Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Review
So, towards the end of last year I mentioned how I'm super keen to continue trying different things.  And I mean, different things. Having tried (and adored) horse riding at the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire last month, I was thrilled to return this morning with an invitation to try clay pigeon shooting.  Growing up in the countryside, this is a sport I've heard plenty about - and yet had never tried for myself.  Excited would be an understatement!  So, after being taken out deeper into the Dogmersfield estate via Land Rover, ear defenders were positioned over my pom-pom hat (yep, definitely not a pro yet) and protective glasses were handed over.  Let the fun begin!
Four Seasons Hampshire Estate Grounds

Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Blog Review
Clay Pigeon Shooting Hampshire Location
For the next hour, I was in the safe and capable hands of John Gamblin, a man with a lifetime of experience in shooting, who now splits his time between two estates in the area.  Before getting started, it was a case of getting to grips with shooting etiquette, all of which made perfect sense and did nothing to put me off giving it a go!  Okay, let's just answer the obvious question.  Was I any good?  Yes!  Or so John told me; I mean, for what's it worth he seemed like an honest man...

It's such an incredible rush when you manage to hit one of the clays in the centre and hear the cracking sound above you in the air. Speaking of sound, you will need the ear defenders as the noise can be surprisingly loud for first-timers like you and me!  John was wonderfully motivating throughout and made the entire experience so much fun; I can see why this activity is so popular at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire for both small and large groups alike.
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Lifestyle Blog
Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Blog Review 2019
What to wear, you ask?  Comfortable clothing.  Footwear needs to be flat and at this time of year you'll need to wrap up warm as you're out in an open field.  Oh, and if your body shape is anything like mine, I'd advise wearing some sort of padded coat/jumper over your shoulders to counteract any potential shotgun recoil while you're learning.  Other than that, the world is your oyster!
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Four Seasons Hampshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Blog Review
I'm so, so pleased to have been able to experience this - and to have enjoyed it so much!  You can rest assured I'm now going to go through life recommending the sport to everyone; to try at least once in your lifetime.  If you're at all curious and want to try out some new experiences this year, take a peek at the Estate Activities over at the Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire.  Equestrian experiences, falconry, clay pigeon shooting, croquet and fishing.  You want it, they've got it!  Have you ever tried clay pigeon shooting?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Thanks so much to Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire for providing this fantastic experience!