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So, to give you a little background, over the past week there's been a huge social media storm over one rather lovely travel blogger's Instagram and whether or not it's promoting a positive and attainable message or not to her followers.  The images are beautiful, perfectly curated and nearly always featuring an excess of beauty; be it in the form of floral bouquets, balloons, chocolate or other sweet treats.  Predictably, the topic has exploded into a discussion of whether or not curated Instagram feeds are healthy for viewers or not, and it's divided the online community into two camps: those who agree and those who disagree.  Personally, I feel it's a case of 'live and let live', but there's so much more to discuss....
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Needless to say, I'm an advocate of content creating and adore the process that goes behind each image.  It's a form of styling that allows you to have complete creative control - and what creative mind could resist that?  So, I have a theory.  With the world of content creating still being relatively new, it's open to criticism and critique like most other creative fields while they're still evolving.  And it's this newness and novelty that bring curiosity.  People are making decent livings from utilising the platform to their advantage, and as a result can be both ridiculed and admired for doing so.  The novelty of this new form of working/living sees others comfortable to ask about average earnings, behind the scenes tips and insider knowledge - again, because it's new.  It attracts a certain curiosity.  The problem with this, is that public opinion can go either way.  It's a public platform attracting public opinion and there's absolutely no control over that.    
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Over the past year content creating has gone from being undermined as 'too small', to criticised for projecting an unattainable lifestyle for the average person.  There's no winning, and I don't say that with any bitterness - there's just no winning.  In a bid to create more and more beautiful images, content creators are looking for more innovative and standout ways of getting their photography seen. Does it reflect a day of an average life?  No.  And by now, despite the world of content creating still being a baby in comparison to better known professions, I'd hope viewers would be aware of this.  

Okay, so that's where I stand on the topic.  Phew!  You may be wondering where I personally sit on the scale of content creating with regard to reflecting 'true life', right?  Well ironically, despite my strong support of those staging idyllic images with great efforts, I'm still fairly modest when it comes to props.  I tend to use what I have available to me at any given time; whether that's the latest additions to my wardrobe, or the hotel I happen to be staying at that night.  However the bottom line is that anything flies; it's called content creation for a reason!
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This is another of those topics that I could spend hours and hours discussing.  Because of it, I'm super excited to read your thoughts on the subject.  How do you feel about content creating?  Is there such a thing as 'too much' or is it all a form of art and creativity to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

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