Accessorize Initial Letter NecklaceAlright, so I'll be the first to admit I don't pay a lot of attention to my brows.  It's because of this, the Sculpting Brow Builder (Remarkably Fair) is such a life saver.  The instant tint effect is ideal for when in a hurry, and goes a long way in helping those who are low maintenance when it comes to their brows (you can stop screaming through the screen at me wheneeeever you like).

Last but not least, another product from the Tropical Daydream collection, Passionate Lip Lover in Enthral.  It's the perfect pop of pink for Spring and will absolutely be my go-to as the weather gradually warms up (uh, after this week's snow?!).  I've layered Shimmering Lip Sheen in Flow over the moisturising lipstick to achieve this high-gloss look.  Be still my beating heart.  A few other shades of pink have also caught my eye for the months ahead, including Passionate Matte Lip Lover in Naked and Moisturising Lip Lover in Smile and Exclaim.
Mii Cosmetics Passionate Lip Lover Enthral Review
Mii Cosmetics Passionate Lip Lover Lipstick Enthral
So, we all know makeup can only truly be as good as the brushes you use, and I, um, well... I've procrastinated when it comes to updating my brush collection.  Tut, tut.  Thankfully, Mii Cosmetics have the dreamiest range of brushes & tools and some of which I've used to create this look:  Precise Finish Brush, Special Finish Brush and Perfect Contour Brush (subtle sweep of highlighter by Charlotte Tilbury, Bar of Gold).
Mii Cosmetics Nude Ambition Collection 2018I've loved sharing some of my classic favourites by the brand, along with a sneak preview of their new release: Nude Ambition!  I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this full look using Mii Cosmetics products.  Love anything in particular?  Let me know in the comments below!

* Mii Cosmetics: Nude Ambition launches on March 1st 2018 *

Psst!  Mii Cosmetics are a cruelty free brand; none of their products or raw ingredients have been tested on animals. 

With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Mii Cosmetics for working with me on this post!