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Oof, we've all been there.  Happily scrolling through the explore page of Instagram admiring dreamy tulle dresses and extravagant strawberry cakes and then something, something makes you think 'oh'.  Maybe it's an oh I'd rather be there in Venice licking a gelato. Or perhaps an oh picking blooms from a field of flowers seems way more appealing than doing my emails right now.  But I'm curious, at what point did it become a case of comparisons and cause for alarm?  I've been fascinated by this topic for a very, veeeeery long time. Let me know if I'm in the minority, but I still find Instagram to be a massive source of daydream material.  It's ooh and ahh inducing, in a 'I know that photo took ages to setup, but it's still beautiful' kind of way.  You know?  Let's discuss...
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Needless to say, the biggest issue is undoubtedly younger users on the app mistaking everything they see for reality.  I'll admit, I'm hugely relieved Instagram reached popularity once I'd seen through the teenage years because going by what my younger cousin has told me, it sounds like a literal minefield for younger users.  But that's a topic for another day.  What about adult users?  We know not to take what we see as gospel, and yet still manage to occasionally allow ourselves to be pulled down by the app.  Comparison is literally the thief of joy (my fave quote - ahem, minus the 'literally'), and it hits even harder when you're seeing it through a screen.  It leads us to compare the very worst of ourselves to the very best of others.  Or more to the point, their photos.

But imma stop you right there.  The pendulum needs to swing back and place us all in the 'ooh that's inspiring' camp again that we were so firmly based in when we first downloaded the app.  Ultimately, we're in charge of how we interpret things (images included) and so we can either hop on Instagram, start scrolling and rack up a load of comparisons to ruin our evening.  Or, we can take images for what they are.  Beautiful, knowingly edited to match a feed's aesthetic and often very, very inspiring.

Daydream material; nothing more, nothing less.

Marks & Spencer Pink Peony BouquetAs I mentioned earlier, I've always taken a huge interest in this topic and mainly because it seems to divide opinion so drastically.  So, let me know in the comments below - how do you feel about Instagram?  Do you find it's become a source of unfair comparisons, or do you also seek inspiration from the app?

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