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Saturday, 26 May 2018

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 | The Prettiest Features

Water Display Steam Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Warning: if you don't swoon over the sight of masses of brightly-coloured blooms, best turn away now!  So, we've now come to the end of this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show and once again it's been absolutely spectacular.  Breathtakingly beautiful floral displays, innovative exhibits and more colour than you could possibly know what to do with.  Heaven.  I attended earlier in the week this year and thankfully caught the gorgeous weather by doing so; hello summer dress and cold drinks.  Looking back on this year's experience of the show, there were some definite standout features for me.  If you enjoy reading A Glass Of Ice, the chances are these will be somewhat 'standout' features for you too and so, enjoy!  If the overwhelming mass of flowers becomes too much for you, stare at a blank wall for a little while before returning to browse...


Firstly, as is the case with all decent personal accounts, let's focus on the food.  Mmm.  I'll be the first to admit I'm not the most adventurous when it comes to food and so the champagne and seafood stand wasn't quite calling my name.  The muffins, however? Delicious.  This year's general café food was hands down the best it's been so far.  Should you be visiting next year, if you're looking for minimal fuss and plenty of taste, track down the indoor café serving sandwiches and cake, or alternatively, tuck into fish and chips from the Bandstand area!  Oh and don't worry, there's plenty of ice cream and Pimms to be enjoyed as well.     
Vintage Truck Covered in Wild Flowers

M & S   F L O W E R   M A R K E T

If you took a peek at my blog last weekend, you'll remember the outdoor garden party scene I created for Marks & Spencer.  You'll also know I had been hugely looking forward to checking out their exhibit in the Grand Pavilion at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show!  In short, it certainly didn't disappoint.  The exhibit emitted a definite sense of authenticity, having taken inspiration from British Flower Markets, and 'The Floral Market' signage was a very sweet touch.   
M&S The Floral Market Chelsea Flower Show 2018
M&S Floral Market at Chelsea Flower Show 2018
M&S Flower Wall at Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Best Exhibits at Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Marks & Spencer

T H E   G R A N D   P A V I L I O N  :  O T H E R   F A B U L O U S   F E A T U R E S

Anyone else find themselves forever drawn to marquees?  The Grand Pavilion must have some sort of gravitational pull, because within 10 minutes of having entered the show, I always find myself wandering around the undercover exhibits.  Pretty sure others feel the same too as it's always so busy there!  One of my favourite finds in The Grand Pavilion this year included the South African exhibit featuring a floral representation of Cape Town made from tin cans.  Incredibly, South Africa have now won 36 Gold Medals at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show - this year included!  Another of my favourite features that appealed to my more romantic side, was the Fleur Boutique (Silver-gilt award winner).  The white roses, orchids and chrysanthemums enveloped in a bird cage and surrounded by a grand 'stone' folly were spectacular and somehow managed to combine my wildest dreams of pre-Raphaelite paintings with A Midsummer's Night Dream vibes (albeit a cheerier, brighter vision), with a splash of wedding-planning thrown in for good measure.  I don't know, but it was heavenly.
South Africa Exhibit Grand Pavilion at Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Fleur Boutique Exhibit Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Award Winning Exhibit at Chelsea Flower Show 2018
What to Wear Warm Weather Chelsea Flower Show 2018

W E D D I N G   T H R O N E S

Ah, one of my favourite elements of the occasion has always been the Chelsea Flower Show's Young Florist of the Year competition. Incredible talent for such young florists!  I really enjoyed the headdresses theme of 2016, however, wedding thrones?  Of course that's going to become my new favourite!  I've shared a couple of the most eye-catching thrones below, both of which were award-winners.
Chelsea Flower Show Young Florist of The Year Competition Thrones
Thrones Young Florist Competition Chelsea Flower Show 2018
Tropical Pink Flowers at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018

T H E   D A V I D   H A R B E R  &  S A V I L L S   G A R D E N

No wonder such crowds were gathering around this exhibit!  Modern sculptures contrasted beautifully with gentle flowers typically found in British gardens.  The water feature was another eye-catching draw and one that definitely shot the popular exhibit up to the very top of my list.  Love.  Anyone else smitten with the striking turquoise and gold colour combination below?
Chelsea Flower Show 2018 The David Harber and Savills Garden Exhibit
Chelsea Flower Show Turquoise and Gold Artwork Dabid Harber
Award-winning Flower Exhibits at Chelsea Flower Show 2018

S K I N   D E E P   E X H I B I T

As much as I adore historic, italianate architecture, occasionally my heart screams for minimal design featuring clean lines and a clean aesthetic.  Ask and Skin Deep will deliver!  Created by the established UK skin company, the exhibit represents people with varying skin conditions that we all encounter.  The garden hopes to show that although we may at times feel weakened by our appearances, collectively we are not alone and so can feel stronger.  It's a beautiful concept and one showcased perfectly - it's definitely made a lasting impression on me!
Skin Deep Exhibit Chelsea Flower Show 2018

T H E   L G   E C O - C I T Y   G A R D E N 

Ooh, be still my beating heart.  I know we're discussing The Chelsea Flower Show here, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the gorgeous gold artwork placed in the centre of the below table?!  They look like fungi from here and I'm so here for it.  Anyway, the LG Eco-City Garden represents 'the green space allocated to one housing unit in a 'vertical forest' of residential apartments'.  It aims to showcase our growing dependency on technology with the consequential awareness needed of the environmental issues posed by contemporary lifestyles.  Thought-provoking, for sure.  But now back to those gold mushrooms....
LG Eco-City Garden Exhibit Chelsea Flower Show 2018
LG Eco-City Garden Exhibit Chelsea Flower Show 2018

L A C E D   W I T H   H O P E 

Keeping in theme with the show's focus of mindfulness this year, Laced With Hope helped to spread word of the charity Supershoes. It's both a wonderful concept and display, bursting with colours and truly prompting curiosity into the charity's work.  Through vibrant artwork, it shows the journey a child with a cancer diagnosis goes through.  Tiny painted trainers lined the wall at the forefront of the exhibit that truth be told, made me feel a little choked.  If you're looking for a charity to donate to, please do take a peek at their website and learn more about the fabulous work they do!
Superhoes Laced With Hope Chelsea Flower Show 2018

F I N A L   T H O U G H T S . . . 

As shown in both the first and last photos in this post, the Wuhan Water Garden is an indisputable crowdpleaser, and quite possibly my favourite feature of this year's Chelsea Flower Show!  Featuring fountains, mist spray, water rills and an array of colourful plants (with pink being the feature colour), the Wuhan Water Garden was designed to be walked around and admired from all directions.  According to the RHS website, the garden was inspired by the historic ability of Wuhan - China's 'City of 100 Lakes' - to manage and control the flood waters of the Yangtze River.
Chelsea Flower Show Wuhan Water Garden 2018Phew!  So, there we have it.  Once again, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has been a total pleasure to attend and an annual tradition I plan to continue throughout the years.  I'd love to know whether you've ever visited before?  Does any particular exhibit from this post catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x



  1. Looks like such an incredible flower show!!!! WOWOWOWOWO!!!! AMAZZZING!!!
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  2. So ridiculously beautiful. My favorite is the skin deep exhibit because of the message behind it, but this is something that we could spend all day admiring. Honestly, it's such a necessary reminder of how gorgeous nature is! I wish CO had something like this!

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  4. Absolutely gorgeous one of the most famous flower shows ever Thanks for the amazing post and your outfit is just perfect for the occasion xoxo Cris

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  7. Everything looks so lovely! I'd be so overwhelmed. That first throne though! I need it, in a permanent form.

    Hope you've had a nice weekend Gabrielle!

  8. Wedding thrones? I am considering remarrying just because of this!

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  9. I'll have to confess that the tulips are my absolute favourite! Great to see and read about your experience at the flower show! -

  10. I absolutely love it here. Such a fun place to see incredible styles. The floral is so inspiring for spring :)

  11. It looks beautiful! It's impossible to pick a favourite, but I do like the one with the steam rising, beautiful display! :) I wish we had something like that here, it would be so fun to explore! :)

    Hope that you had a wonderful weekend! We spent a lot of time outside enjoying the warmer than expected weather!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  12. I love the floral dress you wore. It goes very well with the surroundings. You always look so pretty.

    The floral show looks amazing! The creativity of florists never cease to amaze me. I love flowers, well plants in general, and I love visiting flower shoes. I haven't been to any abroad, but in Split there used to be an annual floral show and I loved visiting it. A mother of my friend often exhibited there and I think she won some awards too. This Chelsea flower show just keep getting better every year. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. Looks like an amazing flower show!! The wedding thrones look so unique. And you look lovely. Thank you for sharing! xx

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    I love what you wore too

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  17. Hello Gabrielle
    This flower show is stunning. What wonderful pictures, you know I also love flowers and I usually share that in the blog. But this tradition is really very beautiful, but the most beautiful flower is you, my dear!


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  23. I feel like I've died and gone to flower heaven after looking at all these gorgeous blooms Gabrielle! You can never go wrong with beautiful flowers and fabulous food so it's easy to see why the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is an annual tradition for you. All the exhibits are stunning but if I had to pick one which really caught my eye it would have to be the swoontastic Wedding Thrones.

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    I would of want to buy all of the flowers.
    It looks like such an amazing event even crowded.
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  30. The M&S stand looks so pretty! I was watching a BBC documentary on gardens and how they're coming into prominence again, it was really interesting learning about the origins, and why some of them have different styles and water features (the pictures above just reminded me of it) x

    Velvet Blush

  31. This looks like the dreamiest exhibition!! So many incredibly beautiful flowers and I love how many different concepts were presented in flower show, amazing!!

    Your photos are stunning as always Gabrielle and love the flower print dress you wore, very appropriate ;)

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  32. This is so cool! I would love to attend something like this. Everything is so beautiful and creatively presented.


  33. wow this flower show is absolutely stunning..

  34. I watched a lot of the coverage on TV and thought it was stunning! Some of the big installations the designers made - wow! This flower market by M&S is super pretty! Did you get to smell any of the coconut orchids that German lady had?

    Raindrops of Sapphire

    1. Thanks for your comment darling :) Sadly I'd not heard about that, there just never seems to be enough time there haha!

      Gabrielle x

  35. Wow good food and beautiful flowers?! Count me in! This looks like a perfect place to spend the day =o)

  36. Ah these photos are gorgeous Gabrielle! I've always wanted to visit the Chelsea Flower Show.
    It looks ah-mazing!! So pretty.

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  38. Oh wow, these pics are incredible, what a truly beautiful show !!

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  40. OMG wonderful!!! *_* Everything is so perfect and beautiful! Those wedding thrones are stunning, especially that of the second pic!! It must be a truly unique show and I would like to be there the next year to be able to participate!
    P.s what are Pimms?

    1. Hi Roberta! Thanks for your lovely comment :) Pimms is a typical British fruit/alcoholic drink!

      Gabrielle x

  41. I'd absolutely love to go to Chelsea someday, it looks gorgeous! The M&S market is beautiful - but then so are all the others!
    Amy xx

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  43. I love the Chelsea Flower Show, I've never been but omg everything is beyond beautiful, the blooms around Sloane Square are simply stunning xx

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