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Sunday, 12 August 2018

The Colonnade Hotel, London | Prezzybox

Little Venice London Luxury Hotel The Colonnade
If you were wondering whether it's possible to fancy a hotel, I can confirm that yes, it is possible.  A couple of weeks ago I was sent to The Colonnade Hotel by Prezzybox, a luxurious hotel located in Little Venice, London.  Speaking as someone with a special place in their heart for flamboyant decor, gold trimmings and quintessential English charm, The Colonnade Hotel was the perfect place to spend a couple of days.  The heatwave was still in full swing, I'd cleared my schedule in advance and I was more than a little ready to wind down and soak up the mass of beauty...  
Entrance Front Doors The Colonnade Hotel London
The Colonnade Hotel London Front Door Entrance
The Colonnade Hotel London Little Venice EntranceFirst impressions are everything and The Colonnade Hotel truly does deliver the goods from the moment you catch sight of the corner building.  So, a little background on the hotel: it started life as two private Victorian houses before being converted into an all girls' boarding school in the 19th century.  From there, it went on to become a birthing hospital and then monumentally, on June 23rd 1912, it served as the birthplace of Alan Turing (as recorded by a plaque on the hotel's exterior).  Since then, it's been a hotel and passed through the fingers of a handful of owners.  Now, the four-star hotel provides perfectly comfortable and at times luxurious accommodation for those passing through, or spending some time exploring Little Venice and the surrounding area.
Prezzybox The Colonnade Hotel London Review
The Colonnade Hotel London Travel Blogger Review
The Colonnade Hotel London Living Room
My favourite aspect of the hotel would undoubtedly be the living area located next to reception; the space resembles that of which could be found in various European hideaways and there's so much to look at.  The space would be perfect for catching up on some emails, or perhaps taking an hour out of your busy schedule to read a book/magazine.  Having said that, the gorgeous weather made the outdoor patio at the front of the hotel a very close contender.  Ice-cold drinks enjoyed under parasols to the sight of passers-by going about their business?  Dreamy.
Prezzybox Luxurious London Hotel Blog Review
Prezzybox One Night Break Luxurious London Hotel Review
Luxury London The Colonnade Hotel Room Keys
Prezzybox Luxurious Hotel Blog Review
Okay, moving on to the actual accommodation.  I was in for an absolute treat for my stay at The Colonnade Hotel as I found myself upgraded to the adjoining, three-bedroom luxury apartment.  Complete with its own front door, you climb one flight of stairs to reveal the kitchen leading out onto a balcony overlooking adjacent townhouses.  In the other direction you've got a spacious living area, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a fireplace.  A luxurious bathroom can be found on the second floor, along with a bedroom complete with plenty of storage space for your wardrobe throughout your stay.  Finally, one more flight of stairs sees more sleeping space, as well as another shower room.

Psst! My best advice when booking your stay would be to request in advance a room above ground level at this hotel.
Luxury Hotel Living Room White Fireplace
Luxury Hotel Apartment London Little Venice
The Colonnade Hotel London 3 bed Apartment
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My personal favourites?  The bubble bath, balcony views and plush sofa in the living room.  A couple of highlights included bringing back pizza and dessert to the apartment in the evening, as well as sitting on the balcony with a glass of lemonade early in the morning.  Bliss.
Luxury Hotel En Suite Bubble Bath London
The Colonnade Hotel London Luxury Apartment
Luxury Townhouses Little Venice Streets
The Colonnade Hotel is just one of the fabulous hotels available to choose from via Prezzybox's One Night Break at a Luxurious London Hotel gift voucher.  This gift is the perfect blend between having a personal touch, as well as leaving some of the choice down to the recipient!  The gift voucher allows you to choose from a range of luxury, contemporary hotels across the UK and always includes continental breakfast.  And yes, I indulged in too many pain au chocolat on the morning of my stay.  The handpicked hotels are also in prime locations, allowing you easy access to world-class shopping, theatre, culture and history.  With regard to The Colonnade Hotel, it's just a 2 minute walk from Warwick Avenue Station and a 5 minute walk from the picturesque canals of Little Venice.

Psst!  Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming post featuring a closer look at the canals of Little Venice! 
Luxury Patio for Drinks in London
The Colonnade Hotel London Travel Blog Review
The Colonnade Hotel Little Venice London
London Little Venice Pretty Streets
I enjoyed such a fabulous summertime stay at The Colonnade Hotel and have Prezzybox to thank for that!  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this hotel; does anything stand out to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

The Colonnade Hotel
2 Warrington Crescent
W9 1ER

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With love,

Gabrielle x

This post has been made in collaboration with Prezzybox!



  1. What a charming hotel, I'm obsessed with all the decor details! Also that's my dream bathroom right there, haha

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  2. This hotels is look absolutely gorgeous! The decorations are so beautiful and the bathroom is to die for. Hope that you had a wonderful time there!

  3. Wow, this hotel looks gorgeous as do your photos Gabrielle! How lucky to get the upgraded room too! I keep meaning to explore little Venice myself as I’ve seen so many beautiful photos of this area on Instagram. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for your upcoming post!

  4. Oh what a beautiful hotel! I love the history of it, and it's decorated so beautifully. Great that you got to enjoy an upgraded room too! :)

    Hope that you had a great weekend! We had a nice and relaxing one here, which was lovely.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  5. This hotel is amazing! Its decor is awesome and that bathroom.... I need to be there!
    xo Leros | AboutEos

  6. What a beautiful hotel! Your outfit was so amazing gabrielle!!!!

  7. This place looks amazing.
    I love the interior of it and you look fab on every shot.

    Much Love,
    Jane | The Bandwagon Chic

  8. This hotel is so stunning, the decor is amazing!

    Chloe x

  9. Dear Gabrielle such a stunning and luxury hotel- this all insides places looks so posh and exclusive- I am sure you spent nice time there xx

  10. wow, what an amazing hotel! I'm in awe

  11. Oh my that bath is just the dreamiest ever! As I've got older I've come to love a more luxurious hotel!
    Amy xx

  12. it looks like such a wonderful place to wind down. I love the decor, the bathroom is magnificent! xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx

  13. There are many things that stand out to me, most of all the decor and the inner design of Colonnade hotel. You're right, it has that lovely quintessential British charm vibe to it. What probably stood out the most to me is that medieval armour, though. Such an eye-catching piece!

    The terrace looks so beautiful...and the drinks most refreshing. I wouldn't mind staying in a hotel like this one. It looks like a perfect oasis in such a busy town as London is. The room you stayed in is gorgeous...and that bath looks simply divine.

    You look very pretty...but also very happy...I can see you enjoyed your stay. Have a fab start of the week!

  14. Very lovely look as always, and that place looks amazing! :)

    xx Alyssa | Style Vanity

  15. wow this is a very beautiful area. Have a lovely week

  16. Looks like fun! Love all the photos!

  17. Lovely pictures, and I LOVE your outfit!

  18. Wow such a fantastic hotel, so fancy! And your outfit is absolutely amazing!! ❤❤

    New post: What To Style | Instagram

  19. Wow, the hotel sounds like it's had an amazing history! That bathtub too!! Beautiful pictures and what a perfect time to visit!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  20. Hello Gabrielle
    What a story this hotel has, from maternity to a charm hotel, is the proof that good buildings never die can always reinvent themselves. I loved the photos, your description. And I'm already imagining me, send my emails in this living room, and btw I love your blouse ah!


  21. Wow, such a nice historic hotel. I love all decoration and interior of the room and bathroom. It's really a pleasure to spend some time in such atmosphere. I'm very sure you must have enjoyed every moment there. You outfit is also beautiful. I love your skirt and top.
    Kisses <3
    New post-

  22. I can definitely see why you are smitten with The Colonnade Hotel Gabrielle! The apartment in which you stayed is an absolute dream. That tub is TTDF! I don't think I would've wanted to leave ;p

  23. WOW! It does look so pretty! I love the decor, so feminine and classic!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  24. What a gorgeous gorgeous hotel! It's fascinating to know more about the history of the building too. The interiors are so lush and grand, I love it. You took wonderful pictures too, I really like your outfit Gabrielle. You stay in the most gorgeous hotels, I always love your recommendations!

    Julia x
    Last Post: My Thoughts on Luxury Makeup |

  25. Okay, this hotel is STUNNING. Little Venice is one of my favorite corners of London (because how can you not fall in love with the charm of the area?) but I had no idea there was such a grand hotel right there! Gorgeous photography, you look absolutely stunning and it looks like such a fun stay!

  26. The interior looks exquisite and the furnishing is grand. Good to know about this hotel and Prezzybox.

  27. The sound of a fireplace in your own room is great, even though I wouldn´t probably light it in the current summer heat. But for a fall weekend when it is grey and rainy outside? Perfect.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  28. I enjoyed reading this post, love the place! <3
    April of:
    IG: @Aprilnunezzz

  29. Oh wow, looks like an amazing place!! Love your outfit too.
    Nice pics ! :D
    Happy Tuesday <3
    Olivia Poncelet

  30. Such a beautiful hotel. I love to find places with gorgeous details like this. And I love the little cheeky kiss you're sharing with the coat of arms! 😂

  31. Oooh, that tub looks AMAZING, girlfriend! What an awesome hotel!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. Absolutely all the beautiful details.

  33. It looks fabulous and I adore your cute outfit. Need to go to the Colonnade to take some pictures 💖


  34. Every time I see these travel posts! It makes me want to go wherever you are. I love the decor and honestly, it makes you want to live in these hotels because they are so gorgeous. :) Lovely photos and style hope your week is filled with delight <3

  35. So fun with the history lesson!! Such an interesting place and the interior looks, as always, absolutely lovely. Love Little Venice, so it definitely justifies the area!! Xx

  36. That hotel looks like a dream! I love how rich the history of it is and it definitely shows inside. The decor is just stunning and I think if I ever stayed there I would want to move in. Also I love all the photos you took! x

    x Kara |

  37. These photographs are just exquisite! Looks like such a beautiful - would kill to visit. Need to tick London off of my travel list ASAP. Also, love your outfit!

    Zoha xx
    Love, Zoha

  38. Okay, your hotel room was officially 500x fancier (and bigger) than our entire house! This looks SO fun and like they've thought of every detail. We just got back from vacation and I'm already feeling the wanderlust hit again!

    Susie |

  39. This hotel is gorgeous. Absolutely love the luxurious details. The bathroom is fantastic!

    Jessica |

  40. I would so love a bubble bath in that tub so lovely. I adore the candy stripe sofa too and the shining knight! It is always nice to get away. I'm still yet to visit little Venice. I love canals, let's hope the weather holds up : ) xo

  41. What a gorgeous way to spend the weekend in ultimate luxurious comfort, The Colonnade looks like a beautiful hotel that's for sure and certainly an invite you cannot turn down that's for sure. I'm glad you had a wonderful time and so kind of Prezzybox to invite you to enjoy such a glorious stay!

    You look beautiful, as always and really love the photographs especially the cherry blossom tree outside, really very pretty and suits the luxuriousness of this post.

    Laura xo

  42. Oh wow - this is such a beautiful post, absolutely gorgeous and as always loving your photos, you always seem to make everything look incredible and it's always wonderful to read your posts!

    It's posts like this which make me want to travel everywhere, visiting different places both in the UK and abroad!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend and hope you have a great week ahead gorgeous!

    Layla x


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