Clueless Cher Hororwitz Inspired Fashion Outfit
I'm ready.  I was born ready.  That's right... Cher Horowitz, I'm coming for your tiara!  Seriously though, there's something drop dead gorgeous about her style.  Something so special, in fact, it's been trending for the past few months and I'm really hoping it'll stick around for a little while longer.  Clueless is one of those films that see us all tweet frantically about those '90s feel-good chick flicks', y'know?  It's attracted a cult following, for certain.  And sure, Cher has a lot of fabulous traits going for her, but above all else?  It's the fashion.  The check prints and yellow plaid, the mini skirts, the beret and the knee-high socks.  Swoon.  I'm still obsessing over it.  The question is, how to bring it into your wardrobe for this time of year (and this century)?!
Black and White H&M Tweed Mini Skirt Suit
How to Style a Tweed Suit Spring 2018
Historic Italianate Architecture in the South of England
The easiest way to get the look, is to head for the cute jacket and skirt combos.  More to the point, track down the shortest skirt you possibly can.  If that proves difficult, simply opt for a smaller size and wear it higher up the waist (as opposed to the hips).  You get bonus points for check prints and/or tweed, and even more if you layer a flamboyant blouse or shirt underneath.  Karen Millen's Super Frill shirt has forever remained one of my best purchases; the oversized pussybow and frilled shoulders add so much to a look.  In fact, I plan on wearing it to an event tomorrow night as well!  This tweed suit ticks all of the right boxes for me; matchy-matchy mini skirt and fitted blazer, as well as a subtle blue stitching running through the black and white design.  It makes all the difference when shown in motion.  I wish it had a slightly more luxurious lining, but it's still a steal from H&M!
Styling a Black and White Tweed Suit in Spring
Valentino Navy Blue Lock Medium Handbag
Clueless Cher Horowitz Styling Tips 2018
Italianate Architecture in South East England

Suit - H&M (jacket & skirt)

Beret - Topshop  |  Blouse - Karen Millen

Boots - Dolcis |  Bag - Valentino

Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs

How to Dress Like Clueless Film 1995 Cher Horowitz
Karen Millen Pussybow Super Frill Shirt Blouse White
How to Style a Tweed Suit with OTK Boots
Moving on to accessories, I've definitely been making the most of the opportunity to wear berets lately.  It's about to get warmer (do you think if I say that, the weather will listen?) and so now is the time to fully embrace Cher Horowitz' personal style!  Although truth be told, I'll probably just sweat in them straight through Spring because, you know, fashion.  Knee-high socks are another fabulous way of channelling the Clueless vibes.  They tend to divide people and personally, I sit on the fence.  For this look, I've opted for OTK boots, because it's pretty much the 21st-century's answer to Cher's white knee-high socks.
H&M Tweed Mini Skirt Suit Spring 2018
How to Look Like Cher Horowitz from Clueless Film
Have you ever taken inspiration from Clueless and donned a patterned mini skirt suit before?!  Are there any other aspects of her look you also adore?  This is probably one of my all-time favourite outfits and so I can't wait to read your thoughts in the comment section below!

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