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Monday, 7 January 2019

M&S Flowers | New Year, New Blooms

Romantic Gold and Pink Table Setting
After discussing How To Realise Your Dreams over the weekend, I've loved reading your comments and hearing about why you also adore this time of year.  The fresh start, the clean slate and the promise of more exciting things to come!  And it's usually around this time of year we start to turn our eye to our surroundings and the environment we live in.  Cleaning, sprucing and decorating.  Anyone else been hitting up the homeware aisles?  Alongside the candles flickering away and the diffusers we've placed on our freshly-dusted shelves, it's also the perfect time to flock to the M&S blooms and bring them indoors to the favourite corners of our homes.  Beautiful to see, beautiful to smell and even more beautiful to get creative with...
M&S Chocolate Caramel Billionaire's Cake
Marks & Spencer Lifestyle Interiors Blog Collaboration
Next Gold Cutlery Set 16 Piece
Romantic Feminine Dinner Table Finishing Touches
First and foremost, ask yourself this: what is your colour scheme?  Personally, I tend to opt for bright, romantic and feminine shades including blush pink, cream and white.  They're refreshing and cheerful, especially at this time of year when everything seems about 70% less enticing.  Another reason I quickly fell in love with this colour scheme is how versatile it can be, allowing you to move your blooms from room-to-room depending on your mood, and not the decor.

I spy with my little eye... 







M&S Flowers Bouquet White Chrysanthemums
M&S Chocolate and Caramel Dribble Cake
Gold Pineapple Candle Sticks
M&S Mixology Alcoholic Truffles
M&S Flower Bouquet Display 2019
Along with the obvious choice of selecting a few of your favourite bouquets to merge together into one fabulous display, another way of bringing M&S flowers into your home includes a well-placed orchid or two on your mantelpiece.  Although, if you want to get creative, you could go the extra mile and at your next dinner party place a single flower stem (eg. Carnation) across each place setting, or perhaps use any leftover blooms to decorate any negative space on the table.  Speaking of table settings, the gold-rimmed pastel coloured plates shown here are available via M&S as the Isla Set of 4 Cake Plates.

Psst!  This delicious Chocolate and Caramel Billionaire's cake was purchased in store, although an even more luxurious version can be found online at M&S!  Take a peek >> Chocolate & Caramel Dribble Cake (serves 12)
M&S White Orchid
M&S Chocolate and Caramel Billionaire's Cake
M&S Gift Bag Flower Bouquet
White Gypsophila and Blush Pink CarnationsM&S UK Luxury Lifestyle and Interiors Blog Collaboration
A huge thank you to Marks & Spencer for bringing these beautiful flowers into my world this January; what a wonderful way to start the New Year!  I'd love to hear how 2019 has treated you so far?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Marks & Spencer for working with me on this post!



  1. Those flowers are beautiful and your table setting stunning, but I couldn't think of that when I saw that cake, it looks so delicious! haha! :)

    Hope that you've had a wonderful start to 2019 so far! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Those flowers are just beautiful. I wish i could get all the flowers

  3. All of these flowers are beautiful and I really love the center arrangement! With this time of year being darker with less sunlight, adding some colorful flowers to a space is a smart idea.

    x Kara |

  4. These flowers are so beautiful, as are these photos!

    Chloe x

  5. This table set up is so so stunning. A great set of flowers in the middle of the table definitely make it extra special.
    Roses are my fave <3

  6. Oh my, these are really stunning!!

    Candice |

  7. Wow, I love the decoration! Absolutely gorgeous.

    X Merel

  8. I love the flowers and plants bring life into a space!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Those blooms are gorgeous! I also love all things bright and feminine. You're so lucky to have these beautiful flowers in your life right now. 2019 has been so far, so good! Praying for many blessings this year. Have a wonderful year ahead too!


  10. What beautiful flowers! I love M&S; their quality and variety is excellent. That cake looks delicious! We purchased a M&S wedding cake for our wedding and decorated it with flowers. It was beautiful! Angharad X

  11. Wow that table looks amazing! *-* I tend to opt for blue colors, with white flowers. If we don't have people coming over we just buy whatever colors we like :D

    xo Noor

  12. The decor looks very gorgeous! I love flowers to bits, especially the scent.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  13. what a beautiful table setting, I love the colours! I adore the flowers and even more that cake! it looks super yummy. Your photos are always super pretty. My 2019 started with some antibiotics :( that I kept postponing while I was enjoying December festivities! xx

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    I would love to see you joining the Bloggsy crew. xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx

  14. The floral arrangement looks so gorgeous. x

  15. Your table settings are always so beautiful! I love my cats but one thing I do miss are having a variety of fresh flowers in the home. Now we're limited to pretty much roses since they're non toxic, and even then my cats love to nibble on them!

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  16. 2019 will be better than 2018!

  17. Those blooms are gorgeous! And so are your table settings. Not to mention that delicious looking cake!

  18. Your table looks amazing. Beautiful flowers :)

  19. Hello,

    Amazing !


  20. Omg, screaming over these photos they are just so aesthetically pleasing haha

  21. You've created such a beautiful table. Very festive and tasteful.
    x, Julie |

  22. Fantastic set up! These flowers are so beautiful. What an amazing bouquet! Stunning photos as well.

  23. Those flowers are lovely! Who doesn't like flowers? I will confess I'm totally distracted by that cake though... Ha ha!
    Raindrops of Sapphire

  24. This is such a gorgeous showcase of floral beauty but just like the comment above I was also distracted by the cake, it looks so moorish and I know you and I both have a sweet tooth!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2019 and I'll have to go and check out the M&S Floral Range it looks gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing Gabs!

    With love,

    Laura xo

  25. Amazing settings! Omg soooo dreamy though. Great job!Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!
    Much love, Len

  26. OMG looks so delish and the deco is fabulous :D
    Happy Thurdsday <3
    Olivia Poncelet

  27. I know you are talking flowers here, but I got so distracted by the Chocolate cake!

    Anne - Linda, Libra, Loca

  28. It is great to get ideas on table setting. These sort of photos always gets me excited for dinner parties. I just adore the flowers and Marks and Spencer do stunning ones. I always get my fresh daises from them. I loveeee the look of that cake too, yum. A very pretty post Gabrielle : ) xo


  29. How gorgeous are these photos?! I'm sugar obsessed, so those desserts...major yummo!


  30. Ohhhhh your photography is always stunning Gabrielle! Hope you're having a wonderful start to the new year! <3

    Serene XO

  31. I fall in love with this post! Soo beautiful!!

  32. OMG!I'm in love with those candle holders ! Where did you get them? xx

    1. Thanks so much Delila! They're from House of Fraser (purchased last summer)

      Gabrielle x

  33. Flowers are such a beautiful way to enliven any table. These is a seriously gorgeous tablescape that you together Gabrielle! Whoever you entertain is very lucky :)

  34. There's nothing like fresh florals. Marks & Spencer has such a great selection, and their beautiful blooms are displayed so pretty here. Happy New Year, it started off rough but it's been a really great week so far. Things are looking up!

  35. I could get lost in this flower wonderland for hours; SO stunning my gorgeous Gabrielle! M&S forever get it right, especially when it comes down to all things floral, and these are totally to die for :) Often we get sunflowers in the summer and they always have to be from M&S as they do the nicest ones ;) I'm definitely with you on colour shades too; blush pink all the way! This table setting is a dream come true, to the scrumptious cake to the cutest candles! I'm in love! It's certainly looking like the most divine spring-time, living for it! Hope your Christmas was the happiest lovely babe, and wishing you a 2019 that sees all your dreams and wishes come true ♥︎

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  36. Ooh, that cake looks delicious, I wish that was my dining room table right now! I love white flowers and pastel ones, I'm really not that into super bright ones, so the ones you chose here are right up my alley.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. So whimsical! Oh my gosh, all these pics are so beautiful and girly. Loved this :)


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