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It's okay, you can admit it, things feel a little bit strange at this time of year.  Summer is far in the past, but the season of celebrations doesn't begin for another week (hey Halloween).  Fear not though, lovebugs, for I have a solution... time to start planning.  Admittedly, it doesn't sound too thrilling, but it's a Monday and everyone knows this day was practically made for planning, scheduling and generally keeping your head down, so let's get stuck in!  Essentially, we're sitting in no man's land this week, making it the perfect time to start planning future events and perhaps even finalise a couple of long talked about ideas with friends and loved ones.  Because before you know it, blink and it'll be Christmas. Blink again and it'll be Spring.  So the question is, what is there to plan?
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F E S T I V E   C E L E B R A T I O N S

I won't lie, my eyes light up at the sight of anything remotely festive and so talking about the festive season feels like heaven right now.  But regardless of whether you love or hate the holiday season,  there are things to plan.  Where will you be staying?  Who will you be visiting?  Have you booked time off work before your colleagues? Make sure to find a balance that you feel comfortable with, or else you'll be dreading what is supposed to be the most magical time of year! (sorry)

N E W   Y E A R   G O A L S

Going by the general consensus, New Year's Resolutions are a thing of the past.  However, New Year's Goals are a different story.  They're endeavours, rather than restrictions and punishments.  Now is definitely the time to start jotting some ideas down, because when you're knee deep in films and in a constant turkey daze between Christmas and the New Year, your goals for 2019 will be the very last thing on your mind...

S P R I N G   H O L I D A Y   |   2 0 1 9   T R A V E L

This one in particular applies to those of us who are in need of some winter sun come february-time.  The cost of flights is only going to go in one direction as the date nears and it's not pretty.  Book ahead to make sure you're not gripping onto the wing of a plane in a bid to reach some winter sun.  Now is also a good time to check-in with your overseas friends and family.  Are they hoping you'll visit next year?  Do they have any special occasions you'll need to attend?  If so, time to book those flights!


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C O L D   W E A T H E R   W A R D R O B E

Maybe you've been swamped with work, or maybe you've been purposely putting it off?  Either way, it's time to sort out your cold weather wardrobe.  Hmm and preferably before you develop permanent goosebumps up your arms and legs.  Brrr.  Stylish layers, winter woolies, warm coats and ankle boots.

Top tip:  register with an online brand and add your items to bag before logging out; usually within 24 hours you'll receive a discount code!


Ugh, sorry.  Had to be mentioned, but at least I saved it until the end.  Let's face it, nobody wants to be faced with any nasty surprises at the end of the year when you're knee-deep in Christmas parties and embellished dresses, right?  Trust me, future you will be so happy you got your financials in order in advance for the busy social season and New Year ahead!


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Phew!  So there we have it, a run down of the top 5 things to plan before this month ends.  And then all that remains is to throw yourself into these exciting couple of months ahead and all of the celebrations this time of year brings!  Have any of the points listed in this post been of some help?  Let me know in the comments below!

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