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Something about this time of year sees us all sliding on oversized knitted jumpers and heading outdoors.  Whether it's to walk off your last dozen mince pies, or you're in need of some fresh air after days of breathing in cinnamon-scented candles, crisp winter walks are a part of the festive season.  Boxing Day is renowned for seeing us head out in groups and into the great outdoors, and a show of hands please for who's wandered through an illuminated trail this Christmas?!  With this in mind, I've put together a list of ten of the most fabulous Christmas walks to enjoy this season, all located in the London & South East areas.  Find your gloves, step into your boots and... enjoy!
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With so much to explore, it'd be easy to spend an entire day here.  And if you get too cold?  Just pop into the Palm House and head upstairs!


A beautiful lakeside walk, which - if you're feeling ambitious - can lead you straight to Windsor Great Park


Because could there be a more magical sight than deers at Christmastime?!


Families of ducks will circle your feet and new follies appear around every corner, as well as a grotto


2.3 miles of woodland paths, a Japanese garden complete with pagoda and at one point on your walk, Cliveden House as a fabulous backdrop to get that obligatory annual family photo!


Peaceful, calm and completely in touch with nature


I'm biased to find this location romantic, having visited twice with my boyfriend, however the enclosed space truly is beautiful.  Plenty to explore, and adore  


In my opinion, one of the best National Trust locations; the gardens are always immaculate.  My advice?  Opt for a scone in the tearoom before you leave...


If you have children in your walking party, head to Claremont Landscape Garden for vast open spaces around a lake.  Just remember to wrap up warm!


At any time of year, Petworth Park is a total treat to visit.  The house is wonderfully grand inside, though the outdoors is even more incredible.  There's so much garden and woodland, you won't know where to start!


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UK Countryside Fields SunsetSomething I've learnt the (very) hard way is how to dress appropriately for cold winter's walks.  I'm pretty sure we've all refused to wear a coat at some point in our lives, right?  And yes, I've headed out wearing heeled boots for day-long Boxing Day walks through mud and grass before now.  Oops.  But hey, lesson learnt!  For this look I'm wearing my new babies; Suede Chelsea Boots via Hugs & Co, a London-based brand founded in 2012.  Their footwear range began with the driving shoe and has continued that theme of comfort and luxury ever since and into their new collections.  One thing's for sure, I'm pretty excited to see their new style of women's loafer that will be launching soon!


Jumper - Zara   |   Bag - Zara

Hat - Next


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Huge & Co Brown Suede Chelsea BootsHugs & Co Blog Collaboration Chelsea Boots
I'm a huge advocate of scenic, picturesque walks during any time of year, but throughout the festive season this love becomes all the more intense.  I'd love to hear your favourite locations for Christmas walks?  Have you ever visited any of those mentioned in this list?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Hugs & Co. for working with me on this post!