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Surprise, Surprise, I'm going on about Brugge again!  Don't worry, I'm well aware the city has become an obsession of mine, and that includes accommodation.  For the past few years, Hotel Dukes' Palace has become my home away from home in the Belgian city and one that seems to get better and better with each and every visit.  From the private entrance leading to a warm welcome at the desk and box of chocolates in your room, to enjoying a drink on the sprawling patio before checking out - it's perfection.  Take it from someone who spends most of their spare moments planning the next visit to the historic city, this is the place to stay for luxury and comfort when in Brugge...
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Smoked Salmon With Slice of Lemon Breakfast
Best Luxury Room Service Breakfast Bruges Belgium
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The hotel rooms have recently been renovated which makes those moments spent lounging around in your room in a dressing gown all the more special.  One of my absolute favourite things to treat myself to when travelling is room service breakfast.  All out, everything, extra. Hotel Dukes' Palace even goes the extra mile and includes a glass of champagne for an added touch of luxury to start the day. And besides, there's plenty of pastries, smoked salmon and cheese and meat platters to help soak up the impact!
Hotel Dukes Palace Luxury Travel Blog Review 2018
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Hotel Dukes Palace Makeover Refurbished Lobby
Hotel Dukes Palace Luxury Travel Blog Review
Hands up if you also fall into a sinkhole of adoration for hotel lobbies and lounges?!  Besides hotel rooms (preferably while in my dressing gown), there's no better place to enjoy a warm drink while working through your emails, or making a phone call or two.  Hotel Dukes' Palace's recent makeover  has seen the interior design become all the more dreamy thanks to a subtle, modern update - ugh, just when I thought I couldn't be more in love with a hotel.  Anticipate: warm cinnamon tones, chandeliers and dramatic floral displays. We tend to associate luxury hotels with tranquility, calm and serenity, and perhaps that's why Hotel Dukes' Palace has made such an impression on me.  Located down a private side road just a minute away from The Market Square (Markt), it's beautifully quiet and offers the opportunity to gather your thoughts before wandering back out again through the hectic history of the famous city.
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The devil truly is in the detail, and in this case, it came in the form of a box of chocolates.  As always, a golden box of welcome chocolates greeted (an exhausted) me, of which I put to the side and forgot about - until I came back one night too late to find all the local chocolate shops in the area had closed.  Booooo.  No problem.  After emerging from the dreamy walk-in shower, it was time to cuddle back up in a dressing gown to the glow of one golden-bulbed desk lamp and tuck into the generous box of praline chocolate truffles while switching between apps.  And that, ladies and gents, is my idea of heaven.   
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Hotel Dukes Palace Deluxe Room Blog Review
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By this point, I'm pretty sure I can be classed as a superfan of the city.  Oops.  Should you ever find yourself in Brugge, I can't recommend Hotel Dukes' Palace enough; it's the perfect blend of luxury and comfort combined with practicalities and amenities.  Have you ever visited Brugge before?  If so, where did you stay?  Let me know in the comments below!

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