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Don't worry, my love for stiletto heels is still worryingly intense!  But lately I've started to find myself wearing flats more often.  Why? My life involves a lot more walking from place to place now and as a result, my arches have been begging me to give them a break every now and then.  No problem!  Because there are tons of chic options around.  My concern had always been that wearing flats would take away that glamorous edge and leave me feeling, well, flat!  Thankfully, these luxurious suede loafers from Hugs & Co. have convinced me otherwise.  So, for all of my fellow stiletto-obsessives, read on to find out to how look stylish while wearing flats...
Hugs & Co Penny Suede Loafers Brown    
Styling animal print in winter snow 2019
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Above all else, it's about going that extra mile.  When we're wearing heels, we tend to feel more confident about our outfit as we know our feet have already dressed us up (literally) for the occasion.  But what about when you're wearing flats?  If you're used to living every day in skyscraper heels, the quickest way to match that chic-factor is by turning up the heat throughout the rest of your outfit.  For this look, I've opted for animal print and ruffles with a tonal focus.  By blending shades together from the same colour palette, it's much easier to achieve a streamline, chic look.

Personally, for me the key to discovering how to look chic while wearing flats, has been increasing the textures and patterns, but decreasing the chaotic colour palettes.  I started from the bottom and worked my way up; with these Hugs & Co. Penny Loafers providing the perfect opportunity to reach for neutral shades.  Oh and aaaall of the bonus points for being so ridiculously comfortable - not a blister in sight!  
Hugs & Co Penny Brown Suede Loafers
Dorothy Perkins yellow shoulder bag fashion blogger
hugs & Co Penny Suede Loafers Brown
How to Look Chic Wearing Flats Luxury Fashion Blog Guide


Shirt - Ralph Lauren

Jacket - Mango  |  Denim - Calzedonia

Bag - Dorothy Perkins (also available in nude and black)

Shoes - Penny Suede Loafers c/o Hugs & Co.


Hugso & Co Womens Suede Loafers
Hampshire winter snow scene 2019
Luxury Fashion Blog How To Look Stylish Wearing Flats
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this look.  Do you own any suede loafers right now?  How do you choose to make your outfit look stylish while wearing flats?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Hugs & Co. for working with me on this post!