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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Neal & Wolf | Luxury Haircare At Home!

Neal & Wolf Blog Collaboration 2018
Okay, so I don't have a child and I don't even have a pet.  But what I do have is a long mane of hair that demands constant attention.  So in a way it's like having a bit of both; like owning a small pony.  Kind of.  Along with the natural bristle brushes, silk pillow slips, lotions and potions, oils and more, an incredibly important step is how you wash your hair.  The order of products used, whether you flip your head forwards or not, whether or not you blow dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally... and of course, what shampoo and conditioner you use.  The importance of the latter has led me to experiment with multiple brands and with varying benefits.  My current love?  Neal & Wolf Blonde Shampoo; a purple brightening shampoo that offers long-lasting colour protection for blondes, while simultaneously safely neutralising brassy tones (yes please!) and ensuring luxuriously healthy, brighter hair.  Attention blondes!  Pair with Neal & Wolf Blonde Conditioner for the ultimate hair duo...

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Bandits Faux Fur | The Chic Way To Beat Winter

Mango Snakeskin Gold Chain Circle Bag
Winter?!  I know, I know, we've only just wrapped our heads around Autumn.  But considering next week marks the start of a new month, and one that screams of fireworks, drinks by the fire, chilly evenings and plenty of cosy layers, it seems apt to figure out now how to combat the dropping temperatures while still looking chic.  My advice?  Textures.  Textures, textures and more textures.  With this in mind, I've fallen head over heels in love with faux fur coats; with Bandits London showing me how this doesn't necessarily have to mean 'plain'.  Quite the opposite, in fact...

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

How To Look Stylish On A Budget | Cold Weather Edition

Steve Madden Black Leather Ankle Boots
Okay so (mostly) everyone has a budget when it comes to fashion, and however much the budget can vary, there are still some essentials we all keep in mind - and that's where the magic lies.  Those few, classic pieces that renew and spruce up a wardrobe. Allocate your budget wisely and shop in the right places, and you can look as though you've got your sh*t together on a daily basis.  Oh, a girl can dream!  With these colder months in mind, there are a few must-haves for your wardrobe and must-dos for your beauty regime to ensure you look as stylish as possible, regardless of your budget...

Monday, 22 October 2018

5 Things To Plan Before October Ends!

Vintage Midi Skirt Fashion Blog Styling
It's okay, you can admit it, things feel a little bit strange at this time of year.  Summer is far in the past, but the season of celebrations doesn't begin for another week (hey Halloween).  Fear not though, lovebugs, for I have a solution... time to start planning.  Admittedly, it doesn't sound too thrilling, but it's a Monday and everyone knows this day was practically made for planning, scheduling and generally keeping your head down, so let's get stuck in!  Essentially, we're sitting in no man's land this week, making it the perfect time to start planning future events and perhaps even finalise a couple of long talked about ideas with friends and loved ones.  Because before you know it, blink and it'll be Christmas. Blink again and it'll be Spring.  So the question is, what is there to plan?

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

3 Ways To Become More Resilient

Heritage Trend Fashion Blog Jumpsuit
Phew!  Ever have one of those days that totally knocks you off your feet?  They suck, for sure.  But looking on the bright side, they do give us the opportunity to see just how far we've come with regard to resilience.  How quickly do we pick ourselves up afterwards and bounce back?  Yesterday was one of these 'burnout' days for me and it got me thinking about just how important it is to be resilient. The good news is that resilience is one of those fabulous personal skills that you can actually teach yourself; it's a learnt behaviour.  It doesn't require you to be sharp and aggressive, it just asks you be emotionally tough.  So, let's get stuck in!  

''The ability to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.''


Monday, 15 October 2018

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea For Two | Prezzybox

Prezzybox Patisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea for Two Experience
This time of year tends to feel a bit hectic.  Although, never so hectic that you can't find time somewhere along the line to enjoy an afternoon tea, surely?! Admittedly, I'll reschedule pretty much anything and everything to make way for a few finger sandwiches, but who can blame me with so many fabulous afternoon tea options around now!  This month, I was sent by Prezzybox to one of Patisserie Valerie's beautiful locations to enjoy an afternoon tea, just one of their many Afternoon Tea experiences; a list which also features a vineyard tour and tasting complete with afternoon tea, as well as champagne afternoon tea for two at Marco Pierre White. For now though, it's all eyes on Patisserie Valerie and their warm scones, smoked salmon sandwiches and super generous gift box of cakes to take home with you afterwards...

Thursday, 11 October 2018

Animal Print | She Who Dares Wins

Fashion Blog Balcony Photoshoot
.. and she who doesn't dare also wins because we're all about inclusivity here.  Wink wink.  Anyone remember last month's guide featuring 10 Ways to Wear Leopard Print This Autumn?  Well, this was one of them!  Some of us have been opting for subtle ways of introducing animal prints into our wardrobes, and the rest of us are craving attention and dressing head-to-toe in a print (sorry). Needless to say, it'd a loud look - but part of me feels as though that's exactly what the trend deserves.  Animal print gives us a way of being bold while still covering up and keeping warm; the perfect blend.  So, I've searched high and low and put together an edit of the very best animal print dresses available right now.  Enjoy, my lovely leopardesses!

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Bombay Sapphire Distillery | Laverstoke Mill

Bombay Sapphire Distillery Blog Review
If you're a longterm reader of A Glass Of Ice, you'll know I'm not much of a drinker besides to mark special occasions and general moments of celebration.  However, I'll make the exception for the Bombay Sapphire Distillery.  Nestled in Hampshire within Laverstoke Mill, the distillery showcases the 'care, skill and artistry' behind the world-famous brand of Bombay Sapphire Gin.  But before we get into the history of the brand (and believe me, it's pretty fascinating), I'll come clean about just why I made the journey there to sample their Tour and Tasting day experience.  The glasshouses.  I know, I know... but the obsession is still very much there and it's grown stronger than ever before thanks to seeing this elegant twin structure first hand.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Worldwide Giveaway | Hotel Chocolat Halloween Hamper!

Worldwide Halloween Giveaway 2018
Boo!  Huh, it's as expected.  No reaction.  But I do have another trick up my sleeve that's bound to get you excited... a Hotel Chocolat halloween hamper giveaway!  Brimming with spooky treats in milk, caramel and white chocolate form, The Little Monster Halloween Hamper is the ultimate indulgence - trust me, you'll understand where I'm coming from once you've tasted the molten caramel oozy eyes.  Anyway, now that October is underway and we're all looking towards the colder months and all of the exciting celebrations that come with this time of year, it's time to get spoooooky!  To help you do just that, I've teamed up with Hotel Chocolat to offer one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice the chance to win their very own version of this hamper, ready to tuck into over Halloween!  Mmm...
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