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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Social Media Storm | Content Creating

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So, to give you a little background, over the past week there's been a huge social media storm over one rather lovely travel blogger's Instagram and whether or not it's promoting a positive and attainable message or not to her followers.  The images are beautiful, perfectly curated and nearly always featuring an excess of beauty; be it in the form of floral bouquets, balloons, chocolate or other sweet treats.  Predictably, the topic has exploded into a discussion of whether or not curated Instagram feeds are healthy for viewers or not, and it's divided the online community into two camps: those who agree and those who disagree.  Personally, I feel it's a case of 'live and let live', but there's so much more to discuss....
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Needless to say, I'm an advocate of content creating and adore the process that goes behind each image.  It's a form of styling that allows you to have complete creative control - and what creative mind could resist that?  So, I have a theory.  With the world of content creating still being relatively new, it's open to criticism and critique like most other creative fields while they're still evolving.  And it's this newness and novelty that bring curiosity.  People are making decent livings from utilising the platform to their advantage, and as a result can be both ridiculed and admired for doing so.  The novelty of this new form of working/living sees others comfortable to ask about average earnings, behind the scenes tips and insider knowledge - again, because it's new.  It attracts a certain curiosity.  The problem with this, is that public opinion can go either way.  It's a public platform attracting public opinion and there's absolutely no control over that.    
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Over the past year content creating has gone from being undermined as 'too small', to criticised for projecting an unattainable lifestyle for the average person.  There's no winning, and I don't say that with any bitterness - there's just no winning.  In a bid to create more and more beautiful images, content creators are looking for more innovative and standout ways of getting their photography seen. Does it reflect a day of an average life?  No.  And by now, despite the world of content creating still being a baby in comparison to better known professions, I'd hope viewers would be aware of this.  

Okay, so that's where I stand on the topic.  Phew!  You may be wondering where I personally sit on the scale of content creating with regard to reflecting 'true life', right?  Well ironically, despite my strong support of those staging idyllic images with great efforts, I'm still fairly modest when it comes to props.  I tend to use what I have available to me at any given time; whether that's the latest additions to my wardrobe, or the hotel I happen to be staying at that night.  However the bottom line is that anything flies; it's called content creation for a reason!
Luxury London Apartment Living Room Fashion Blogger Photoshoot
Luxury London Apartment White Fireplace
This is another of those topics that I could spend hours and hours discussing.  Because of it, I'm super excited to read your thoughts on the subject.  How do you feel about content creating?  Is there such a thing as 'too much' or is it all a form of art and creativity to you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x



  1. Such an interesting topic and as you said, the discussion could go on and on for days. At the end of the day I'd like everyone to use common sense while browsing Instagram feeds full of nothing but perfection and most importantly stop comparing. If we just accepted that our lives are just fine even without that 7-room apartment with white marple floors life would be much easier ;)
    You asked what's too much and I think image editing, for example for some makeup brands goes overboard when they create "perfect" models by computer. Basically they create a completely impossible perception of perfection... and that's a bit effed up.

    Teresa x |

  2. I seriously agree with the points you're making Gabrielle, I feel like with content creating it's to unleash the inner creative and come up with innovative ideas, and STYLING for fun!

    Also you always look stunning, I'm in love with the leopard printed shorts and the heels <3

    Serene XO

  3. This topic definitely comes in waves, and I remember another travel blogger last year getting in toruble about some of her images, although I think that was because she was showing locations from other people as her own, etc. Content creating should be fun, honest and stylised to the person. It should not feel like you're trying too hard. As long as you're being true to yourself, and expressing yourself it's should be fine. Too many try to be perfect or fit in, that's where everything gets muddled. We all have something to add to the world ... the beauty in our differences is the best part.

  4. This is such a powerful post and I'm so glad you've taken the initiative to talk about it! (I've been loving these more social media/influencer posts posts of late!) I think those who criticize have to learn to understand and respect that this is a person's job they're criticizing. While some may think it's ridiculous to plan out every single photo you post until the last minute, of a rack of "to-wear" or "to-shoot" clothing, or have your schedule planned out a year in advance, no one ever criticizes those who become talk show hosts, or lawyers, or teachers. Why is it? Because it's a more "traditional" and "actual" job? Yes, but I believe it's mostly because because don't want "unrealistic" content being pushed at them. Since I'm invested in the influencing world, I think taking the time to plan out photos and content to the last crumb is a beautiful and fascinating process, similarly to you! And I love looking at feeds on Instagram that are so carefully crafted. If someone doesn't like that I think they should just not follow the person rather than make a big idea about it! This is someone's life and if you can't respect it you shouldn't say anything about it! Hope you have had a good start to the week so far dear.

  5. Such a good point that this is a new field and as it is, it's open for criticism in another way compared to an artist or a writer. I do think there's a lot left to discuss regarding this topic but I do believe people just sometimes have to let other people do their thing. If you want to create inspiring, but often unrealistic, situations or if you want to follow accounts like that - let people do that, don't bother. It's not personally something I'm into, I do prefer it more real and relatable, but I'm not gonna hate on people doing it! Xx

  6. That's such a cute leopard print skirt! :)

    I think the backlash has been disproportionate to the incident to be honest. I am firmly in the 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all' camp so the hate seems really over the top! At the same time, I feel like I am kinda not really qualified to comment - I prefer the real instas that aren't as excessively staged - the majority of the people I follow actually have pics taken by their kids so that tells you what kind of content I like to see! THere's definitely a place for the perfectly posed and curated feeds, it's just not something I seek out.

    I hope that you are having a nice start to your week so far! It's a little colder here after a warm weekend but the rain is welcome :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  7. I was reading through the heated tweets over this particular travel influencer just a few days ago, and I can see both sides' points. I personally love seeing beautiful, well composed pictures for the same reason why I like reading a good book or watching a good movie. They bring me joy, entertainment, and often times inspiration! To me they're all works of art, expressions of creativity, and it's really up to the viewers/readers/followers to distinguish between what's staged and what's real. I think the issue with content creators is that people have this expectation that they should be "relatable" (at least compared to celebrities), which I can understand, though I really don't find fair, because who is to say what's considered relatable?? At the end of the day, as long as you're kind, honest, and truly passionate about your content, most people will continue to support you. Haters gonna hate!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  8. I think it's important to be able to appreciate the beauty of determined photos without having to see "the bad side", I mean, the part whether it might be or not be relatable to everyone. At least that's how I feel. At the same time, I can understand the drama! I love your content Gabrielle! <3

  9. Interesting read. I think viewers and followers should decide for themselves if they should be looking at certain influencers' feeds. Only you can know personally if something will have a positive or detrimental effect on your health. At the same time, I agree with you on it being creative content. People put a lot of effort into creating these visuals. It's essentially art. It feels like we should all know by now that not everything we see on social media is realistic. Sadly, that's not the case. I try to view most things in a positive light.

    life + style blog

  10. Drama aside, your images look amazing! Love your outfit! I think that every content creator has a special audience and there is no need for hate; if you don't enjoy someone's feed, then don't follow that account! Easy as that. Personally, I am not that into "overly staged" accounts, but I can't deny - their images are beautiful and very well edited. I once saw a girl in a nice dress walking in Milan with three men behind her; one carried her comfy shoes and makeup, one had camera in his hand and one had some extra props for good lighting. I know for a fact how people rent (broken/parked) private jets for a day to take some pictures (ever seen a girl gazing through the first class window, while eating freshly baked croissant?). While it is a nice picture, there is so much preparation and money that goes into everything. Viewers should understand that those IG images take a lot of time and professional effort; this way it will be easy to appreciate them for what they are - just beautiful, perhaps inspirational visuals.


  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures girl!

    x Lisa |

  12. I think what happened to her was completely unfair! Content creating is all about ones personal creativity, and how others chose to reflect that should be their call right?! her images do not hurt anyone, so whats the problem honestly? Aside from that, your pictures are lovely girl! You look stunning!

    Darriyan x

  13. I think everyone curates their instagram to some extent, even if they don't do it for a job...every picture is staged at the end of the day right? I'm similar to you in that I tend to use what's available to me, but that doesn't mean I don't move my plants around for better composition etc!
    Amy xx

  14. Hello,

    Oh, amazing !


  15. This is a very well written post Gabrielle and something I do feel strongly about also. Whilst creating beautiful imagery in terms of content it's so important not to compare. I was actually thinking on a similar topic whilst running and personally for me, it's why I haven't really felt the need to copy any particular 'trend' in the blogging world.

    I do feel that creating the perfectly styled photographs are absolutely beautiful however perhaps not possible for everyone to do, some prefer simplicity and telling a story how it is, some like to create very dramatic/everything in the shot images in terms of lifestyle shots. This can be off-putting for a new blogger for example trying to create similar looks.

    I think what's important when it comes to blogging is to be yourself, for me I love product photography and the more products I have to play with the better to create the images I want to showcase, however it's not always easy so often I need to be creative and play with what I have.

    I love uniqueness of peoples blogs that's for sure, and each is unique and has it's own style, that is what content creating is all about. Being you :)

    Your blog has been a favourite of mine and we have been reading each others for a few years now, although our styles/direction have changed slightly our brand ethos has been similar in the way we both feel it's so important to be yourself and create content you love and in turn, your readers will value too :)

    Great post Gabrielle and beautiful images, those cheekbones! Stunning girl your really are.

    Lots of love,

    Laura xoxox

  16. I'm so in love with your photos as always Gabrielle !
    You killed the new leopard trend. I'm really in love with this trend.
    I love your thoughts on this subject.
    I love the content creating and all the work behind each pictures. It always motivate me to push my creativity further. I love to try my best for creative pictures in my means. I don't have the money to travel everydays haha.
    But sometimes I just feel like seeing more spontaneous pictures which are more relative to me.
    Perfection doesn't exist after all.
    And I think it's so stupid if peoples go too far for just a picture like taking pictures in front of something you're not supposed to take a picture of like the famous pink Californian house where the landlord had to take a sign to avoid peoples to take pictures in front of the house. It's so sad.

    Your feed is actually one of my favorite in my instagram.

  17. I love how you "admitted" that you enjoy styling and that it's natural for creative people like yourself to make the most of creative control (as if that were a crime!). That has validated how I feel about curating my own Instagram feed. I don't think there's any easy answer to how much is too much. In my opinion, as long as no one is making false portrayals and touting them as true, then anything goes! Of course, then, what is considered a false portrayal is up for debate as well. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  18. This was a fun read Gabrielle! I love styling Instagram photos too. I think in this day and age everyone needs to get real and realize that people are styling photos and that is a form of online expression! Like a MySpace page, haha. Its a hard line to draw IG has gotten pretty toxic so I try to only follow people who inspire me and less about what Gucci bag or belt is in right now. I'm hoping IG transitions not as drastically into the YouTuber breakdown but allowing us to get real again.

    S | Je M'appelle Chanel

  19. Oh dear, I did come across the saga on Twitter. I personally love your photos, Zoella, Estee Lalonde, Samantha Maria, Lily Pebbels, Anna (the Anna Edit), Patricia Bright, Carrie (Wish,Wish,Wish). Those types of normal relate-able photos. I know that they are still posing but the imagery is relate-able and still very pretty or beautiful. The whole Cartoon fantasy look is not for me. I get it was for an Ad and that was her way of promoting that. I guess for me less is more...

    You look hot in your animal print shorts and I love your shoes Gabrielle. Great post : ) xo

  20. Such an interesting topic Gabrielle. I personally feel like content creation is an art form and if you keep it realistic or make it more fairytale that's up to you. I appreciate both but it's still really interesting to hear peoples thoughts. Gorgeous post as always xx

  21. I don't think there is a "too much". As it always is in art, there is a personal preference and the choice to follow the content created that reflects your own taste. My content is pretty minimalistic, and that is the content I tend to follow, but I would never ridicule someone for choosing a different style.
    What happened was plain awful and tells so much more about the people tearing down a girl from behind the safety of their computer screen. Disgusting.

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  22. What a timely and topical post Gabrielle! I can honestly see both sides of this and I think there is room for all sorts of content. I mean who doesn't love to look at beautiful aspirational images. My only concern is would be where they are coming from. The best content is genuine and real, not pretentious. I actually knew someone on Facebook who was trying to pass off photos from Google as her own to portray herself as some sort of jetsetter. I'm all for people who create their own images to convey a message even though many of them look alike but I draw the line at straight up plagiarism and stealing.

  23. I generally stay out of these things so had no idea about any of this until I read your post just now, but I think you've put forward a very interesting take on the situation.

    Rebecca |

  24. Your outfit certainly caught my attention, Gabrielle! xoxo

  25. It's a great and interesting topic Gabrielle - until I read about this situation on your blog I had even no idea that something like that happen.

    About your look- so so lovely high heels and this bag. You are wearing on you one of the hottest prints of this season - You look so trendy and pretty xx

  26. Wow such a great topic to talk about! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Lovely photos x

    Adventures in May | Miss Nev

  27. Interesting topic indeed.I agree with you that as adults you can do what you want with your feed and with any form of creation (social media, art, music, acting, etc)it is open to public opinion. Personally I prefer less curated feeds because they seem more authentic but I can appreciate the work that goes into more curated content. I think the problem is that social media is driven by pre-teens and teens that do not have enough life experience to know the difference between something that is staged or authentic and that studies have proven that social media does have a negative effect on their self esteem because they feel like they can't live up to it.

  28. Hi Gabrielle. You have brought up such an important topic. I tend to agree with you in that it's content creation for a reason and creativity is needed but I would think in 2018, consumers of this content would be savvy enough to know what is reality and what's aspirational. HOWEVER as content creators, we are nuanced. Our methods are not the same, neither are our audiences and purpose for getting online. What you put up largely depends on the creator you are. Having said that, I've always loved your photos.


  29. I have seen so many debates around this lately, I cant quite believe it! I personally feel people should edit and create whatever content they desire. For me its simple. If you don't like someone's content then simply unfollow them!

  30. Honestly, I rolled my eyes when i saw the media storm. No group gets hated more than 'influencers' and honestly its ridiculous. We all know they're not 'real' despite social media being fairly new. Any creative project should be admired and seen as just that a piece of art. No one looks at a painting and starts bashing that so why all the hate on insta photos!?

  31. "It's called content creation for a reason" YES. Loved this post girl- so thoughtful and measured!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  32. This look is so fun! Love this skirt!!

  33. Love the pearly sandals, so elegant and perfect for a night date. I'm intrigued in this kind of conversation too. Deep inside me detest the over staging of a single picture but let's just say it belongs to a whimsical and fairy tale world most girls would like to live. It takes a lot of effort, time and money to achieve this kind of photo so if these instagrammers are willing to do that so let them be, it's their time and effort being wasted. I tend to do similar things when I'm staying in a hotel but not lavishly as I only use props that are available at that moment. Thanks so much for this kind of content, I always learn from your thoughts and from the other readers. Have a fun weekend babe!

  34. I've seen so much about it too and I totally agree with your point 'live and let live'! Creating pictures is something that I really like to do and I don't think we should judge other people for theirs!
    Have a lovely weekend :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  35. Such an interesting post, your photos are stunning as always Gabrielle. Have a lovely weekend.
    Gemma x

  36. You always write about such interesting topics, Gabrielle! I am with you on this one! Content creating should be left for the creators regardless of the critiques because there will always be some! I don't think whatever content is created will ever fully represent "real life." I think some people have to be reminded once in a while.
    -PerlaGiselle |

  37. Indeed, there's a line that separates real from the ideal, and this is somewhat blurred in social media. Content creation requires skills, creativity, thinking outside the box, and innovation. Whether it looks genuine, or too curated (or unrealistic); this is something we could always appreciate and learn from.

    Jessica |

  38. The way I see it, I have a lot of respect for the images that people create because I KNOW that many hours, planning, editing, etc. went into those images. They are literally a form of art. I think it's up to the viewer to remember that this isn't a reflection of daily life, or even an attainable life. WE are in control of our own happiness, nobody else. So to blame someone's beautiful images for the feeling of 'not enough'.... well, that just seems silly. I feel inspired and motivated when I see these pictures but I also know I'm VERY happy with my little house and the beautiful place I live. I choose to be happy with everything I'm blessed with. I know this is a hot button for many people, but we should always remember that there's a story behind each photo, and that's all. It has no effect of the value of our own lives.

    Susie |

  39. I tend to stay out of the social media drama as it just depresses me, so I just stick to creating my content as I want. I've always wanted to keep it realistic and somewhat normal, but slightly edited. Like you said, it's a fine line between having amazing content people want to see, and having dull content that's too normal. People complain either way!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  40. Interesting blog post! I personally feel that we should be able to put up what we want. I completely agree that it is about creativity; seeing what they post and how they choose to do it gives us insight into their creative nature. Nice pics to go along! :)

    xx, Des |

  41. It surely is an interesting discussion. It's totally unfair what happened to her, and I would never put that much effort in staging a picture in that style.
    To me, a picture should just feel natural, and to me her picture did not feel natural. But still, I don't get all the bashing. If she wants to promote mouth wash that way, she can and should. It was just so unfair really.

    xo Noor

  42. I do agree that beautiful images as such don't hurt anyone...Content creating is all about being creative, so like yourself I don't see the negative in that. Now, spending too much time on social media or comparing ourselves with others in an unhealthy way- those are indeed worrying and problematic things. Unhealthy self-comparison is an issue that has always existed...Still, perhaps it is true that some psychological and social issues have been made worse by our modern way of life and that is something we need to talk about. However, it is totally crazy to blame some content creator or influencer for creating popular and attractive photography and content. It is in their job description.


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