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We spend the entire length of the colder months of the year daydreaming about sun kissed skin and days spent on terraces eating scoops of ice cream, and then before you know it, it's Autumn.  Oops.  But not this time!  Nope.  I've been grabbing this season by the horns and making sure to enjoy every single second of the sunshine and warmth.  Having never been a huge fan of overly crowded beaches, I was super excited to discover Studland Bay on the Isle of Purbeck.  It comes complete with sand dunes upon sand dunes, each offering privacy and seclusion.  Do you know what that means?  Beach day!  Or should I say, sand dune day?  With my new favourite bandeau swimsuit from Seafolly slipped on and embroidered sun hat in hand, it was time to soak up those rays.  Needless to say, I wish plenty of sunshine for you this season.  But what else?
Coco Bay Seafolly Castaway Stripe Bandeau Maillot Swimsuit
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Studland Bay UK Beach Summer
Fashion Blogger Seafolly Swimsuit Photoshoot 2018


Swimsuit - Seafolly Castaway Bandeau Swimsuit c/o Coco Bay Swimwear

Trousers - Seafolly Fastlane Tourist Pant c/o Coco Bay Swimwear

Hat - Joules (and similar stripe hat)

Necklaces - Pretty Little Thing & Mango

  Sandals - Aerin


Coco Bay Swimwear Fashion Blog Collaboration
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As well as obviously wishing you all tons of sunshine that sees you wearing your new fave sunglasses ten hours of every single day, I do have some other summer wishes for you.  Wait, hang on I also wish continued warmth with that sunshine.  The kind of warmth and humidity that makes you feel as though you could be in the South of France.  Ooh.  Anyway, above all else I hope this summer brings you the kind of adventures you spent winter dreaming of.  The activities, the outfits, the locations, the picture-perfect moments - all of it.  If you've been waiting for a sign to dive headfirst into this summer, consider this it.  New business venture?  Do it.  New fitness regime?  Start it.  Better social life?  Arrange it.  More 'chill' time?  Schedule it.  Maybe you just really, really want more days spent with sand filling the spaces in between your toes.  Or you haven't enjoyed enough riverside brunches with your fave people yet.  Or you're yet to enjoy any of those spontaneous staycations you'd planned.

Whatever it is, my ultimate summer wish for you is that you get to enjoy it all.

National Trust Studland Bay Beach Sand Dunes
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Coco Bay Seafolly Swimwear Bandeau Castaway Swimsuit
Chic Sand Dunes Beach Photoshoot UK BeachAnother of my summer wishes for you, is that you take the plunge and wear those gorgeous outfits you'd planned in your head for this season.  Anyone else start imagining their looks a couple of seasons in advance?  Something I'd already pencilled in for this summer was an all-white beach look. Ta-dah!  Say hello to the all-white beach look of my dreams, by Seafolly via Coco Bay Swimwear.  This flattering, striped and bandeau swimsuit is such a chic update from the usual one piece style and even comes complete with a hidden underwire with moulded cups and boning for added support.  Oh, and gripper tape, to avoid flashing any passing seagulls.  I'm also now a beach-trouser convert, thanks to these white cotton trousers; so casual and ideal for throwing on before and after hitting the water.

Needless to say, even my beach looks can't escape my adoration of layered gold necklaces.  Favourites right now?  A two-layer metal piece necklace from Mango, combined with this triple-layered coin pendant necklace.  Literally THE easiest (and affordable!) way of achieving the trending look this season.  You're welcome.
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Coco Bay Seafolly Swimwear New Collection Review
Seafolly Castaway White Stripe Bandeau Swimsuit
I really hope you're having a fabulous season so far, and if not, there's still plenty of time to start ticking off those summer dreams from your wishlist!  Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this all-white beach look!  Are you also a fan of swimsuits, or do you prefer to wear bikinis?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Coco Bay for working with me on this post!