How to style silk for daytime casual wear
Let's face it, glamour has taken on a whole other meaning now and has done so for the past decade.  However, if we take it at face value it literally means 'an attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing'.  Nothing to be misconstrued there, right? Wrong.  Because over time we seem to be turning our backs on this word, which is a massive shame imo because it pretty much sums up what we all love so much.  The enchantment, the magic, the 'magpie effect' (simply put: attracted to shiny things).  So, with the festive season upon us and sparkles making an entrance left, right and centre, it's time to preach a little about the beauty of being glamorous!  The true meaning of the word, that is...
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Rosie Fox Jewellery Lace Pearl Diamond Choker
Luxury Fashion Blogger Silk Slip Styling

Waddesdon Manor Back of House Fountain
Oof!  I've long been preaching about the shinier side of life here when it comes to fashion on A Glass Of Ice, but now I feel it more than ever.  Needless to say, it's all a matter of personal taste; but if you're looking for someone to give you the go-ahead to push forward and release your inner glamour... consider this it.  We're bombarded with advice on how to tone down our looks to be more casual; casual at the office, casual on a date etc.  But, what if that's not what we actually want?  There's a lot to be said for adding a touch of glamour to our outfits and experiencing the benefits of doing so.  To start with, as simplistic as it sounds, there's the feeling of satisfaction that comes with catching your reflection and noticing something beautiful within your outfit.  Secondly, there's the endless conversation points. ''Gorgeous necklace.''  Thanks!  ''I love your stilettos.''  Thank you!  ''That material is incredible.''  Too kind!  And then of course there's the confidence that comes with being bold enough to wear what you love.  And if those things happen to be glamorous, fabulous.
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Why we need to embrace glamour into our outfits
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Rosie Fox Pearl Lace White Gold Choker


Jacket - GAP (khaki version)

Shirt - Ralph Lauren   |   Clutch - Biba

Boots - Hobbs

Silk Nightdress - Bonsoir of London

Jewellery - Gold Lace Choker & Gold Lace Bracelet c/o Rosie Fox


Rosie Fox Jewellery Gold Lace Bracelet
GAP UK Shearling Brown Tan Jacket
Waddesdon Manor Gold Black Gates
Why We Need To Embrace Looking Glamorous
Rosie Fox Handmade Jewellery Review
It's probably quite clear which part of this outfit started the 'glamour train' of thought; hello gold lace and pearl jewellery set!  This beautiful duo has been handmade by Rosie Fox Jewellery here in the UK and contributes the perfect dose of glamour to any outfit; holiday season or otherwise.  At first glance, I put the set aside for evening occasions, only to stop myself somewhere along the line and decide they were far too beautiful to only be seen at night.  They deserve sunshine.  Another dose of glamour within this outfit is served by the silk nightgown, although worn as a skirt.  Silk slips/gowns can be easily concealed underneath shirts and/or jumpers to give the appearance of an ultra-luxe daytime piece from your wardrobe.  Ta-dah!
UK Gap Brown Tan Shearling Jacket Styling
Why We Should All Embrace Looking Glamorous
How to Style Silk Nightwear For Daytime Wear
Waddesdon Manor Travel Blog Review 2018
Now is definitely the time to tap into the glamour within; it's the festive season after all!  Just... don't restrict yourself to evening events; this is the perfect moment to whip out the chic, luxurious pieces you've been hiding in your wardrobe for that 'special occasion' and wear them now.  Anywhere, everywhere.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit, as well as how you like to inject some glamour into your outfits?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Rosie Fox Jewellery for working with me on this post!