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Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Pretty Pink Home Decor | Amara Living

Amara Living Blog Collaboration 2019
Before moving to London, I had the pleasure of having part of my home space featured by Amara Living over on their website!  This romantic project involved plenty of soft, blush hues and gentle tones.  You know I'll adore most feminine interiors and so this project was an absolute dream to be a part of!  So, armed with gorgeous interiors kindly sent my way by Amara Living (which, by the way, I'm still swooning over now they've been brought to my new place - can't wait to show you!), I set about creating inviting and chic scenes ideal for romantics and decor obsessives alike...
Stoneglow Pink Diffuser Photography
Stoneglow Pink Diffuser Candles
Amara Living UK Interiors Blog Collaboration
Considering it's still winter (I know, I'm disappointed too), I selected plenty of welcoming, soft textures that encourage you to curl up around them and soak up a moment or two of calm.  Bliss.  I've been looking for the perfect blush rug all winter and now finally the search is over with this Blush Sheepskin Rug.  It's small in size and ideal for sliding underneath a leg of your desk to create the illusion of a larger space.  Another sheepskin delivery came in the form of this low Pink Sheepskin Stool.  It's the perfect addition to any home, though if you're lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room - you need to click 'Add to Bag' on this beauty!  It's also available in other colours including Ivory and Chocolate Brown.  The final soft texture included in this romantic setting is the Bronte by Moon Mohair Throw available at Amara Living in a range of colours including Vanilla, Green Mist, Squirrel Grey and more!  It's gorgeously thick and weighty; ideal for draping over the back of an unused chair.
Luxury Interiors Blog Pretty Pink Home Office
Home Interior Design Romantic Valentine's Decor
Okay, so moving over to the smaller details, I was keen to keep to a romantic blush and gold colour scheme; a balance of calm and drama.  I'll admit, I'm a sucker for diffusers.  I get through them quicker than a bar of chocolate and so this Stoneglow beauty was a total treat to receive!  The Luna Reed Diffuser in Ylang Ylang & Amber is divine; beautiful to look at and even more beautiful to smell. Undoubtedly, hands down the most gorgeous fragrance I've ever filled my home with - high praise indeed, right?!  Another fabulous decoration comes in the form of a Rosenthal Tutenvasen in peach.  The paper bag design is both unique and entirely recognisable as a Rosenthal creation.  Made from porcelain, this vase was designed by Tapio Wirkkala to celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday.  One thing is for certain, it's a stunning conversation starter!    
Stoneglow Diffuser Ylang Ylang and Amber Review
Peach Rosenthal Tutenvasen Blog ReviewI adore calendars, diaries and any kind of date-tracking method (can you tell I'm fun at parties?).  With this in mind, the luxurious Sir/Madam Brass Perpetual Block Calendar immediately stole my attention.  Its sleek design is a treat to spot on your office desk and undeniably the most stylish way of tracking the date!  My advice?  Act fast.  Because these kind of beautiful pieces tend to be snapped up quickly, such as the Stoned Square Marble Serving Board seen in this post; which, by the way, has become one of my favourite home decor possessions to date! Thankfully, a few other variations are still available including this similar Stoned Round Marble Serving Board.  Ooooh.  Oh, and as well as a chic serving board, these A by Amara Copper Candle Holders are a fabulous way of adding a special touch to a table setting - especially when they're on sale at half price for a set of two.  Enjoy! 
Lifestyle Blog Pretty Pink Home Office
Joanna Buchanan Bee Stripy Napkin Rings Review
You know me by now; attracted to all things shiny.  Amara Living is an absolute hub of gorgeous, sparkling treats.  However, a couple of gems in particular stood out to me for this soft and feminine project.  Firstly, these Joanna Buchanan Stripy Bee Napkin Rings.  They come from a much wider range including bottle openers and pouches, but this embellished bee will always be my favourite in napkin ring form!  It's such a special way of adding a touch of drama to any table setting, right?!  Secondly, I've fallen head over heels in love with this Jan Constantine Glam Rock Sequin Cushion.  It's bold, loud and gorgeously designed!  The visible stitching makes me love it all the more, though first and foremost it's the warm blush shade that has won me over.  Dreamy.  Jan Constantine has certainly found a new fan in me.
Amara Living Bronte by Moon Blush Mohair Throw
As always, I've had so much fun creating a themed interior!  It was a total pleasure to have collaborated with Amara Living on this.  If you're interested in getting a closer look (and shopping the post!), head to the A Glass Of Ice House Tour over at Amara Living.  What do you think of this romantic and feminine interior?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

This imagery was created in collaboration with Amara Living for a House Tour project shared on their website



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  2. OMG wow these look absolutely stunning!

    Candice |

  3. Love the blush and gold colour scheme together, it looks so inviting! :)

    Hoping your week is going well so far :)

    Away From The Blue

  4. Oh such a chic interior style!

    x Lisa |

  5. Everything is gorgeous! So pleasing to the eye <3
    I love the block calendar and the bee napkin rings, so so cute!

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

  6. What stunning details! I am obsessed with the chair and rug. You've added the perfect finishing touches!

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

  7. So many pretty details!! Absolutely love all the pops of pink, goes so well with the wood and the gold details. Looking forward to see more interior from London later ;)! Hope you're having a lovely week Gabrielle! Xx

  8. Your pretty in pink theme goes very nicely here and you have laid this out very beautifully Gabrielle!
    Love interior design and often inspires me. Warmth with golden modern touches inspires.
    Laura xo

  9. This is so stunning! Honestly, I have been trying to revamp my bedroom so hubby and I have a more relaxing space to retreat to. I think the reed difusser and the rug makes a nice start.


  10. Such an amazing details. I love the blush and gold color scheme. Those flowers are so beautiful.
    Have a nice day.

  11. All things shiny, eh? Can we get together soon please?! :D
    I am not just obsessed, I NEED that pink fluffy stool and the beautiful glass desk as my "work" desk! I'm on such an interior design craze atm since we're looking for an apartment to move in together with my boyfriend and I just want to get to decorate the place! You've just given me whole new set of inspiration. xx

    Teresa | 💫

  12. I'm loving your home decor! The pink elements are so pretty and really make the space so cozy looking! Amazing style!

  13. I love the pink and the blush shades in your home. Your personal space looks so beautiful, and it feels very much you- and that I think is the most important thing when it comes to decorating, to create a place that's a reflection of our own personal style and taste.

  14. This is so gorgeous!! I love Stoneglow, I have two of their scents that I've been using in my home just now. So lush. What beautiful moods, love the fluffy stool, perfect!! Have a great day lovely x

  15. omg these interior details are everything! Hope you do some more posts like this because I am obsessed with your homeware style and will be doing a refurb later in the year <3

  16. Loving all those beautiful & soft toned textures!! What a beautiful space!! xo (life + style blog)

  17. I love everything you created, from the pinks and golds to the different textures! Everything looks so luxurious, yet still cosy for home interiors. Amazing job Gabrielle!

    Julia x
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  18. so many great details -pink , white and gold look great together- it;s not my style to the end but this all look so elegant and luxurious

  19. Such gorgeous details. It is all so perfect gabrielle!

  20. I love love love all of these details! I really like interior and combination of pink and gold details! So gorgeous!

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  21. Gosh your home looks so cozy and comfy.
    I love the touch of pink. Perfect. And I love the fluffy chair. Thisis how you could work all day...such a stylish place.

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  22. Love all the pink flowers. Your home is beautiful!

    The Flower Duet

  23. Pink is one of the most beautiful decor colors, I love all of this, gorgeous! :)

  24. I am so in love with that pink stool it's gorgeous and it would look amazing in my room xx

  25. My goodness!! This is so dreamy... I would be on cloud 9 if I woke up every day to that gorgeous decor all around me! So beautiful, definitely got some inspo from these photos!
    Thanks Gabrielle!
    Amanda |

  26. The way you decorated your work space is amazing!! Absolutely adoring the pink theme!!! <3


  27. This is gorgeous! Need to start decorating my work space haha.

    Demi |

  28. Oh my lucky you! Everything is just gorgeous!! Wow. And London too, very exciting

    Allie of

  29. Love the home decor.
    So inspirational.

  30. Oooh what a collaboration! This is seriously dreamy Gabrielle, you've done a fab job of picking such beautiful pieces! We've definitely got similar notes so I'm definitely taking notes!

    Musings & More

  31. Utterly dreamy and swoon-worthy. I love that stool so much. I imagine it would make being seated by a desk more enjoyable, purely for the attraction and romance of the piece. Also highly motivation hahaha! Also loving that diffuser. Never seen one in ceramic before, and don't know why?! This would be perfect to use a vase after it's evaporated fully!


  32. The color scheme you went with is so glam and feminine and so you Gabrielle! I'm loving the details and the layering of textures. The sheepskin pieces are seriously fabulous!

  33. Oh wow! These are absolutely adorable dear! Love every details of this, especially the stool and desk. That's jut a gorgeous combination!

    Jessica |

  34. This is so luxe, Gabrielle! I love every touch and pieces here.

  35. Hello,

    So lovely !


  36. Love your interior decor style, honestly if it weren't for my husband my home would definitely be this pink romantic vibes as well! Diffusers are a must have for my home, I love leaving one in small spaces like bathrooms and laundry rooms to make sure every space smells good!

    ♥︎ Geeky Posh

  37. So gorgeous!



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