Zara Camel Wool Knitted Midi Skirt
Winter can be pretty difficult when it comes to combining style with budget.  It's the time of year when heavy duty items require more fabric and therefore often tend to cost more.  Much more.  Far in the distance are the floral mini dresses that cost no more than breakfast, and the camisoles are priced similarly to a coffee.  Ugh.  It's because of this I adore classic pieces during winter more than any other time of year!  The kind of item that proves impossible to put a price on.  Is it high-street?  Is it high-end?  Who knows!  With this in mind, I've been adding a few more classic pieces to my wardrobe lately, with unusually textured skirts coming out on top as the most exciting to track down.  Ooh...
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Zara Camel Wool Knitted Midi Skirt


K N I T T E D   S K I R T S

My one true love this season.  They look chic, feel warm and are a classic investment to any winter wardrobe!  My advice?  Opt for neutrals that won't go out of style; camel, black or grey

Pick up the summer version of this knitted skirt (on sale!) via Zara ready for Spring


P L E A T E D   S K I R T S

Pretty much a fail-safe, they'll take you through the seasons and promise to pair beautifully with both jumpers and camisoles alike!


S A T I N   S K I R T S

Ugh, be still my beating heart.  They're impossibly chic and are guaranteed to keep people guessing when it comes to the question: high-street or high-end?

Psst!  Topshop currently has a gorgeous range of new season satin skirts!


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Zara Camel Minimal Knitted Midi Skirt
Winter Knitted Neutral Outfit


Top - Zara  |  Skirt - Zara 

Bag - Mango


Psst!  Daisy London are currently running a fabulous jewellery sale featuring tons of beauties, including these beak necklaces! 

Daisy London Metallic Beak Necklaces
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Snakeskin Circle Gold Chain Bag
Have you added any skirts to your wardrobe this season?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Daisy London for working with me on this post!