Fashion blogger tips how to look like a Bond Girl
So, I shared this look over on Instagram recently and jokingly referred to Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' needing to be played in the background to accompany the outfit.  Well, it seems we're all on the same wavelength, as some of the comments literally had me laughing out loud.  One, in particular, inspired this blog post.

'' O H   ,   H I   B O N D ' S   G I R L ''

Have I died and gone to heaven?  Let's face it, to resemble the Bond Girls in even a shadow of a way is pretty thrilling.  I'd take 10% of a resemblance.  Wait, no I'd probably even take 6%.  Or less.  It's the ultimate outfit-compliment and something I've been striving for (whether I realised it or not) since watching my first Bond film, Dr. No, as a teenager.  Speaking of which, we all have our fave Bond Girls - which is yours?  My favourites include Elektra King (played by Sophie Marceau) in The World Is Not Enough and Miranda Frost (played by Rosamund Pike) in Die Another Day.    
Pretty Wisteria Covered Place in England
Fashion Blogger tips on how to look like a Bond Girl
Oasis Striped Bodycon Midi Dress
Okay, so obviously there's no official rulebook as to how to look like a Bond Girl, but it's safe to say they do have a few well-known noteworthy attributes that go a long way in helping us to channel 'the look'.  Do they carry apples around with them?  Probably not. However, there are a few indisputable must-haves that feature in their outfits.  Assuming they're not sexily emerging from the water, they're usually seen in figure-hugging dresses and fierce-heeled stilettos.  Next up comes the immaculate nails, bold lips and never a hair out of place (sorry, can't help you there - the British breeze is not my friend).  If you're also a bit of a softie, sunglasses can help a lot in helping you to achieve the look and add a touch of mystery to your outfit.  But - and it's a big 'but' - above all else, it's about confidence.  Do the Bond Girls ever doubt their ability and slip into the shadows in an attempt to conceal themselves?  Hell no.  Keep your head, heels and standards high - remember your worth, babe!
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Sexy Striped Bodycon Midi Dress
Fashion Blogger Tips on how to look and dress like a Bond Girl


Dress - Oasis

Heels - Lost Ink

Sunglasses - Marc Jacobs


Wisteria Purple Flower Close Up Shot
Fashion Blogger Bond Girl Inspired Summer Outfit
Pretty Wisteria in British Summertime
Oasis Striped Bodycon Midi Summer Dress
Needless to say, styling an outfit to resemble a Bond Girl is a pretty subjective challenge.  With that in mind, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!  Do you associate any specific attributes with that of a stiletto-wearing Bond Girl?!

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