Jessica Nails SS18 La Vie en Rose
Is... is that the last of the snow now?  I don't want to jinx things, but it really does feel as though Spring is on its way now.  I mean, the fact we're no longer stepping out into sub zero temperatures has got to count for something, right?!  We may not quite be able to jump into Spring in the way we want to just yet (uh, might hold off on those frilly mini dresses for a bit longer), but we can embrace in another, more subtle way.  Time to get out your nail polish remover and coat your talons in pastel shades!  Nude nails continued trending throughout winter (lifelong fan though over here), but now it's time to inject a subtle helping of colour with this season's pastel shades!  I adore pastel shades for Spring, and so with this in mind I'm totally smitten with Jessica Nails' Spring 2018 collection: La Vie En Rose (Life in Pink).  The so-pretty-it-hurts name for the collection aside, it comprises six pastel colours, including the most gorgeous shade of lilac that I've been wearing non-stop since getting my paws on the new Spring Collection...
Jessica Nails Spring Collection 2018 La Vie en Rose
Jessica Nails La Vie en Rose Lavender Lush
With Ultra Violet being Pantone's Colour of the Year, it's fabulous to see a shade of purple here in Jessica Nails' collection.  The one colour I've always pushed against is lilac, and yet here I am, proudly wearing it on my nails and showing it off to anyone who hangs around me for longer than a second.  Three warmer shades are also in this collection (Peony, Posh and Pinkies Up), each on the scale of peach-to-pink and with subtle differences to keep manicures looking fresh and slightly different each week.  The two lightest shades (Lavish and Cheeky) will be experimental shades for me, having never really tried such pale shades with cool tones on my nails before.

Jessica Nails' formula has always been a favourite of mine, with their Top Priority top coat becoming my go-to nearly five years ago.  No more than one or two coats are needed, depending on how opaque you prefer your manicures.  Better yet?  They're one of the rare brands that are truly chip-free for as long as we're all hoping for deep down.  Put it this way, Lavender Lush layered with their Top Priority top coat has been sitting prettily on my nails for the past week.  No chips.
Jessica Nails La Vie en Rose Beauty Blogger Review
Jessica Nails SS18 La Vie en Rose Lavender Lush

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Jessica Nails SS18 La Vie en Rose Pastel ShadesSo, how do I rate this new collection from Jessica Nails?  Ten out of ten, of course!  The range of pastels is beautiful.  I would have loved to see a baby blue shade included, but rest assured the La Vie En Rose Collection will have you (and your nails) covered throughout this exciting new season!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below - Do any of these shades stand out to you?  What colour are you wearing on your nails right now?  

With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Jessica Nails for working with me on this post!