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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire | Equestrian Centre Experience

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Horse Riding
Needless to say, I've seen horses.  Plenty of them.  But can you believe I've never actually touched, let alone ridden a horse before?! Having heard mention of the illustrious Equestrian Centre while last at the hotel (as well as driving past it for the fabulous Bride To Tea event last month), I was thrilled to have been given an insight into the Equestrian Centre at the end of last week, as well as the opportunity to take a gentle ride through the Dogmersfield Park Estate underneath the winter sun.  Riding boots on, hat in place and back protector secured, it was time to start exploring...
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Estate Winter Sun
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Horse Riding Experience
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Luxury Lounge
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Christmas Tree Decorations
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Luxury Lounge Decor
It goes without saying that if I've never even touched a horse, I'm also a total novice when it comes to riding one.  With this in mind, the process of both getting onto the horse, as well as getting to grips with the basics was made surprisingly simple thanks to Ruth, the glamorous ex-dressage competitor who introduced me to the equestrian world that morning.  Speaking of which, I have someone else to introduce you all to... Khyber!  The beautiful white horse shown in these photos has come all the way from UAE for his retirement; and what a lovely place the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire is to retire!  
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Khyber White Horse
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Horse Stables
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Horse Riding Lessons
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre White Horse
Girl Feeding Grass To White Horse
Okay, so for those of you swooning over the idea of being surrounded by horses and nature with the backdrop of the spectacular Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire, let's dive into some info about the Equestrian Centre.  Firstly, I should point out the centre caters to riders of all abilities; though everyone will be asked their height and weight to ensure the best-suited horse for your experience.  The stables are home to fourteen horses, located next to two outdoor 20 x 40 metre arenas and 500 acres of parkland to explore.  So, before riding, you're taken into the tack room (a new term for my newly-formed equestrian dictionary!) to be fitted with riding boots, hat and back protectors.  Afterwards, lockers and showers are available for riders, as well as the luxurious Club Lounge to return to, put up your feet and enjoy a warm drink.  Mmm.

Psst!  Find out more about horse riding lessons at Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire and do your best to pick a sunshine-filled day!
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Estate Travel Blog Review
Four Seasons Hampshire Hotel Equestrian Centre Horse Riding
Equestrian Centre Horse Riding Tack Room
Horse Head in Stable Photography
Luxury Hotel Horse Riding Tack Room
This has undoubtedly been one of my favourite experiences of 2018.  I'm on a mission to experience more of the activities that have ever crossed my mind - and horse riding was sitting prettily towards the very top of the list.  Well, mission accomplished.  I can completely understand why so many are fascinated by the equestrian world; the atmosphere is both relaxing and yet ambitious.  And I don't think I'll ever be able to forget just how kind Khyber's eyes were!
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Arena
Equestrian Centre Transport Two Person Vehicle
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Equestrian Centre Ruth
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Club Lounge Decor
Four Seasons Hampshire Equestrian Centre Hack Riding Lesson Review
I'm so pleased to have been able to enjoy this experience - and on pretty much the only day with blue sky and sunshine we've had recently.  This has made me all the more keen to experience as many of the activities in 2019 that have ever crossed my mind!  Have you ever been horse riding?  Are there any experiences high on your wishlist right now?  Let me know in the comments below!

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire
Dogmersfield Park
Chalky Lane
RG27 8TD

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks so much to Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire for providing this wonderful experience!



  1. I have ben riding whenI was younger, my aunt had a horse, but I haven´t been on one for decades. Seeing you in These beautiful surroundings makes me want to get back in the saddle (figuratively speaking9

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  2. You look so great on a horse, very natural :) Love these pics so much !

  3. Love your equestrian look! This barroque foulard is just perfect. I hope you had fun.

  4. It sounds and looks like you had so much fun! Really elegant as always and fun with horse riding! When I've done it I haven't looked as chic haha, but goes really well with the estate and how stylish the fashion can be. Hope you're having a lovely week Gabrielle! Xx

  5. Oh wow, what a fun experiences! You look like a natural on the horse! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week! Our heatwave has finally ended which is a relief! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  6. What an amazing experience- I used to ride as a kid and I miss it so much! Glad you got to get out and ride!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. The only time I rode a horse was in circus when I was a kid. I'm not sure does that count. I rode on donkeys and mules often enough when I was younger before they became scarce. I've been to a few riding clubs as a visitor, but I've never happened when there were riding classes available. I totally plan to sign up for some riding classes in the future. I'd love to learn how to ride a horse.

    You look lovely in your riding outfit. Fabulous photos. It seems that Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire offers an amazing equestrian experience.

  8. Riding horses looks good on you :D

  9. You were so lucky with the weather! I haven't ridden since I was a kid but it's such a lovely thing to do, I'm not surprised you enjoyed it so much! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  10. I can't believe you're a novice when it comes riding Gabrielle! You look like a natural and of course you totally nailed the stylish equestrian look :)

  11. Such a marvelous experience! ♥

  12. It really surprises me that you've never ridden a horse - it suits you, especially dressage as it's so elegant! I love horse riding, I actually used to work in a stables and rode for years but haven't done for ages!
    Amy xx

  13. Omg that sounds so AMAZING! It's so great that you had the opportunity to go there..

    Kisses from Germany!

  14. This sounds so fun! I actially have cousins who owns a horse ranch but I never too riding lessons from them LOL

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  15. So cute, I love horses. What a brilliant time :))) x

  16. This looks like such a fun day out! I’m definitely not a regular horse rider, in fact I doubt I’ve done it for well over 10 years, but I have done it a couple of times as a teenager and it was always such a fun experience. :)

  17. Horses are amazing animals! You are so lucky because you can spend time with them!

    Blog -
    YouTube –

  18. This sounds likes such a lovely get away and you of course can add a star if you love horses. I went on pony ride as a kid once but that was about it. I wanted a horse but we could not afford it. I thought we could behind the garage, um yeah. So no horses for me hahaha. My 13 year old self would have died to go here.

    Allie of

  19. This is such a fun experience - and it's great that you've finally tried out riding a horse! I find them pretty intimidating in general, I've ridden a few times but never on my own, only when I was a child and someone was directing the horse around haha. You look like you've done this your whole life! Well done Gabrielle!

    Julia x
    Last Post: My 2018 Autumn Makeup Look |

  20. How amazing you finally did it and you look adorable in your suitable look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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