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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Being Gentle Is Your Strength, Babygirl!

ELVI Sweet pea floral print tea dress
The chances are if you're reading (and enjoying) A Glass Of Ice, then you'll most likely have at some point in your life been accused of being gentle.  I say 'accused' because nine times out of ten the word isn't used in the way it was meant to be used; it often wrongfully suggests you're a pushover (wrong!) or takes the place of 'shy' and 'sensitive'.  Ultimately, being gentle means 'having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character' and believe me when I say there is everything good about that!  So, with a little help from ELVI Clothing, a picturesque setting and a few swans, let's dig a little deeper into what it means to be gentle and why it's time you started viewing it as your strength...
British Fairytale Castle Ruins
Chlobo Gold Zodiac Pendants Virgo
Fashion Blogger British Romantic Fairytale Scene
Fairytale Ivy Growing Up Castle Ruins
You could spend half of your life refusing to acknowledge your gentle nature, or you could y'know... embrace it!  We've heard it said a thousand times before that you can only truly live your happiest life once you're being true to yourself and this absolutely, 100% applies to noticing and accepting your character traits.  Personally, I've discovered so many things I love through ranking high on the gentle-o-metre.  You'll have noticed I can usually be found wandering through gardens, I adore picturesque scenery, historic architecture and the sound of tweeting birds.  I've developed a fondness of whimsical abstract art, pre-Raphaelite exhibitions and murder mystery plays that in any way resemble Agatha Christie's work.  Bliss.      

Oh and another aspect to love about being a gentle person means having the tendency to accept others more easily and doing your best to see situations from other people's perspectives.  You're all for a calm life, a tranquil one.  Although, in no way does being gentle mean you're not striving forwards to achieve your goals in life, or that you are a pushover.  A goal is a goal no matter how gentle you are; you can still get sh*t done!
ELVI Clothing New Size 8 Range
Chlobo Limited Edition Bank Holiday Silver Bracelet
British Picturesque Lake Swan Scene
Why Being Gentle is a Good Thing and You Strength
Uh, no swans were harmed in the making of this photo!

Dress - Sweet Pea Tea Dress c/o ELVI Clothing

Shoes - Kurt Geiger


Urban Outfitters Straw Circle Bag Fashion Blogger
Midi Length Floral Print Tea Dress British
Ivy Crawling up British Castle Ruins
ELVI Clothing New Size Range Review
Something that goes hand in hand with embracing a personality trait is undoubtedly fashion.  You can always expect to find fairly feminine and romantic looks here on my blog, though lately I've found my personal style has become fiercely British.  It feels so natural and comfortable, now that I've shed the need to try and disguise my place on the gentle-scale.  Speaking of which, I'm thrilled ELVI Clothing has now expanded their size range to include smaller sizes, as I've fallen in love with so many of their new season pieces!  I'm so impressed by the detail gone into this classic, floral print tea dress and I reckon the swans were impressed too, as I was chased by two of them as I was leaving!
Fashion Blogger Styling a Floral Print Tea Dress
British Fairytale Castle Ruins in Summer
Floral Print Midi Tea Dress Summer Photoshoot
British Summer Nature Wildlife Scene
British Blogger Romantic and Feminine Style Tea Dress
Needless to say, being gentle doesn't define you.  It's a character trait, and a positive one at that - a strength!  Embracing it enables you to understand what you truly enjoy in life, to feel more comfortable in your own skin and to accept others more easily.  Don't worry, it doesn't mean you're going to start throwing petals over every passer-by, and it doesn't mean I don't wake up to the sound of Kerrang Radio!  It's just a trait, and one we need to stop viewing in a negative light.  So, if you suspect you're on the more gentle side of the spectrum, embrace it.  You never know what you might just discover!

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With love,

Gabrielle x



  1. I don´t think that gentle is on eof my main features, but I wholeheartedly agree with what you said about it: It is a strength and something I admire in others.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. Love that dress on you! I'm definitely always about florals and pastel shades in my wardrobe, especially in spring & summer, but basically all year round too. And I love the area you've gone to take the photos too - it's a shame about the swans chasing you but they sure make for a nice backdrop!

  3. How I love your dress! You look amazing and this place looks amazing! :) Beautiful jewellery too! <3


  4. I totally agree with you hun, being gentle does mean that you accept people better, I am the same way :) You look stunning in this dress too xx

  5. I couldn't agree more. People often use the word gentle as a negative thing but really it just means that you are a loving person that easily accept others. Your outfit is absolutely gorgeous as always!

  6. I absolutely LOVE this post Gabrielle. The photos, the dress and especially the subject matter! I completely agree that being gentle is an excellent character trait and in no way means you're a pushover - you have the calmest and most tranquil aesthetic to your blog yet I definitely still view you as a very strong woman!
    Amy xx

  7. I totally agree with everything you said. I love all of your positivity, and your inner beauty!!

  8. I love this article so much !
    You look amazing in all of theses pictures. I especially love the pictures with the swans at the back.
    And I totally agree with you on this subject.
    Love this romantic dress !

  9. Hello
    I would say that your look is very delicate as well as your personality that transpires from the photos. Yes you are a gentle person and this is what we see in the photos.

  10. This is true. There is a misconception about being gentle. I find that being a gentle person, as I am as well, I have grown to accept that fact that it makes me often a more balanced person, strength comes with being gentle. I have tolerance and patience for others where many do not. You look beautiful in this dress. The style of the dress is such a lovely one. <3

  11. I love this outfit and the words about being gentle! A gentle person, in my opinion, is a person who knows how to live a good life!

  12. Totally agree, Gabrielle! You are so right!
    I'm almost constantly "accused" to be gentle since I was very little, and for years I've thought that there was something wrong in it and that I'd work to change it; it only in the last few years that i firstly accepted anf then fully appreciated this trait of my personality!
    I like to be gentle and I like gentle things and people!
    Your dress looks just adorable and the location is so romantic!
    Very beautiful pics! :D

  13. What a lovely post to read! Very positive and accepting. Being gentle is far from bad, and I can relate to a lot of what you said. I like the way you speak about your style too, it creates such a strong identity on your blog as it does in your words - you go girl!

    Julia x

  14. seriously I really like this post <3 Amazing photos and u look fantastic. This dress look awesome xxx

  15. Floral dress is amazing and bag too!!!
    Don't miss my latest post, now on my blog! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Your perfect bag is here

  16. These photos are incredibly dreamy, and you look lovely! I'm sure the swans were impressed. I agree completely - gentleness is a strength. I try to embrace that.

  17. You always have the nicest locations! That dress is gorgeous though. I've been called gentle and calming a lot actually, I'm glad it's a good thing lol.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  18. My forever favourite fierce fairytale goddess - looking so gorgeous and dreamy lovely Gabrielle! I 100% agree with your sentiments in being gentle beautiful babe, you totally nailed it. Being gentle is one of the loveliest qualities in a person imo, and it's totally crazy that some seem to shed that quality in a negative light. Like you I think being gentle is such a lovely attribute and one to embrace for sure. It's a great quality as it makes people more supportive, easy-going and uplifting about their own lives, and when it comes down to support of other people's dreams and goals too. There's nothing better than being out in the garden amongst the butterflies floating around, with a cup of tea and the smell of flowers. Too perfect! Head over heels for your bloomingly beaut outfit, and so buoyed up by your beautiful blog post with the most magical message <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  19. I’ve also been accused of being gentle and I’ve seen people take my kindness for weakness. But that doesn’t make me stop being me. A gentle person is a person that know how to live a great life. Loving this dress babes :)

  20. LOVING this! As a teacher, I'm definitely classified as gentle, but ohhhhh don't take that as meaning I'm a pushover! I'm one of the hardest workers I know and you'd better believe I'll defend my students mama bear style! I 100% believe gentleness is a positive traits that actually enhances your inner strength. Power to us!

    Susie |

  21. You definitely look so gentle when I am seeing your photos but i thin k you are a great strong woman with a soft heart
    Lovin the bag btw

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  22. Too right - noting wrong with being gentle! Beautiful pictures too and what a gorgeous dress - perfect for this time of year!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  23. so romantic, stunning look my dear - I love your pictures. You have got right we can be gentle and strong at the same time xx Women can do this :-D

  24. What a nice and interesting post! Also the dress and the pictures are perfect together, very romantic!

  25. Such an inspiring post! That dress is super gorgeous and I love that bag too x

    Adventures in May | Miss Nev

  26. Me and gentle don't know each other or at least I don't think so. I've always been stubborn and willful so I do admire gentleness in others.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  27. I am literally ALWAYS described as gentle - this post speaks to my soul! You're such a lovely person and incredibly gentle - I mean that in the best way possible ;)


  28. I think the only people who would see being gentle as a negative thing are the ones who like pushing people over! I find that most sincere people would be accepting and kind to everyone else irrespective of whether they're a bit more gentle or a bit more outspoken. However, we don't live in a perfect world haha. On another note, I love the dress :) x

    Velvet Blush

  29. I couldn't agree more! You're such an inspiration. I'm in love with everything about this post!
    The Fancy Cats | Japan Candy Box Giveaway

  30. You are absolutely right, there is definietely a misconception about being gentle and it’s very often perceived as a weakness in today’s world. I do believe that this is a strength and a quality that many people sadly can’t even grasp any more. You look very beautiful, I love all the swans! 😘💞💖

  31. Such a lovely post, Gabrielle! I couldn't agree more, people often think that if you are gentle that they can either walk over you or call you weak. And they are so wrong! Gentle is being kind and loving. You look amazing by the way, so feminine and gorgeous as always! xx


  32. Nice post ! I love the outfit !

  33. I wouldn't describe myslef as a gentle person but sometimes I would love to be more gentle. It's just that so many 'gentle people' inspire. Also I love the photos

  34. love this post :)
    kisses :)

  35. That dress is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks so pretty and feminine!! Love it!! In regards to being gentle, I couldn't agree more, to me it's a great personality trait and it doesn't mean that people who are gentle don't go after their goals and aspirations, they just do it in a different, more subtle way :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend babe!!


    Seize your Style

  36. That is a lovely floral dress! I really like the pastels, and I could see it working in the cooler weather too with tights and ankle boots! :)

    I think gentleness is a good characteristic to have! THere are a few negative ones, but being gentle isn't one of them! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  37. You are such a beauty Gabrielle!!!! You look absolutely amazing and this dress is a dream!!! I love it so much!!! Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday!! xx


  38. Omgosh Gabrielle this is my new favorite set of photos of you!! These photos look like they belong in a magazine!!! I'm so going to schedule a bunch of these for pinning!! Also, I totally agree that being gentle and accepting are really great characteristics to have!


  39. These pictures are amazing! Love the dress, the setting, and also what you've written. Being gentle definitely is a strength as well! :D

    xo Noor

  40. I'm generally fairly assertive but I definitely have a gentle side. And I agree that gentleness is actually not a weakness but a strength in itself. Your'e so right that one cannot truly be happy unless you're true to yourself. A wonderfully thought provoking post Gabrielle! That dress looks like it was made for you! Just gorgeous!

  41. Beautiful post and the swans are a great addition to your gentle theme throughout =o)

  42. You really look great in that dress, professional model I would say. I think being gentle is not something one should be ashamed of. Actually, in recent times I think women who show their gentle side are more sensual and therefore more... feminine. You look great.

  43. This is such a pretty dress. I love these photos xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  44. Crystal face! you are so beautiful and you shine a lot girl!!!

    If you want check my new post too! I am a lifestlye blogger from Greece!

    Note that if you want to buy a sticker for your phone I you have a code that you will find it into the LAST Article!!!

    Thank you
    Theo Michael

  45. You look absolutely stunning Gabrielle, the dress print, shape looks so effortlessly on you <3!

    The sun was beautiful on the day you took the shots, and your bag is super adorable, I love it!!!

    Serene XO

  46. What a wonderful subject! Very relevant for our times. I do agree with your conclusions. When we embrace our personality traits, we can understand ourselves and others better. This ultimately makes us more compassionate, kind and understanding. Whatever our personality traits might be like, they are something we can work with. Being gentle can be very empowering! These days if someone is gentle or sweet, people immediately assume that person is a pushover and that's a shame. If we are women, and we happen to like feminine things or god forbid a more feminine dressing style, some people will automatically classify us as lost romantic souls or weaklings. People often assume that I'm a pushover because of how I talk and act, but for me it's just good manners, or rather it is how I interpret good manners, I'm not saying that I have a monopoly on the definition. Anyway, I probably couldn't change that even if I tried. When I was younger, I used to worry when people would call me overly sensitive or something of the sort, but now I think that my sensitivity is my strength. Besides, this personality trait gives me a chance to catch people by surprise. Sometimes it is not bad when people underestimate you, because inner strength always shows sooner or later, and when that happens people get pretty impressed. :)

    I do love this outfit. This romantic dress is simply divine. The sandals and the bag are perfect as well. Such a lovely spring styling! The location is marvelous. Beautiful, beautiful photography...You look stunning....and those swans in the background are so adorable.

  47. Looking fab and pretty, as always baby girl! Loving your dress, such a sweet vintage style.

    Jessica |

  48. I love this post and I love how you were saying it doesn't define you, and in general I love being around gentle people- I find their energy so relaxing and I feel at ease around gentle people.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  49. Girl, you are so gorgeous! I enjoyed your photos as well as words about being gentle. I could not agree more! Keep it up!


  50. I love the photos, beautiful and love the look.

  51. Your floral dress is beautiful and you look so stunning in it hun. x

    Ann-Marie |

  52. It's such a shame that certain personality traits have negative connotations! I've been a gentle person throughout my entire life: I'm obsessed with nature, I love sitting down with an old book and exploring anything historical, whether architecture or art. But only recently have I managed to embrace this aspect of my personality. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! And of course, the photographs are stunning :)

    Maria |

  53. I love this dress on you! Definitely the perfect one to wear when talking about your gentle nature xx

  54. hello,ciao...nice photos...charming look!

  55. Hello there!

    I love the florals that you are rocking with so much confidence in this photo. And, I agree that being gentle could be a strength! -


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