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How on Earth has it been over two weeks since I shared my Instagram Guide to Cheltenham?!  I've hit publish on a fair few new posts since then, however the intensity of my love for the town hasn't dwindled.  Not at all.  Not even a little bit.  I stayed at Queens Hotel Cheltenham for my staycation in Cheltenham due to its fabulous reputation, clean refurbished interior design and prime location (my room literally overlooked the Imperial Gardens!).  The stay was perfect from beginning to end; starting with an upgrade and ending with a late checkout.  So, my time there sparked a thought - what do I look for when booking a hotel?  More to the point, what exactly makes a stay special enough to want to eagerly share it here for you to read?!  
Queens Hotel Cheltenham Lobby Entrance Hall
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As I mentioned, the stay started with an upgrade, meaning a beautiful view of the Imperial Gardens was on the cards from a couple of floors up, along with vast, symmetrical windows looking out onto the Promenade and its tree-lined avenue.  Thinking back, I think the room was directly in the centre of the hotel at the front, above the rotating doors.  Should I return (which I certainly plan to), that will undoubtedly be the room I request.  Similar to how the location of the actual hotel is important for reaching the places highest on your to-see list, the location of the room itself is just as key.  I tend to do my absolute best to avoid rooms directly by lifts or above kitchens and dining rooms.  Oh, and a gorgeous view never hurts!     

Psst!  If you're heading to Queens Hotel Cheltenham, be sure to request a room that overlooks the Imperial Gardens.
Cheltenham Luxury Hotel Interior Design Lobby
Cheltenham Queens Hotel Lobby Afternoon Tea
Cheltenham Queens Hotel White Building Exterior

I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N

Personally?  Neutrals.  Neutrals, neutrals and more neutrals.  They're calming, chic and nearly always create the best photographic backdrops.  Ordinarily, the hotels that have my heart beating faster are those that combine heritage, classic design with modern influences.  With this in mind, Queens Hotel Cheltenham ticked all of the right boxes.  If you've been reading A Glass Of Ice for a while now, you'll know why the Palladian-style exterior attracted me to the hotel, and don't even get me started on the grand interior staircase!  A few other details that tend to grasp my attention, include studded headboards, dressing tables (can you believe how many hotels forget makeup routines nearly always require natural light?), a chic lobby area to whip through some emails and, of course, a neutral colour palette.     
Reading Magazine in Hotel Room Bed
Luxurious Bed Studded Headboard
Cheltenham Magazine The MGallery Hotel Collection


The character and atmosphere of a place is probably the most important aspect to me when staying at a hotel.  Unfortunately, you can't bottle it up and sniff it before booking accommodation - but there's beauty in the process of trial and error!  Admittedly, I don't share all hotel stays on A Glass Of Ice, and nine times out of ten this is usually because despite how lovely they were, the ambience sucked (to put it bluntly).  Though thankfully, my time in Cheltenham was quite the opposite!  There was something incredibly warm and friendly about the hotel, which can be put down to both the staff, as well as the historic building.  Anyone else feel as though hotels with history have a way at putting you at ease?  By night it was beautifully quiet, allowing you to roam around the grand staircase with nobody disturbing the peace and quiet.  The restaurant was a different story, with a buzzing energy thanks to its brilliant reputation.  Though I can't comment on the food.. because after poking my head into the restaurant, I spent the rest of the evening out!  

Psst!  Next time you're away, take the time to spend a while roaming your hotel in the evening, when others are eating, or heading to their rooms.  The sense of calm is incredible. 
Cheltenham Queens Hotel Bar Travel Blog
Cheltenham Queens Hotel Grand Staircase at Night
Travel Blogger Queens Hotel Cheltenham Review


As I mentioned in my Instagram Guide to Cheltenham, much of the food at Queens Hotel Cheltenham is from local Cotswolds farms and gourmet artisans - and you can certainly taste the difference!  I kid you not when I say I can remember a hotel based on the scrambled eggs they served (there are worse obsessions) and my accommodation in Cheltenham wins first prize from me on that score.  Damn. Yum!  Room service breakfast is another of the things I look for in a hotel; there's something wonderfully relaxing about having it brought to your room and practice sure does make perfect, because I can't imagine going downstairs anywhere for breakfast now! Dressing gown, beautiful view and surrounded by your creature comforts?  Those are the ingredients for the perfect breakfast.  Oh, and scrambled eggs cooked to perfection, thanks.

Psst!  Make sure to check ahead when it comes to room service when booking accommodation.  Many luxury hotels only allow continental breakfasts to be brought to your room - just in case you had your heart set on an indulgent cooked breakfast! 
Queens Hotel Cheltenham Imperial Gardens and Promenade View
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Cheltenham Queens Hotel Room Service Breakfast
Chocolate Covered Meringue from The Swallow Bakery Cheltenham
Chocolate Meringue from The Swallow Bakery, Cheltenham
Queens Hotel Cheltenham Continental Breakfast Pastries Danish
So, there we have it!  I've no doubt there are two million other things I look for in a hotel - and they'll probably spring to mind after I've hit publish.  Nevertheless, these are the points that slide in comfortably at the very top of my must-have list.  To summarise, there seems to be a recurring theme: calm, luxurious, comfortable and beautiful.  A neutral palette will always get a thumbs up from me, especially when modern design meets a building with history.  Oh, and my score cards will come out whenever faced with scrambled eggs.  It's make or break, guys!  
Travel Blog Review The Queens Hotel Cheltenham
I've really enjoyed sharing my experience of Queens Hotel Cheltenham with you!  Please do let me know your thoughts on the hotel in the comments below, and I'd love to know whether there's anything specific you look for (or just love!) in a hotel?

Queens Hotel Cheltenham - MGallery by Sofitel
The Promenade
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