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Oh yes, the time has come to mention... the festive season!  I can no longer contain my excitement; I've just come home from a 'turning on the lights' event, the festive tunes are playing on a loop and, uh, is that a golden tree I spy in this shoot?  Christmas gifting is one of the first things that occur to me when getting into the spirit of the season, and so following on from my Luxury Christmas Gift Guide (which can also be found via the bar at the very top of my blog), I've searched high and low for five fabulous brands to consider gifting this Christmas, with an ethical and eco-friendly theme in mind to gather some good karma in time for the New Year ahead!
Arya Candles grapefruit and lime diffuser
Wearth London Arya Candles Grapefruit and Lime Candle
Wearth London Arya Candles Eco Friendly


A R Y A   C A N D L E S

First and foremost, my latest love is Arya Candles; a socially conscious company located in the heart of Suffolk.  They've opened my eyes nose to fragrances other than familiar rich, musky fragrances with their light, zesty and fresh grapefruit and lime fragrance.  The Grapefruit and Lime Luxury Candle and Grapefruit and Lime Reed Diffuser are fabulous gifting options this Christmas - particularly as they're literally the gifts that keep on giving! 


T H E   S O A P   C O

There is a very lovely concept behind The Soap Co; all their soap is handcrafted by using natural ingredients in the UK by people who are visually impaired, disabled or otherwise disadvantaged.  Their Hand Wash and Bar Soap Gift Box is presented in minimalist packaging and would be ideal for gifting one of the men in your life


L I T T L E   I M P   J E W E L L E R Y

This is one for the vegetarians and vegans in your life.   Sarah, an independent jewellery maker, has reduced the amount of chemicals commonly used in jewellery making, using green alternatives, and has ensured all polishing compounds are not animal fat based.  The sweetest find?  Little Imp's Dainty Moonrise Necklace    


A T L A S   &   O R T U S

A lot of attention has been drawn lately to the 2.5 billion coffee cups thrown away annually here in the UK, which has paved the way for alternatives to enter the scene, such as Atlas & Ortus.  The brand was created this year by sisters (Evie & Francesca) with the mission of making stylish zero waste lifestyle accessories.  Gift an eco-friendly acquaintance their Reusable Glass Coffee Cup this December! 


L A   A Q U A R E L L E

I'll admit it, I love gifting eye masks.  They're just so cute!  With this in mind, La Aquarelle is now firmly on my radar thanks to their range of natural and organic sleep accessories; including sleep masks, eye pillows and herbal sachets.  All of their products are 100% toxin and chemical free.  If you know someone who loves their rest and relaxation, take a peek at the 'Avocado' Organic Sleep Gift Set.  The fabric is hand dyed with avocado stones and skin to create a soft, feminine dusty-peach colour.  Dreamy?  Dreamy. 


Arya Candles Eco Friendly Reed Diffuser
Christmas Gift Guide Idea Eco Friendly
Wearth London Arya Candles Reed Diffuser Grapefruit and Lime
Okay, so you've got the gift for your eco-friendly friend and now it's time to wrap it up.  So you reach for the glittered foil wrapping paper and- oh.  Now your friend is looking at you with disappointment.  You should have picked the Happywrap Recycled Wrapping Paper.  If you're reading this and feeling as though you have miles and miles to go before living an eco-friendly life, stop berating yourself.  I'm only just dipping my toe into the waters, though I have to admit, I like very much what I see.  My advice?  Join me and make your first step be to gift a couple of ethical and eco-friendly presents this festive season!
UK Eco Friendly Handmade Christmas Gifts
Gold Embellished Cut Out Masquerade Mask
The extra good news?  Every single brand mentioned in this post is available via Wearth London, an online marketplace created last year which partners with 'independent UK brands that make contemporary and well designed products in an eco friendly and ethical way'. I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below - have you noticed this topic being discussed more lately?

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Wearth London for working with me on this post!