Karen Millen Silver Jewellery Collection 2018
How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something at the last minute because it 'just wasn't you'?  Or laughed at the way in which someone has described you because you just can't see yourself that way?  Funnily enough, it really did take something as simple as a beautiful set of silver jewellery from Karen Millen for me to start asking these questions.  You see, for years I've been a strictly gold-jewellery kind of girl, rarely straying into the realm of silver jewellery.  And then I wear silver jewellery.  And I like it.  In fact, I love it. Which makes me wonder: just how many things are we missing out on in life by staying firmly in one lane?
Japanese Pagoda at Cliveden House
Herron at Cliveden House Hotel Garden
Karen Millen Crystal Ellipse Silver Necklace
One day it's wearing silver jewellery, the next it's learning how to be more assertive, the day after it's deciding to relocate early next year!  I've said it before and I'll say it again; sometimes the smallest thing can be a catalyst for change.  Think back over some of the biggest life events you've seen through and you'll be surprised just how many of them stemmed from the smallest of concepts.  Every forest we see has grown from just one teeny-tiny seed, after all.

Cliveden House Japanese Pagoda
Karen Millen Elipse Silver Jewellery Set
Karen Millen Ellipse Silver Diamond Jewellery Set
Cliveden Japanese Pagoda Photography


Cardigan - New Look

Skirt - Karen Millen   |   Boots - Zara 

Bracelet - Crystal Ellipse Bracelet c/o Karen Millen

Necklace - Crystal Ellipse Pendant c/o Karen Millen


Karen Millen Silver Crystal Ellipse Bracelet
Karen Millen London Fashion Blog Collaboration

Japanese Pagoda in the UK
Karen Millen Silver Crystal Ellipse Pendant
Karen Millen London Fashion Blogger Collaboration
Admittedly, a shiny set of new jewellery is the least threatening and prettiest way of stepping outside of your comfort zone.  But the first step of a new journey doesn't always have to be the hardest, right?  Surprise yourself.  See yourself in a new light and attempt a couple of the things you've always been tempted to try, no matter how small.  You'll be amazed at what other ideas they may just spark...

With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Karen Millen for working with me on this post!