Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Bridal Bride To Be Event
My Sundays usually consist of lounging around and eating my bodyweight in food, and so (with pleasure) I broke with tradition this past weekend by heading into the countryside to the utterly beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire for a special bride to be afternoon tea event.  Am I a bride to be?  Uh, no.  However, I'm an advocate of all things romantic, whimsical and delicate.  And so just what better way to immerse myself in all of the above, than to walk through a path of striking blossom trees and lanterns to a sea of soft, feminine hues?!  Imagine this: towering golden cakes, bridal gowns sweeping up and down the catwalk, live acoustic guitar and more scones than humanly possible to consume...
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Photography in Autumn
Four Seasons Hampshire Hotel Twilight Trees Event
Indoor blossom trees by Twilight Trees
Bridal Indulgence Bride To Be Event at Four Seasons
After exploring various luxurious corners of the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and deciding that yes, this five-star location is now being added to my Hotel Wishlist, the first thing to steal my attention was the carefully curated selection of bridal gowns coming down the catwalk.  Showcased by Bridal Indulgence and Tilly Mint, the gowns ranged from modest and chic to ornate and glamorous.  Something I've taken away from the event is also just how much more I'd like to experiment with hairstyles.  The carefully pinned tousled buns embellished with slides and flowers has got me thinking, for sure...      
Four Seasons Hampshire Hotel Bridal Event
Tilly Mint Fleet Bridal Event Four Seasons
Luxury Bridal Unique Cake by Yevnig
Unique cake by Yevnig
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Luxury Event 2018
Next up was one of my all-time favourite things in the entire world; afternoon tea!  The sandwiches were just as delicious as you'd imagine from a Four Seasons Hotel and ten thousand thumbs up to the unique selection of cakes.  I'm pretty sure I'll never taste a better carrot cake, Mmm.  Also, does anyone else have a 'thing' for candles?  Any setting can be made all the more intimate and romantic with the help of a few (dozen) candlesticks.  Dreamy.
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Afternoon Tea Event
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Afternoon Tea Review
Four Seasons Hampshire Luxury Hotel Grand Piano
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Bride To be Event
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Grand Staircase Bridal Event
I left the Bride To Tea event at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire with a smile on my face, gift bag in hand (complete with Chantelle Soft Stretch briefs for a seamless fit underneath your bridal gown - you learn something new everyday!) and camera filled with photos.  It was an aesthetic heaven, that's for sure.  Has anything stood out to you from this event?  Let me know in the comments below!

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire
Dogmersfield Park
Chalky Lane
RG27 8TD

With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Four Seasons Hampshire Hotel for the initiating to this lovely event!