Seafolly Love Bird Wrap Front Booster Bikini
A beach day is looming on the calendar.  You've got an old swimsuit in your drawer from last year you haven't dared yet try on in case it cuts you in half, you can't remember the last time you had a pedicure and this is 100% not going to be one of those 'chill by the water and eat sausage rolls' kind of beach trips.  For whatever reason, you want to look good - you want to look chic.  Relax, I've got you! Keeping in mind comfort is key and less is (definitely) more, it's much easier than you'd think to put together a stylish look for a day on the beach.  Notepads and pens at the ready...    
Poole National Trust Beach Sand Dunes


Needless to say, the first item to tick off your list is a gorgeous new bikini.  A large part of looking chic is feeling confident.  If you're not feeling fabulous about your upcoming beach day, maybe last year's swimsuit just doesn't do it for you anymore?  If so, it's time to upgrade.  I've long been a fan of Seafolly swimwear thanks to the flattering fits and gorgeous prints, though this Seafolly Love Bird Bikini via Coco Bay is hands down my favourite bikini in my collection now.  Swoon.  Unsurprisingly, the print was inspired by French 'old world charm and romance' and is also available in more modest forms including the Trapeze Singlet Top and Wide Side Retro Pants.  But, considering I need as much help tanning as I can get this summer, I've opted for a skimpier version!  The cups are actually double layered featuring two different patterns, and concealed within are a couple of sneaky booster pads.  No complaints here!  
National Trust Secluded Beach in Poole
Seafolly White Crinkle Twill Beach Shirt Fashion Blogger
Seafolly Swimwear Bikini at Cocobay Fashion Blog Review
National Trust Secluded Beach in Poole


Bikini - Seafolly Love Bird Bikini c/o Coco Bay Swimwear

Shirt - Seafolly White Crinkle Beach Shirt c/o Coco Bay Swimwear

Sandals - Dune


B E A C H W E A R 

But what about when you're walking through the car park?  When you're eating?  When you catch someone leering through the sand dunes?  Then, my darlings, it's time for a stylish beach shirt.  Long gone are the days of throwing an old t-shirt over your bikini!  This crisp white beauty is also by Seafolly and available at Coco Bay Swimwear.  I can promise you, this will be coming with me on any  and all other beach trips this season.  It's a dream to wear and genuinely has you feeling like Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman.  Kind of.  Hey, a girl can dream!
Fashion Blogger Swimwear Bikini Collage
Coastal Photography Sand Dunes in Summer


Okay, so what's next?  Jewellery!  For the love of God please don't wear your jewellery into the sea unless there's absolutely no chance of it coming off.  RIP all the gorgeous Monica Vinader rings and Pandora bracelets we've lost over the years and are now sitting at the bottom of the ocean.  It must be like one giant jewellery box by now.  I adore chain belts right now, worn in the middle of the waist (as opposed to the hips).  They serve as a great way of balancing out gold chain necklaces, and also cinch in the waist fabulously if you're wearing a beach shirt.  Remove the shirt and you've got a Christina Aguilera thing going on.  Ooh... anyone else live and breathe her as a teenager?!  Anyway, other accessories include comfortable sandals, wide brim sunhat, colourful visors and a spacious beach bag.  There are some gorgeous trending wicker designs around right now, although another option includes digging out one of your old fave totes that you no longer use for everyday wear and could now double up as a beach bag!
Fashion Blogger Dreamy Seaside Coastal Photoshoot
Beach Style Gold Belly Chain Belt

B E A U T Y 

With regard to beauty, it's best to keep things to a minimum.  You'll probably sweat it all off anyway, right?  Though one thing you can pay some extra attention to is your nails.  A neutral, matching manicure and pedicure will go a long way in bringing your beach look together.  Then of course there's the usual suspects of exfoliating, epilating/waxing and giving your hair an extra deep condition a couple of days before the beach day (especially if you plan on venturing into the water!).  And of course, I don't need to remind you to slather on the sun lotion...  
How to Look Chic and Stylish at The Beach 2018
South England Secluded Beach in Poole Bournemouth
How to Look Chic and Stylish at The Beach
So, there we have it!  My guide to looking chic at the beach.  I'd love to hear what you usually wear to the beach?  Have you bought any new swimwear yet this season?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Coco Bay for working with me on this post!