Cliveden House House Golden Gates Photoshoot
I've been hinting left, right and centre lately about some upcoming life updates; both over on Instagram (@aglassofice), as well as here on A Glass Of Ice.  And there's a very good reason as to why I didn't spill the tea sooner; simply put, we can't control everything! Sometimes we'll have the best intentions and solid plans put in place, only for them to fall apart at the last minute.  The good news? Things have fallen into place in a couple of the most important ways and I'm so happy I feel as though I could burst!  So, armed with some gorgeously fierce gold jewellery from Karen Millen and a beaming smile in place - exactly where it should be - it's time to share some life updates...
Karen Millen Gold Leopard Necklace
Fashion Blogger Gold Hour Photoshoot
UK Luxury Blog Cliveden House Hotel

L O C A T I O N  ,  L O C A T I O N  ,  L O C A T I O N 

First and foremost, I'm moving to London!  After a ridiculously long search that at times felt as though it would never end, I've now found the perfect place of which I'll be moving into this Friday evening.  From now on, I can be found lurking around the Kensington/Chelsea areas.  I'm super excited on so many levels - and for one million and one different reasons!  I've been splitting my time between London and the countryside over the past half year and so it'll be a relief to be settled in the city, for sure.  Ahem, expect plenty of interior design themed content in the near future...


Psst!  To other fashion bloggers, should you find yourself wandering around West London and with a couple of hours to spare, hit me up and let's shoot outfits and eat cake together!


W O R K  ,   W O R K  ,  W O R K

The second slice of good news that you'll already know about if you follow me over on Instagram, is that I've recently started a new job! I'm now working as a writer for Farfetch and absolutely loving the role.  My time is spent focussing on luxury fashion; what could be better than that?!  After a few weeks in the role, I've become used to my new weekly routine and now (finally) starting to figure out ways to fit everything into my schedule - which explains why I've been a liiiittle quiet over here lately.  I'm back though now and super excited to share a ton of new content with you all asap!

Calzedonia Black Sheer Lace Bow Ankle Socks
Cliveden House Hotel in Snow 2019


Dress - Karen Millen   |   Coat - Vintage

Shoes - Lost Ink   |   Socks - Calzedonia (similar sheer seam socks)

Jewellery - Leopard Small Pendant & Leopard Ring c/o Karen Millen


Luxury London Fashion Blogger Faux Fur Coat
Karen Millen Gold Leopard Jewellery Ring
Lost Ink Trixie Low Cut Black Stiletto Shoes
Karen Millen Gold Leopard Head Necklace JewelleryOkay, enough about me.  It's time for you to spill the tea - share your life updates with me in the comments below!  What's new in your world?

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Karen Millen for working with me on this post!