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It was summer, you were wearing a bikini and wondering how many times you can listen to the same summer tunes before getting tired of them and bam! suddenly it's sort of, kind of Autumn.  Can we all  just agree that this new season has literally appeared out of nowhere?!  It's around about this time of year that we're bombarded with wishlists and wardrobe updates that encourage forking out your savings on an entirely new wardrobe.  But before you remortgage your home, take a peek at my following five suggestions that serve as quick updates to your wardrobe.  Needless to say, accessories are included, because I'm a firm believer that accessories are never so important as they are than in Autumn/Winter, when we're cocooned in layers upon layers of clothes!  Anyway, if I manage to save just one reader from selling a kidney to fund their new Autumn wardrobe, then I consider my work here done...

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N E W   S E A S O N  ,   N E W   S H A D E S

After a summer of glowing skin, it's pretty easy to feel a tiny bit disheartened about our skin in Autumn while we're adjusting to a new skincare regime, right?  No problem!  That's when gorgeous new shades enter the picture to cover (some of) our sins.  These Burberry beauties are the latest addition to my collection and I'm completely smitten with the cats eye design (surprise, surprise).  Oh and fabulous news, I've teamed up with Sunglasses Shop to offer readers of A Glass Of Ice 15% off across their website to spend on designer sunglasses - enjoy!

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S T R U T  ,   S T R U T

Never trust anyone who doesn't get excited by cold weather footwear.  Ankle boots, knee high boots and OTK boots.  Stiletto, pointed boots with studs trailing up the toes.  Velvet OTK boots with embellished block heels.  Shearling and suede knee highs with gold chains trailing up the backs.  Ugh, any and every form gets my pulse racing.  Tell me I'm not the only one?  Don't leave it until you find yourself heading out in open-toe sandals in the freezing cold; find one pair of classic and comfortable boots to see you through the next few month asap.

A s k   y o u r s e l f   t h r e e   q u e s t i o n s :

Will they go with most outfits in my wardrobe?

Are they comfortable to wear for hours on end?

Will I still love them in two months from now?


C O V E R   U P  ,   G I R L 

The reason accessories become ten million times more important once the temperature drops, is because our outfits are covered most of the time by a coat - therefore making the coat suuuuper important.  This is probably my fave item to look for, and something I'm still searching for with Autumn in mind.  Once again, ask yourself the important questions such as whether the colour will work with your wardrobe, and of course... does it actually keep you warm?  Oh and if your budget allows, aim to find two coats: one for casual (such as a shearling biker) and one for smarter occasions


C H U N K Y  ,  C O S Y  ,  G O O D   S T U F F

Hi, my name's Gabrielle and I'm a jumper addict.  So, apparently chunky knit jumpers are trending this season and I've never laughed so hard because I already have tons - and I'm guessing you do too?!  The problem with chunky knit jumpers, however, is that's it's easy to become less in awe of them as times goes on.  And just like that beauties, I've provided you with the perfect opportunity to start browsing for another chunky knit jumper to add to your already extensive collection.

You're welcome.


A R M   C A N D Y

Ooh.  Once you start this search, you may never stop.  Accept the challenge at your own risk.  I've been looking for a new season bag for the past three weeks and still looking for the 'perfect' one.  Something to keep in mind is how the runways have been featuring much more flamboyant and ornate options for the seasons ahead.  It could be a lot of fun to bring this into your new bag bestie, but keep in mind whether it fits all of your essentials!  Can't be heading out without that phone charger and emergency Mars Bar...

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Hopefully I've helped the creation of your new season wardrobe seem a little less daunting.  If your budget allows, enjoy splashing out on a shiny new collection, but if that's not the case, have fun hunting down your capsule collection of new season treasures!  Oh and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on this outfit.  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know!

>> Use the code GLASS15 for 15% discount across Sunglasses Shop <<

Valid until 30/09/2018

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With love,

Gabrielle x

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