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Oof!  Is there anything so exciting as a special occasion coming up on the horizon?!  I'm really hoping you're nodding right now... but if not that's totally fine, because I'm 110% prepared to preach as to why you should be celebrating everything and anything.  Because here's the thing; a lot of life is made up of the not-so-exciting moments.  The normal, the mundane.  And so it's up to us to make a real fuss over the more thrilling parts of life.  I'm not just talking about vacations and public holidays, I'm talking about treating yourself to something you've saved up for, doing something you've put off doing for a looooong time, or even getting a manicure!  Because when you really think about it, there's a lot we could be celebrating...
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Prezzybox Astrid Gold Honeycomb Cocktail Glasses
Okay, so I have a theory - and bear with me here - and that is that our general concept of time via the annual calendar is what tends to dictate the majority of our mood.  And so if this is the case, surely a huge part of our happiness depends on the special occasions that pave the way in front of us?!  For example, as a very general rule, everyone tends to become more cheerful throughout the festive season, loved-up on Valentine's Day, family-oriented on Easter Sunday and excited on birthdays.  Just imagine if we each started applying these levels of celebration to the smaller things in life?!

There's nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Prezzybox Astrid Gold Honeycomb Cocktail Glasses
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Glasses - Astrid Cocktail Glasses c/o Prezzybox

Marble stand - Irina Serving Stand


Preaching over; time to focus on this setting, which, is of course celebration themed!  And what better way to celebrate than whip out the cheese and crackers?!  The marble stand is from Anthropologie and both the vase and glasses are from Prezzybox.  As always, I'm drawn to the metallic accents and particularly so for these honeycomb-style cocktail glasses that are now destined to be my 'celebration glasses'.  By this, I mean they'll be revealed and filled to the brim for every special occasion and reason for celebration!  The vase will also be treasured; and I may even pick up the rose pink version as well sometime very soon!  Swoon

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I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic!  Do you like to make a big deal out of special occasions?  Do you celebrate often?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thank you to Prezzybox for working with me on this post!