Khaki Botanical Print Midi Skirt
So, with the new season (finally) creeping up on us, it's time to start thinking about how our wardrobes can work with the current trends, right?  Loud and bright colours are coming up at the top of the list, with crazy patterns stealing the show.  Polka dots and summer plaid, in particular.  But what if you're just not a crazy pattern kinda person?  Botanical prints haven't had everyone down on their knees with praise for a few years, and yet they still appear in collections and hit shop windows every. single. spring. and. summer. In my opinion, they're the subtle girl's approach to loud prints and a great option for those looking for something a little more versatile in their wardrobe.  Although don't get me wrong, you'll still catch me wearing plenty of polka dots and plaid this season.  Just... maybe not mixing them!
M&S Botanical Print Green Midi Skirt
Styling Loud Print Midi Skirt for Spring 2018 Fashion Blog
As I mentioned in my previous post, I'd always avoided midi lengths due to assuming they'd be unflattering.  Consider me a changed woman; they're so damn stylish!  Some fabulous ways of bringing botanical prints - or other loud prints, such as florals - into your wardrobe this season, include maxi dresses from Warehouse, midi skirts (such as the M&S design styled in this post) and shift dresses. Bamboo print styles are a particularly great in-between.  If you're feeling brave, look for mini skirts to pair with loose-fitting white shirts. I plan to do the very same, paired with block heel sandals and layers upon layers of gold jewellery.  Tan optional.  Ugh, speaking of gold jewellery, I just die over the combination of botanical prints and gold jewellery! Every time it exudes glamour and can't help but look luxurious.  Love. 
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Botanical Prints Styling Tips 2018

Jumper - Oasis

Skirt - M&S Collection (or plain olive version) < just £35!

Necklaces - Isonia & Chlobo

Shoes - Lost Ink   |   Clutch - Victoria Beckham

Tropical Botanical Print Midi Skirt
Fashion Blogger Midi Skirt and Stiletto Heels
I'd love your thoughts on this outfit, as well as how you feel about loud prints?  Do you also have a soft spot for botanical and tropical prints, like the midi skirt styled above?!  Let me know in the comments below!  

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