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Oh you know we're all familiar with The Devil Wears Prada here, right?  And so I won't bore you with how florals are obviously nothing, ahem, 'groundbreaking' for Spring.  But I am going to go on about the themed print just a little.  Okay, more than a little, because I've fallen down the rabbit hole of floral accessories and have absolutely no intention of clambering my way out anytime soon. As much as I love busy floral printed dresses during the warmer months of year (and trust me, you'll be seeing plenty of them here on A Glass Of Ice - as requested!), I'm also loving more subtle ways of bringing the print into Springtime wardrobes.  Needless to say, I've stumbled across floral stilettos while down the floral-accessory themed rabbit hole, but what else?
Unusual Subtle Floral Accessories For Spring
Aldo Stessyf Blue Floral Stiletto Heels
Aldo have brought out something I never knew I was in need of until now: floral stilettos.  It can be more cost-effective to lean towards more simple and versatile heels and yet sometimes, you kind of want to turn your back on that, right?  When it comes to floral accessories, it's truly a case of 'go big, or go home'.  Loud shoes that demand attention with stiletto heels you have to practice walking in each night before going to sleep.  Oh, and don't forget elegant floral scarves in bolder colours you've ever dared to wear.  Am I a vintage-inspired printed scarf kind of girl?  I didn't think so, but hey, I was wrong!  Attach it to a plain bag this season to instantly update the style, wrap it around your wrist for an instant Hermes effect, or continue the trend of tying it around your neck (knot to one side) if you're feeling really brave.  Another subtle way of bringing florals into your wardrobe this season, is to locate a floral box bag, as a nod to the minaudière (mini bag) trend.  Better yet, make like Gucci and opt for a branded belt doused in feminine blooms.  Ooh...
Mint Velvet Maryland White Denim Cropped Jeans
How to Stylishly Attach a Scarf to a Bag

Blazer - Miss Selfridge (under £40!)

Jeans - Mint Velvet

Bag - Zara   |   Necklaces - Zodiac Pendants c/o Chlobo

Shoes - Stessyf Pumps  |   Scarf - Aycia Scarf

(both c/o Aldo)

Fashion Blog How To Style White Cropped Denim for Spring
Aldo Stessyf Blue Floral Pump Heels
Gosh, I'm so in love with floral accessories.  As I mentioned, you can expect to find plenty of floral prints here on the blog over the next few months - thank goodness for brighter, sunnier days!  I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this look in the comments below. Have you bought any floral accessories recently?  Would you wear these shoes?

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