What to do Around St Pancras International Station
Okay, so admittedly the title of this post is a little tongue-in-cheek, but I have a theory.  If you're reading my blog, you're most likely also an advocate of looking out for the beauty in life, right?  And that involves soaking up all of the little luxuries and feel-good, elegant adventures along the way.  Well, in my book that makes you chic.  So, if you're curious about the King's Cross/Euston areas of London, but want to experience them in the most Instagrammable way possible, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the ultimate guide of how to spend 24 hours in (and around) King's Cross in the most laid-back kitty-cat way possible; featuring plenty of champagne, neon signs and dramatic floral installations...

S T A T I O N S :

S T .   P A N C R A S   I N T E R N A T I O N A L   S T A T I O N   &   K I N G ' S   C R O S S

Did I ever think I'd be including a station in a travel guide?  Probably not.  But that was before I'd (finally) discovered St. Pancras International.  Swarms of cheerful-looking tourists aside, there's the obvious appeal of a grand structure hovering above you while you work your way through a pastry or two from one of the many cafés.  Then there's the St Pancras Champagne bar, but more on that later. Oh, and of course there's the added excitement of seeing European destinations appear on the screens; hello Amsterdam.  If you're looking for somewhere to instil travel inspiration within you, this is the place.  The central London station sits comfortably on Euston road and puts you in the prime location to make your way to any of your chosen hotels near King's Cross.

Psst!  King's Cross and St. Pancras International are two physically separate railway stations that are next to one another. 
St Pancras Station I Want My Time With You Neon Sign
St Pancras International Station Things To Do While You Wait
St Pancras Station Laduree Macaron ShopTraditional St Pancras International above, King's Cross below.  See what I mean?  King's Cross station is much more modern.  Both buildings are striking in their own way, and which station is your favourite will totally depend on your personal taste.  But in case you were wondering, I'm sitting firmly in the St Pancras International camp...
King's Cross Station Architecture London

U R B A N   A R T W O R K

While wandering out of the station, diet coke bottle in hand in a bid to tackle the day's heat (no complaints here, still a summer fanatic!), I stumbled across London's largest ever example of urban artwork; splashed across the Barclays building by four 'prolific street graffiti artists'.  Pretty impressive.  Especially when you consider I can't even paint my own toenails without going over the cuticles.  It's undoubtedly worth seeing in person should you find yourself in the area, especially if you're a fan of abstract art.  
King's Cross Barclays Building Urban Artwork

G A S H O L D E R   P A R K

My vote for the most tranquil place in King's Cross goes to Gasholder Park.  In a nutshell, the canal-side park is just a stroll from Granary Square and is the perfect example of how (ahem, sometimes) good things can come in small packages!  While there, a fitness class was taking place in the centre of the historic gasholder guideframe, people were sunbathing while eating their lunch and groups of people met before heading off towards the canal.  Combine those sunny situations with an incredible display of mathematically perfect mirrors and you've got yourself a pretty idyllic setting.      

Gasholder Park
King's Cross
London Travel Blog Gasholder Park Review
Gasholder Park Instagrammable Mirrors King's Cross
Gasholder Park King's Cross Mirror Installation
London Lifestyle and Travel Blog Guide King's Cross

G E R M A N   G Y M N A S I U M

Swoooon.  And that's just for the apple strudel!  An historic former gym, transformed into a modern, all-day Grand Café and bar serving Mittel-European cuisine.  The vibe is both grand and inviting, in a 'favourite cashmere cardigan' kind of way.  You know you're in a luxurious place and yet you feel entirely comfortable, particularly once you've experienced the cheerful German folk music playing in the ladies.  I won't lie, mentally it took me back to the Christmas markets in Köln, a place I'll always welcome into my daydreams.  

German Gymnasium
King's Blvd
King's Cross
German Gymnasium Aerial View London Lifestyle Blog
Luxurious Places to Eat in King's Cross London
Apple Strudel German Gymnasium King's CrossOh, and can we take a moment to appreciate the cascading central floral arrangement?!  Should you fancy choosing a table here anytime soon, my advice would be to opt for the cord-fed chicken burger, followed by a ridiculously good helping of apple strudel.  Trust me, you won't regret it.
German Gymnasium King's Cross Central Floral Arrangement
German Gymnasium King's Cross London Blog Review
German Gymnasium Central Purple Floral Arrangement

R E G E N T ' S   C A N A L   A T   K I N G ' S   C R O S S

Ever since watching The Queen's Nose as a child, I've had a bit of a 'thing' about canals.  That program was the most entertaining thing about being nine years old, as well as the most terrifying, due to a scene that saw someone tied to the side of a canal and nearly drowned.  Ooh, dramatic stuff.  Thankfully, Regent's Canal proved to be much less of a threat this time around.  Lined with barges complete with flowers and enthusiastic owners, it's a pretty nice aspect of the King's Cross area.  At this time of year, you can expect it to be busy throughout the day, particularly the popular grass steps.  Dodge the crowds by heading just a little further up the canal, where you'll come across plenty of low-rise walls to sit on to enjoy your club sandwiches.    
Regent's Canal King's Cross Fashion Blogger
Regent's Canal in Summer 2018
King's Cross Regent's Canal Pretty Red Barges
Regent's Canal London Barges Fashion Blogger
Keep it chic by: not throwing yourself into the canal and paddling around the barges.  No, seriously though on a warm summer's afternoon, walking alongside the canal is a pretty lovely activity and one enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.  There are also plenty of restaurants overlooking the water here, many with outdoor seating allowing you to get up close and personal with the barges.  So, for any barge-enthusiasts out there...
London Regent's Canal in Summer 2018
Fashion Blogger London Regent's Canals
London Regent's Canal Barges Travel Blog Review
Regent's Canal Things to do in King's Cross

S T .  P A N C R A S   C H A M P A G N E   B A R   B Y   S E A R C Y S

Okay, if you're looking for a 'picture-perfect film moment' while in the King's Cross and Euston area, you need to head upstairs at St Pancras International.  The Champagne Bar sits prettily within the iconic location and does so with glamour, as Europe's longest Champagne bar.  The Art Deco design creates a warm and luxurious ambience, while the 'Press for Champagne' button enables you to act out your greatest Instagram fantasies.  Ooh.  One thing's for sure, it serves as the perfect, elegant end to a day spent in the area, before catching your train home... 

St Pancras International Station
Euston Rd
Kings Cross
St Pancras Station Champagne Bar Review
St Pancras Champagne Bar by Searcys Lifestyle Blog Review
Champagne Bar Olives in a Bowl
St Pancras Champagne Bar by Searcys London Blog Review
I feel as though St Pancras Champagne Bar is the perfect location to sit and plan your next adventure with your friend/partner; whoever you're enjoying champagne with.  Every airport has the ability to remind you that at any point you can pack a bag and go explore an entirely new place, but only a few stations share that quality - St Pancras International is one of them.  I've been bitten by the travel bug, and not even a bowl of olives can distract me from that...
St Pancras Champagne Bar London Blog Review
Press For Champagne St Pancras Champagne Bar
Club 150 Champagne Bar St Pancras Station
St Pancras Station Champagne Bar Blog Review
So, there we have it; the chic girl's guide to spending a short while in the King's Cross area!  It's incredible just how many things there are to do within an area once you start looking.  Needless to say, no one guide is going to cover all of the incredible sights - but if you're looking for an elegant way to pass the time in and around King's Cross?  Get ticking these points off your itinerary!  I'm so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this travel guide; has anything in particular caught your eye?  Let me know in the comments below!

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