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Friday, 7 September 2018

Slimmeria Retreat | Ilfracombe, Devon

Slimmeria Retreat Devon White Room Loungers
This week I found myself staying a while at the new Slimmeria retreat in Ilfracombe, Devon.  It's the latest addition to their growing collection of retreats, along with Hye House in East Sussex.  You may recognise the name from recent mentions in the press (including appearing on Channel 4 last night!), with a focus on the founder's crack-the-whip methods to help guests achieve their goals.  The luxury slimming, detox, spa and weight loss retreat offers a programme that may be too extreme for some due to its drastic measures, and equally may be ideal for others!  Personally, the time I spent at the retreat was with health, fitness and wellbeing in mind, rather than weight loss.  So, what do I make of the hilltop retreat?  And what were the highlights of the experience?!
Slimmeria Ilfracombe Devon Retreat Travel Blog Review
Ilfracombe Devon Landscape Photography
Bodyglove Activewear Joshua Tree Top in Charcoal
Views from Slimmeria Devon Retreat BuildingAbove all else, I've been completely blown away by the views.  Why did nobody tell me just how breathtakingly beautiful Ilfracombe was?!  When the sun comes out it feels as though you could be anywhere along the coast, and still when it's pouring with rain it somehow feels like an adventure.  The retreat is located up a steep hill with panoramic views looking out over the seaside resort from all angles; it's the ideal place to unwind with a book in one of the various cosy nooks around every turn.  Speaking of which, nearly every moment of the 6-day programme sees your time filled with activities, although when you have a spare moment the retreat is indescribably calming, making it ideal for stretching out on a lounger in the white room with a notebook and pen in hand, or perhaps to take a seat outside on the large, pebbled patio area.

So, back to the programme.  Each day starts at 7.30am to the sound of a bell ringing through the house and ends at 9pm when you're advised to turn your lights out and catch some z's.  The food is very minimal in a bid to help those looking to lose weight and fast - so do keep that in mind and check with your GP beforehand that this would be okay for you!
UK London Luxury Fitness Blogger Tall
Coco Bay Bodyglove Activewear Joshua Tree Top Charcoal
Slimmeria Devon Retreat Interior Design
Ilfracombe Devon View 2018
Whistles White Wanderlust Motif T Shirt
Slimmeria Devon Retreat Interior Design Inside
It's amazing how quickly a group can bond on retreats, particularly when you each have something in common - the desire for personal development, in whichever way that may be.  Like I said, my main interest was fitness and wellbeing related and I was very pleased to find plenty of walking was included in the programme on a daily basis.  Each walk sees you venture outdoors to explore Ilfracombe's most special beauty spots, via the harbour, down by the beach and far up hills.  Believe me when I say the views are worth the hikes. Walks are often followed by fitness classes involving weights and a very motivating coach; don't worry, there's no shouting!  I found that one of the most refreshing elements of the Slimmeria retreat was how there was no sense of competition; a shared group mentality means everyone is supported by one another.  Although, perhaps the same can't be said for yoga because I will stretch and strain until I'm congratulated on my Tree Pose!
UK London Model Fitness Blogger
Views from Slimmeria Retreat Devon
Coco Bay Bodyglove Activewear Joshua Tree Top Charcoal
Coco Bay Bodyglove Activewear Joshua Tree Top Charcoal Review
Ilfracombe Devon High Street in 2018
For this getaway I was dressed by Coco Bay, one of my favourite online destinations for fabulous activewear.  There's nothing quite so motivating as a fresh set of activewear to see you through your latest fitness challenges, right?!  I'm forever split between loving darker, black/grey activewear and dressing in colourful, bold in-your-face prints.  The all-grey look shown earlier in this post is now one of my favourite looks for working out, especially thanks to the flattering fit of the long-sleeve top.  Plus, the contrasting mesh inserts and lightweight, moisture wicking breathable fabric are a total dream when working up a sweat!


Long-sleeve Top - Body Glove Joshua Tree Top


All activewear c/o Coco Bay 

Onto the more colourful of the two outfits, the Aztec printed bralette and legging set is new in from Seafolly Active and available to purchase via Coco Bay.  I always get so excited when Seafolly release new sets, because they're a brand that fits well and have proven time and time again to be comfortable to workout in!  The hot pink and ice blue colour combination gets a thumbs up from me and the high neckline of the tank top adds a refreshing twist to most activewear bralettes.
Seafolly at Coco Bay Sahara Nights Activewear Set Leggings
Coco Bay Seafolly Sahara Nights Blue Pink Set
Ilfracombe Devon Coastline in Autumn
The question is, how can we bring elements of retreats like this back into our lives at home?  To start with, the range of fitness activities at Slimmeria can really help you determine whether there are any types of exercises you'd like to continue doing once you've checked out.  One member of our group had vowed to take up a specific type of yoga we were introduced to, and although I'm already a gym fanatic, I picked up some brilliant new weighted exercises to add to my workouts!

Something I'm really going to miss over time is the views looking out over Ilfracombe, a recurring theme when leaving a beautiful landscape and something nudging me towards covering my walls in jungle wallpaper from Wallsauce; an online destination providing custom wall murals for your home to make you feel as though you could be anywhere else in the world!  Another way of bringing elements of a Slimmeria retreat back home with you, include taking out time occasionally for yourself without any distractions; reading, writing and giving some thought to what direction you'd like to head in.  It's going to be tough to find a masseuse that compares to the fabulous one available at the Slimmeria retreat in Devon (opt for the back massage, you won't regret it!), but you can bet I'll be trying! Oh, and aromatherapy candles never hurt...
Seafolly Sahara Nights Activewear at Coco Bay
Devon Slimmeria Retreat Travel Blogger Review
Regatta Black Women's Rucksack Backpack
My time spent at the Slimmeria retreat was such an interesting experience; one that's increased my passion for working out and introduced me to a whole other host of interesting health and wellbeing tips.  Like I mentioned before, this programme is extreme when it comes to nutrition, which may or may not be too drastic for you - but there's only one way to find out!  How is your fitness journey going right now?  Do you like the look of this retreat?  As always, I'm really looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

Merlin Court
Granville Road
EX34 8AY

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thank you to Slimmeria for hosting me throughout this retreat!


  1. Hello gabrielle
    I realize that you don't need to lose weight, but this place is to lose your head, it's wonderful !!
    I confess that I don't like to wear sportswear, but I understand the brands effort in making clothes ever more beautiful.


  2. I was wondering what you'd be doing at a weight loss retreat, but going there for workout and wellbeing reasons makes so much sense. An it sure looks like a beautiful and inspiring place!

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  3. Gabrielle this is a gorgeous place! I love a good retreat its just so refreshing! Also, beautiful clothes you are wearing here!!!

  4. it looks like such a nice place to stay. workout would make so much fun when you do it with such a lovely view! you look gorgeous!! x
    have a wonderful weekend!

  5. What a breathtaking location! Being able to take dedicated time out to focus on fitness and wellness sounds so incredibly wonderful. What an experience!

  6. I have never attended a wellness retreat before but a few of my colleagues are huge fans of bootcamps and been asking me to join them. Not sure how much I will enjoy bootcamp though sounds like a retreat like this is more me.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  7. Oh very amazing place darling~ Amazing photos

  8. It looks like a stunning place, with great views! And it's great they cater for general health and fitness and it's not all about weight loss! :)

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) Has been a quiet one here so far with the rain.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. Gosh that view is amazing!! Such a pretty place Gabrielle, you always manages to find them. Love your activewear too, the second set is amazing with the colorful print. Such a nice inspiration for fall and improving your health! Xx

  10. Those colourful leggings are everything! This looks like the most relaxing place for a fitness retreat - those views! It's great that it's not just for weight loss, but general wellbeing!
    Amy xx

  11. As always photos and place is gorgeous!
    Yes, on every trip groups bond very easily I notced that too!

  12. Such a nice place! Perfect pics too babe
    Love it :)
    Happy Saturday <3
    Olivia Poncelet

  13. What a beautiful retreat - I love all your photos Gabrielle! The aztec bikini looks gorgeous on you! I've got into yoga myself recently so this sounds perfect!

  14. Okay I NEED that Native American print set! SO CUTE! And while this program sounds intense, I think sometimes that's a great option to reset your body AND mind! Plus, the views alone are worth it! Oh, and that massage. Yes, I'll take 10 of those. I love the idea of bonding with a group while going through an intense but mindful experience like this. What an amazing reset!

    Susie |

  15. The views from that place are incredible! I don't think a fitness retreat would be for me personally, but it sounds wonderful for anyone who's looking to better their physical wellbeing and bond with others who want to too. I also really like both workout outfits you wore!

    x Kara |

  16. This is such a wonderful way to unwind and just be present. I'm in awe of that open space and this beautiful view. I've never been to any kind of retreat, but sounds like a great way to get away from reality.
    Love your second work-out set!

  17. That Aztec print set is gorgeous! This sounds like an interesting experience - one that I don't know if I would try for myself as like you I would not be looking at weight loss, but it was brave of you to go! It must help so many people in so many different ways. And of course, the best bit - that view! Stunning!

    Julia x

  18. Such a gorgeous location! I have a lot of Aztec prints too. They're so visual appealing.
    xoxo Ros (

  19. Oh wow it looks like an amazing place to stay! I love Ilfracombe!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  20. Losing weight is something that didn't concern you, but physical health and fitness are really important. Your sporty outfit are amazing.
    Have a nice day and don't miss my latest post, now on my blog! Kisses from Italy and thank you for your visit,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    News on Fashion : September 2018

  21. Googled this place because of your post!! Must say England has sooo many gorgeous cities and places I have yet to visit!

    - Marina W

  22. Jesus! Views for days. I am definitely adding Ilfracombe to my bucketlist. Wow. Roadtrip!

    enter my jord watch giveaway

  23. OMG babe this is so beautiful ! Love the pictures sooo much !

  24. The photo where you're walking and your hair is all flowey and windy, that's magazine worthy!!! YOU ARE GORGEOUS MY LOVE!!

  25. Absolutely gorgeous - this is beautiful as always and the location looks stunning! Your outfits and looks are always beautiful too and I love the vibe you portray through your posts! Hope you're having a lovely start to the week and can't wait to see more from you lovely!

    Layla x

  26. Omg I love the lamp - LOVE. THAT. LAMP!!

    Rebecca |

  27. I loved reading about this lovely retreat! I've never been to one, but really want to scratch that off my bucket list next year :)

  28. The view is so breathtaking.
    I would of love to stay here just for the view haha.
    Your sportswear outfit is so lovely.
    It always gives me more motivation to work out when I have the perfect outfit.

  29. Wow! So lovely, and I love your athletic wear!! Have a fantastic Monday!

  30. This looks stunning & your active wear is to die for!! I have a wedding in Devon soon, I cant wait! Chloe x

  31. Love all the looks! You look so amazing! x

    Daniel x

    The Daniel Originals | Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  32. Looks like such an amazing place! I love Devon so much.

    Gemma x

  33. The pictures of Devon are stunning, a best kept secret I think. I'm not really on a fitness journey as much. I realised I'm not a gym person but more of an outdoors one. So running along the beach or up and down the hills of Devon, would suite me just fine. It must have been great being among like minded people on the retreat. I like the second gym wear but love the all grey more lol. I also love the little red man shade and lamps. That corner window is to dye for. I would so love that. Looking great as always Gabrielle : ) xo

  34. Wow, this retreat sounds amazing! I absolutely love the location with those stunning views! Also your outfits are so cute...the Aztec print top and leggings is a gorgeous look! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Your retreat to Devon looked wonderful, like yourself the weight-loss aspect wouldn't appeal however health and fitness certainly does. Devon is absolutely beautiful and so picturesque, I was actually in Devon just beforehand with Jon on a press trip.

    The Slimmeria retreat is one to bare in mind in terms of fitness and health, as well as gazing at the beautiful Devonshire views, they are beautiful aren't they? I love being by the sea!

    Your activewear is gorgeous and you look stunning, your abs are really popping!

    Hope you're well and congrats again on your 10k run!

    Lots of love,

    Laura xo

  36. Just looking at photos of the scenery, I felt right away that it was a retreat! The houses all stacked next to each other are so beautiful. // In the evenings, I love tucking in with a book, and I've also been using my essential oil diffuser, which doubles as a humidifier. It's been dry lately so I've been using my diffuser especially often. Those are my small ways to self-care in my daily life! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  37. This retreat looks incredible! And you look so refreshed and happy :)


  38. Oh I would love to go on a retreat for wellbeing at the moment, and you're right those views are beautiful! I think tree post is my fav pose in yoga, mainly because it's one of the only moves I can actually do...haha

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  39. This is such a lovely inspo
    This looks so nice.
    Thank you for sharing

  40. Your wonderful posts always make me want to explore new places and this one is no exception! I absolutely love your sporty outfits and will make sure to visit this spot in the future! xx


  41. Wow, it sounds like such a great experience and amazing pictures too, I really like the Aztec print gym gear!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  42. That place looks awesome! And I love you active wear :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  43. What a gorgeous retreat! It looks and sounds like a wonderful respite to recharge the mind as well as the body. And how chic is all your gear Gabrielle!

  44. What a cool place- and I'm loving you in all these active wear! What a babe!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  45. love your sporty outfits! Seems like you had so much fun hiking there. I love hiking...and nothing beats hiking at beautiful locations.

  46. Such a gorgeous photos and retreat! I really love walking and I'm sure that I will enjoy in that place. Your outfits are so cool, the last one is my favorite.

  47. What a charming place. Perfect for a retreat indeed. Your photos are so lovely dear.

    Jessica |

  48. Your retreat certainly caught my attention, dear! xoxo


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