N Peal Cashmere Lilac Cropped Cardigan
I couldn't be any happier for the new season's influx of gentle pastel shades; baby blue, pink and lilac standing out above all else. Yellow and mint coming in at joint second place.  We've now well and truly shed the darker outfits from winter featuring layers upon layers, and kicked off the OTK boots.  Although, as I've mentioned before, the beauty of transitional styling is being able to keep some aspects of the past season in mind - cashmere, for example.  Ooh.  Could there be a more luxurious material?  Back to the pastel shades, they're undoubtedly the icing on the (super soft) cake.  Right now I'm obsessing over the many current trending shades of purple and I'm pretty confident lilac is a shade that suits all complexions.  It's gentle, feminine and perfectly suited to the season...
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Casual Princess Spring Outfit Styling
N.Peal Lilac Cashmere Cropped Cardigan

Cardigan - Cropped Cashmere Cardigan c/o N.Peal

Skirt - Zara   |   Bag - Zara

Shoes - Lost Ink

Long Side Braid with Black Bow
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White Tulle Embellished Midi Skirt
When it comes to wearing pastels, I'm all about 'the more, the merrier'.  For this look, I've paired this gorgeous lilac cashmere cardigan from N.Peal with an embellished cream tulle skirt and black accessories - complete with bow.  Is it just me, or do the warmer months of the year scream for romantic details like this?  Ugh, dreamy.  But my favourite aspect of the look is absolutely still the cashmere cardigan, particularly thanks to the cropped length.  I opted for the smallest size to ensure a tight and short fit, which will always be my recommendation as they pair so nicely with high-waisted skirts.  Oh Spring, how we've missed you...
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How to Style Cashmere Cardigan for Spring
B.Peal Cashmere London Fashion Blog Collaboration
Okay, so we've established my adoration for pastel colours.  But how do you feel about them?  Are you also wearing them non-stop this season?  Let me know your thoughts on this look in the comments below!

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