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Thursday, 9 August 2018

Are We Too Boujee For This?

Playing Table Tennis on UK Beach
Besides the obvious promotional and social functions of Twitter, I'm there for the laughs.  But last month I saw (and shared, obvs) a tweet that simultaneously made me laugh and wonder, just a little bit.  The kind of tweet that leaves you staring at your phone for a minute while you decide whether it's been a slap to the face or not...

After some umming and ahhing, I came to the conclusion it was just really, really funny, because I think I've been doing an alright job at separating those boujee tendencies of creating the perfect, curated moments, from having fun and incurring whatever not-so-Instagrammable states they may leave you in.  But it gets you thinking, right
Beach Huts on UK Summer Beach
Fashion Blog Photoshoot on Beach
Coco Bay Seafolly Black Romper Beachwear
For those of you wondering what the hell I'm going on about, 'boujee' is an abbreviation of 'bourgeois' and is a critical term used to describe people, things and places that are high-class.  It's the idea you're actively separating yourself from the more down-to-earth aspects of life in favour of being inauthentic and gentrified.  Eek, pretty heavy stuff.  But here's the thing, it's actually pretty easy to flick a switch and turn your back on wandering into that territory.  I mean, I love pampering treatments and indulgent shopping trips as much as the next person, but sometimes it can be so refreshing to dive headfirst into carefree activities without so much as a thought.

So, lately I've been challenging myself to just enjoy things without getting so caught up with whether or not it'll ruin my makeup or leave me sweating, limbs flailing in all directions.  On this occasion?  It was table tennis.  One hour of unadulterated fun, resulting in sore hands, burnt shoulders and a very sweaty back.  And you know what?  It was ridiculously fun.
Gold Chain Women's Bamboo Belt
UK British Beach Huts in South England
British Beach Table Tennis Photoshoot
Coco Bay Seafolly Black Romper Playsuit

Swimsuit - Seafolly Castaway Swimsuit c/o Coco Bay

Playsuit - Seafolly Ruffled Playsuit c/o Coco Bay

Sunglasses - Dolce & Gabbana

Shoes - Aerin

British Beach Huts South Coast
Eyewearbrands Dolce & Gabbana Black Sunglasses
UK South Coast Beach Table Tennis
Moral of the story?  Let your hair down.  You're young enough to be able to use some kind of tech to read this, so you're young enough to loosen your grip a little, let your guard down and enjoy some of those things that have become automatic no's over time.  Enjoy them. These kind of moments need your undivided attention; like taking advantage of playing table tennis with broken bats to an audience of strangers under the scorching sun, with the smell of a nearby BBQ, and sound of summer dance tunes.  Perfect.
UK South Beach Table Tennis
Coco Bay Seafolly Black Ruffled Playsuit
UK South Beach Table Tennis Photoshoot
It's always so interesting hearing your thoughts on topics like this; where do you think you stand on the scale of being too 'boujee' to let your hair down and have fun?  Let me know in the comments below.  Oh, and needless to say, these photos were taken before I started to resemble Niagara Falls.  The point is, you can have both!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Coco Bay for working with me on this post!



  1. Lovely black jumpsuit! I love the black colour with tan skin!
    Have a perfect day dear! xx

    La ilusión de Nina -

  2. It's interesting because I think often our Instagram feeds would probably lead people to believe that we don't really let our hair down, whereas I just don't choose to necessarily show that - maybe I should!
    Amy xx

  3. haha! Boujee is such a funny word. You look amazing!

  4. Your photos and outfit are so gorgeous! I really like them. Also I like topic about you write here. Today we have to many "boujee" people and people who don't know or who don't want to have fun. Everything is about making perfect photo and post it on social media. Besides I'm different type of person, I really love enjoy in life and have a fun, every day and every moment.

  5. I really enjoy every blog post of this site because of the stunning photoshoot! you look amazing as always! i never heard of that word, but it sounds kinda funny to me! x
    have a wonderful day!

  6. I think with the rise of social medias, the line between reality and what's fantasy and staged gets thinner every day. Some people think that reality should be perfect just like what they see on social medias. They think that's how life has to be. Sad but true...

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. Your playsuit is so cute and I like your layered necklaces! :)

    I'm a mum so I'm well aware that I'll never have that perfectly curated life or activity, haha! something will always be messy or dirty, but that's life and I love it and would never change it for the world! :)

    Hope that you have been having a great week and have a nice weekend ahead of you! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. You are the sweetest! I'm honestly not boujee at all ahah, I'm all about having fun and enjoying the moment :D You probably already know what I'm about to say: stunning photos! <3

  9. Totally agree with you, Gabrielle! I am not boujee at all, I always try to enjoy every moment, not only to post the perfect Instagram pic. I mean, it's nice to take curated photos, but after that it's all about REAL fun! :D
    Happy (not boujee) weekend!
    xx Elisa
    Francine's Place | DIY & Lifestyle Blog

  10. I'm just a girl who likes to have fun. Like you said if your a blogger these things can be done together. I can't stand going to the beach and watching girls not wanting to run around, dive in the sand, water because of what their appearance looks like. They are totally missing out. Cute ootd : ) xo

  11. I totally agree, I just went to Sardinia and went snorkeling every day and didn't care at all what I looked like! Beautiful pictures as always!!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  12. Hello,

    So amazing !


  13. Letting our hair down and having fun is so important. It is crazy to deny ourselves the things we might enjoy or even love because we're worried what we will look like or how others will think of us.

    You look absolutely fabulous in this playsuit. Lovely swimsuit as well. Stunning photos! It seems like you had a lot of fun playing table tennis. I don't even remember when I played it last....but I remember that it is great for cardio!

    Have a great day!

  14. Well, I have kids. I make animal noises in public, I pretend to be a flying unicorn in the park and I carry the kids around the pool on my back. There is no space for boujee in my life!

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  15. aww how cute, so wonderful post

  16. Amen! Not everything needs to be curated having good old, get your hair wet fun is too much to not do!

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  17. Looking like blissful summertime paradise gorgeous Gabrielle! Your playsuit and swimsuit are a total matchmade in heaven against such a perfect beach backdrop. I love the question this post asks, such a relatable and interesting topic! I totally feel you on the kind of tweet that feels like it might be a slap in the face, I've definitely read a few of those and felt that creeping fear haha! I always love your blog for showing us so much fabulous glamour and taking us on so many divine adventures whilst at the same time always making your picturesque content so real and down to earth too. The perfect combination IMO! I also love the subjects you raise and the important topics you discuss, ones that are so refreshing and rare to read in the blogosphere. Your advice in letting your hair down is all the uplifting, I couldn't agree more! Your fun loving spirit is shining through as always in this table tennis fabulousness! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  18. That is such a gorgeous swimsuit/playsuit combination Gabrielle! You raise some interesting points in this post. I don't really care much about being boujee especially since I choose to enjoy most of my fun away from the camera/social media.

  19. Haha love this topic!! I don't think I'm too boujee for anything, but as soon I start sweating like "Niagara Falls", the camera definitely gets put away! Lol. I just think there needs to be a balance. My instagram feed does not reflect my day-to-day life, but I really do feel that I need to enjoy myself a bit more after reading your post. :) Have a lovely weekend Gabrielle!
    -PerlaGiselle | Instagram

  20. Great post! Table Tennis is a great way to challenge boujee.


  21. Couldnt agree with this post more! People are so obsessed with getting pics for the gram that they forget to actually enjoy the moment, i've been guilty of this from time to time! Great post though! Your pics are gorgeous!

    Darriyan ♡

  22. Hahah I love the title of this post!!! You look stunning Gabrielle, love the gold detailing <3

    Serene XO

  23. I have never heard the term boujee before haha but I can totally see your point! It's so true, sometimes we need to allow ourselves to have fun, relax and stop trying to be instagram perfect all the time! One of the mundane things I enjoy the most is singing (terribly) and dancing to the latest summer hit (like for example Despacito last year hahaha).

    Anyway, love the candid pictures playing table tennis and that playsuit looks perfect on you babe!!

    Have a lovely weekend!


    Seize your Style

  24. It is great to always let our head down, but yeah lots of people especially ladies don't do it of late because they're scared to chip their nails, mess up their hair, etc. Lol!!
    Nice shots here mi lady Gabrielle.

  25. This has got me thinking now. And I feel like I am majorly guilty of being caught up in creating perfection rather than fully embracing and enjoying the moment. It's a little messed up when you think about it.


  26. I'm not afraid to get wet and dirty hahaha I love doing any activity and sharing the moments with the closest people to me. Table tennis is so much fun. My sister and I play for hours. I think we're going pro! LOL

  27. I love getting my hair down and just going with the flow! I never wear make up at weekends whether I go shopping or for a lunch at the local pub. I also love mushroom picking a lot, no make up, tracksuit and voila!
    You look fantastic letting your hair down, gorgeous smile xx

    Much love,
    Elegant Duchess xx

  28. That black jumpsuit looks amazing on you! Also, what a lovely shoot you have here dear!

    Jessica |

  29. I think everyone should let their hair down and have fun!

  30. I'm happy to report I'm not like that. The only time I wont do things is if I don't want to. For example I can't swim, and can't be submerged in water due to my skin, so I don't swim. I rarely worry about my hair and make-up though. You look beautiful as always. I love how carefree these photos are!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

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  32. Love this post! It can be so easy to get caught up in pushing our platforms that actually experiencing what we are doing is missed. So important to remain present and live while we are creating. Beautiful visuals too Gab xx


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