Zara Tweed Black and White Mini Dress
Trust me your wardrobe needs tweed.  Better yet, it wants tweed - because it knows how good it'll make you look!  I've discussed the material a fair bit here on A Glass Of Ice over the past year or so, and so I won't pretend this is a new discovery because it totally isn't.  I mean, I pretty came out of the womb preaching about how chic tweed can look and how it will instantly add a touch of elegance to your outfit. But let's dive a little deeper and think about how we can introduce the luxurious material into our winter wardrobes...
Fashion Blog How to Style Tweed for Winter
Winter Tweed Black and White Mini Dress
Zara Black and White Tweed Mini Playsuit Dress
The first decision to make is whether you want to opt for subtle details, or be dramatic with the material.  Needless to say, I've opted for the latter for this look; high-neck mini 'dress' concealing a playsuit underneath.  I picked up this beauty a month ago via Zara, and so it's no longer available, however there are tons of other fabulous options around on both designer rails and the high street alike.  If a mini dress isn't quite doing it for you, you could instead pick up a tweed blazer or midi-length coat to layer over your winter outfits. Alternatively, you can opt to wear the material in its more subtle form.  Chanel know best when it comes to tweed brooches, or you could perhaps source a pair of tweed flats to see you through this season's brunches.  Berets are also fabulous options, along with gloves for when spending time in the countryside.

Above all else, I adore how tweed serves as the perfect platform of which to build a chic look; fine jewellery, over the knee boots and your fave bag of the season in place... and you're ready to go!  I'm dying over faux fur embellished bags right now, including this round-handle beauty available via Zalando, faux fur mini satchel from & Other Stories and this adorable cross body bag on sale at River Island. Ugh, I just love winter styling!
Fashion blogger how to style tweed dress in winter
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Luxury fashion blog how to wear tweed in winter
I've made it pretty clear just how much I love tweed and how chic I believe it can make any and every look.  But the question is... have I persuaded you?!  How do yo like to wear tweed in winter?  Let me know in the comments below.

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