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This used to be my least favourite time of year due to the low temperatures and bare walls after all of the fairy lights have been taken down after Christmas.  However, this changed when I opened my eyes to the opportunities January presents!  I know, I know, we can start working on our goals at any time of year.  But regardless of your viewpoint on resolutions and goals, there's no denying the first month of the year tends to set a fire underneath us that stirs us all into action.  Motivational quotes are coming at us from left, right and centre.  Don't ignore them.  It's time to buckle down, work hard and start realising your dreams in 2019!  We'll be on this journey together...    
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B E   C L E A R   A B O U T   W H A T   Y O U   W A N T

Now this is the fun part.  If you're going top put 100% of your energy into something, it needs to be what you most desire, or else halfway through the journey you'll be left questioning yourself.  The good news?  Once you've identified your goals and drivers, your focus is set.  You're ready to achieve.   


L E A R N   T O   A T T R A C T

Okay so we won't get too deep into the whole concept of manifestation, but something I've learnt over the past year or so is that the more you visualise your dreams, the more likely they are to materialise.  Cut out the crap, keep the positivity.  Watch what happens!     


M A N A G E   Y O U R   S T R E S S

Another lesson, and one I had to learn the hard way.  Eventually your stress will catch up with you, and so the greatest gift you can give yourself is to work on your mental health.  Mindfulness, exercise, CBT, therapy - whatever works for you! 


L E T   G O   O F   W H A T   P U L L S   Y O U   B A C K

... and it'll catapult you forward!

E M B R A C E   Y O U R   I N T E N S I T Y  ,   G E T   P A S S I O N A T E

My favourite, for sure.  The only surefire way to commit to your goals and realise your dreams in 2019, is to get intense; to be passionate about what you're doing.  By doing so, you're ensuring the journey will never lose momentum and will never feel monotonous


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I hope these points help you to realise your dreams in 2019.  I'm on this journey with you; this first week of the year has already felt so motivating!  Have you set yourself any goals this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x