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Rewind to Wednesday night and I was in a private dining room at The Ritz, sipping champagne and taking a peek at some of the latest releases from Pandora.  I know, dreamy.  Better yet, afternoon tea was served in The Burlington Room in the evening, which if you ask me, should absolutely become something of the norm.  Mmmm.  Warm scones with generous helpings of strawberry jam at eight in the evening?  Yes please!  Delicious food aside, we were there to be updated with the latest news from Pandora, shiny Spring collections included, as well as a very special new release.  But shhh!  The brand won't be revealing it until later this month.  Thankfully, I've got one sitting prettily in the gift bag below and so I'll be sharing it here on A Glass Of Ice in an outfit post towards the end of the month - so keep your eyes peeled for that shiiiiny feature!
Pandora Event London Fashion Bloggers
The Ritz Burlington Room Private Dining Afternoon Tea
Private Dining Afternoon Tea at The Ritz
The Burlington Room Table at The Ritz
Besides the obvious swooning over the upcoming release (so my style), I've also developed a newfound love for Pandora rings.  Stacking two soon turned to three and four, five, six...  To cut a long story short, I'm smitten with the ornate designs and mixture of metals. Needless to say, I'm always drawn to more delicate and dainty pieces, and so it's lovely to see so many designs that fit that description in Pandora's latest collection for Spring!  Something which also applies to their upcoming new release.  Hint, hint...    

Psst!  Take a look at some of Pandora's other gorgeous silver bracelets that are currently stocked!
Jewellery Box Filled With Pandora Jewellery
Jewellery Box Filled With Pandora Rings and Beads
Pandora Silver Tassel Necklace Spring 2018
Jessica Nails Spring Collection Pinkies Up
Okay, bringing it back to The Burlington Room for just a second longer.  This is undoubtedly sliding into my top three dining occasions; such a breathtakingly beautiful space and with more ornate gold details than you could possible wish for!  Also, I have a habit of noticing little 'moments' that may otherwise slip our notice.  Well, one of those moments for me was watching how the breeze coming through the window caused the sheer curtain to billow inwards and outwards; dark night's sky outdoors, warm and glowing dining room indoors.  I don't know, it's just little things like that, you know?  They make life feel all the more special.  
Event At The Burlington Private Dining Room at The Ritz
Champagne Barons de Rothschild Reservé Ritz Glass
Pandora Gift Bag Fashion Bloggers Event at The RitzThe Ritz Private Dining Hallway Grand StaircaseThis made for such a wonderful mid-week treat, and a fabulous opportunity to catch up on all things Pandora related!  I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below - have you ever shopped with Pandora?  Have you ever visited The Ritz Hotel, London?

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With love,

Gabrielle x