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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Why You Should Celebrate Everything & Anything!

Food Photography Luxurious Cheeseboard
Oof!  Is there anything so exciting as a special occasion coming up on the horizon?!  I'm really hoping you're nodding right now... but if not that's totally fine, because I'm 110% prepared to preach as to why you should be celebrating everything and anything.  Because here's the thing; a lot of life is made up of the not-so-exciting moments.  The normal, the mundane.  And so it's up to us to make a real fuss over the more thrilling parts of life.  I'm not just talking about vacations and public holidays, I'm talking about treating yourself to something you've saved up for, doing something you've put off doing for a looooong time, or even getting a manicure!  Because when you really think about it, there's a lot we could be celebrating...

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Am I An Adult Yet? | The Mid-Twenties Debate

brown fur coat and over the knee suede boots
So, you're sat there in your dressing gown on the sofa watching Netflix while working your way through a share size bar of chocolate and you're wondering - am I actually an adult?  I mean, internationally it's known for being when you turn twenty-one.  But honestly, does anyone reading this actually feel like an adult?  Just one of the reasons I love browsing Twitter (ahem, @aglassofice, if you were wondering *wink wink*), is finding the million and one mid-twenties crises taking place from others asking themselves this question.  The consensus seems to be that this internal mid-twenties debate occurs when you're in a situation where a responsible adult is needed to take control of the situation - and you realise, in horror, that you are the adult in the room.

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Pretty Pink Home Decor | Amara Living

Amara Living Blog Collaboration 2019
Before moving to London, I had the pleasure of having part of my home space featured by Amara Living over on their website!  This romantic project involved plenty of soft, blush hues and gentle tones.  You know I'll adore most feminine interiors and so this project was an absolute dream to be a part of!  So, armed with gorgeous interiors kindly sent my way by Amara Living (which, by the way, I'm still swooning over now they've been brought to my new place - can't wait to show you!), I set about creating inviting and chic scenes ideal for romantics and decor obsessives alike...

Thursday, 28 February 2019

Life Updates! | Golden Hour With Karen Millen

Cliveden House House Golden Gates Photoshoot
I've been hinting left, right and centre lately about some upcoming life updates; both over on Instagram (@aglassofice), as well as here on A Glass Of Ice.  And there's a very good reason as to why I didn't spill the tea sooner; simply put, we can't control everything! Sometimes we'll have the best intentions and solid plans put in place, only for them to fall apart at the last minute.  The good news? Things have fallen into place in a couple of the most important ways and I'm so happy I feel as though I could burst!  So, armed with some gorgeously fierce gold jewellery from Karen Millen and a beaming smile in place - exactly where it should be - it's time to share some life updates...

Friday, 22 February 2019

L'Occitane | Rose Discovery Collection

L'Occitane Rose Discovery Collection Blog Review
Be still my beating heart.  Just when I thought Spring would never arrive, it's done so in the form of the new L'Occitane Rose Discovery Collection.  I know we're still knee-deep in winter but I can't even begin to explain how excited I am for the warmer, brighter days ahead and so with this in mind, you can imagine how thrilled I was to find this beautiful package landing on my doorstep!  The pretty pink packaging alone is enough to make anyone swoon; or is that just me?  I adore L'Occitane's wide range of fragranced skincare, although more often than not tend to lean towards the warm, musky and almond scents.  Because of this, the Rose Collection is a welcome switch-up to my routine.  Having just started a new job and about to move to a new place in a new city (ah! more on that soon!), I'm embracing the opportunity to also adopt a new fragrance.  In this case, it comes in the form of a sweet, floral aura...

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Hugs & Co. Suede Loafers | How To Look Stylish Wearing Flats

Calzedonia leopard print jeans leggings
Don't worry, my love for stiletto heels is still worryingly intense!  But lately I've started to find myself wearing flats more often.  Why? My life involves a lot more walking from place to place now and as a result, my arches have been begging me to give them a break every now and then.  No problem!  Because there are tons of chic options around.  My concern had always been that wearing flats would take away that glamorous edge and leave me feeling, well, flat!  Thankfully, these luxurious suede loafers from Hugs & Co. have convinced me otherwise.  So, for all of my fellow stiletto-obsessives, read on to find out to how look stylish while wearing flats...

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Texture Play | Winter Styling

cliveden house garden blog photoshoot
Oof, is there anything more exciting than getting your legs out?!  Seriously though, yes I was cold but I'd been trapped inside for days after constant snowfall.  I wake up, the sun was shining and the snow had started melting.  One thing led to another and before I knew it, the legs were out.  Don't worry, denial and optimism kept me warm.  Anyway, I've always been out here playing around with textures but even more so of late since so many gorgeous textured pieces have found their way into my wardrobe!  I've said it before and i'll say it again, I'm not a huge fan of this time of year.  Because of this, I'm constantly on the hunt for new ways to inject some colour and interest into daily life.  The quickest way?  In the way we dress.  Ladies, it's time to dive into a pool of textures...

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Giveaway! | Straight From The Heart Chocolate Box

Hotel Chocolat Valentine's Heart Shaped Chocolate Box
Let's face it, there are very few things to love about February, which makes Valentine's Day all the more special!  Taking place in the very middle of the month, it serves as the perfect distraction from the month's rain.  Everyone feels differently about this day of celebration and I totally understand that, however one thing I'm sure we can all agree on it that there's one ideal way to celebrate - chocolate! Whether it's to enjoy alone or gift to a loved one, it's a fabulous nod to the occasion.  Ready for the good news?  Hotel Chocolat are very kindly giving away a Straight From The Heart Chocolate Box to one lucky reader of A Glass Of Ice!  Ready for the even better news? The giveaway is open worldwide!  Scroll down to enter...

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Lanzarote | H10 Rubicon Palace, Playa Blanca & Arrecife!

Lanzarote Playa Blanca Palm Trees
If you're following me over on Instagram (via @aglassofice), you'll notice I've been completely obsessed with Lanzarote over the last couple of weeks since ending last year on the island!  The 'winter sun' trip with my partner was planned fairly last minute, and by last minute I mean about a full month in advance.  I just love making lists and plans and that usually takes advanced planning, you know?! As it so happens, being a little more spontaneous and not scheduling every second of the day turned out to be the very best thing. With a few days to play with, we set about finding the perfect balance between exploring the island, and soaking up the slow pace the warm location had to offer.  From relaxing in the spa to darting across the island on the back of a scooter...

Friday, 25 January 2019

Mii Cosmetics | Velvet Radiance Face Base

Mii Cosmetics Velvet Radiance Face Base
Does anyone else find they experiment more with makeup during the warmer months of the year?  I'm definitely guilty of this, which makes discovering this incredible new release by Mii Cosmetics aaaall the more exciting mid-winter.  Introducing the shiny new... Velvet Radiance Face Base!  Available in sixteen shades, the face base matches a wide range of skin tones, meaning you can kiss goodbye to that nearly-but-not-quite colour match.  So the question is, after putting it to the test and wearing it over these past few weeks, how has the Velvet Radiance Face Base performed?

Monday, 21 January 2019

5 Ways To Take Control Of 2019!

Flared Snakeskin Print Trosuers
Oof!  In every direction we look, we're being told of how today is Blue Monday; the most depressing day of the year.  Work?  Weather? Failed resolutions?  There's one million and one reasons as to why today has been dubbed Blue Monday... but let's not dwell on that. Instead, let's focus on how best we can push ourselves through these rainy ol' days to sunnier times ahead!  First and foremost, if you're anything like me and prefer the warmer months of the year, it's best to see these winter months as preparation for what's to come ahead.  Put in the hard work now, and play later...

Monday, 14 January 2019

3 Skirts To Add To Your Wardrobe This Winter

Zara Camel Wool Knitted Midi Skirt
Winter can be pretty difficult when it comes to combining style with budget.  It's the time of year when heavy duty items require more fabric and therefore often tend to cost more.  Much more.  Far in the distance are the floral mini dresses that cost no more than breakfast, and the camisoles are priced similarly to a coffee.  Ugh.  It's because of this I adore classic pieces during winter more than any other time of year!  The kind of item that proves impossible to put a price on.  Is it high-street?  Is it high-end?  Who knows!  With this in mind, I've been adding a few more classic pieces to my wardrobe lately, with unusually textured skirts coming out on top as the most exciting to track down.  Ooh...

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire | Clay Pigeon Shooting

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Review
So, towards the end of last year I mentioned how I'm super keen to continue trying different things.  And I mean, different things. Having tried (and adored) horse riding at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire last month, I was thrilled to return this morning with an invitation to try clay pigeon shooting.  Growing up in the countryside, this is a sport I've heard plenty about - and yet had never tried for myself.  Excited would be an understatement!  So, after being taken out deeper into the Dogmersfield estate via Land Rover, ear defenders were positioned over my pom-pom hat (yep, definitely not a pro yet) and protective glasses were handed over.  Let the fun begin!

Monday, 7 January 2019

M&S Flowers | New Year, New Blooms

Romantic Gold and Pink Table Setting
After discussing How To Realise Your Dreams over the weekend, I've loved reading your comments and hearing about why you also adore this time of year.  The fresh start, the clean slate and the promise of more exciting things to come!  And it's usually around this time of year we start to turn our eye to our surroundings and the environment we live in.  Cleaning, sprucing and decorating.  Anyone else been hitting up the homeware aisles?  Alongside the candles flickering away and the diffusers we've placed on our freshly-dusted shelves, it's also the perfect time to flock to the M&S blooms and bring them indoors to the favourite corners of our homes.  Beautiful to see, beautiful to smell and even more beautiful to get creative with...

Saturday, 5 January 2019

How To Realise Your Dreams | Happy New Year!

Zara Metallic Bronze  Midi Skirt
This used to be my least favourite time of year due to the low temperatures and bare walls after all of the fairy lights have been taken down after Christmas.  However, this changed when I opened my eyes to the opportunities January presents!  I know, I know, we can start working on our goals at any time of year.  But regardless of your viewpoint on resolutions and goals, there's no denying the first month of the year tends to set a fire underneath us that stirs us all into action.  Motivational quotes are coming at us from left, right and centre.  Don't ignore them.  It's time to buckle down, work hard and start realising your dreams in 2019!  We'll be on this journey together...    

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Cologne Christmas Markets | The Chic Girl's Guide

Cologne Germany Christmas Ferris Wheel
It's 2019!  A brand new year, a fresh start and perfect excuse to book a ton of travel for the year ahead!  My advice?  Start with the end of the year.  It tends to be at the back of our minds until Autumn, by which time the costs have doubled.  Eek!  Needless to say, my first and foremost suggestion will always be Cologne Christmas markets in Germany.  If you're a longterm reader of A Glass Of Ice, you'll know I've returned to these Christmas markets every year for the past decade with family and it's an annual tradition I really hope will never come to an end.  So, with my undying love for the festive location in mind, let's get stuck into my 'Chic Girls' Guide' to spending Christmas in Cologne, Germany!

Psst! This is the second location in my Chic Girl Guide travel series, following on from King's Cross London.
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