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Ah, the great debate!  Does having a theme help?  If you're new to the topic (ahem, unlikely) then to fill you in, I'm talking about an online theme; your website, social media and overall general digital presence.  So it's not all about Instagram, but this topic definitely applies the most other there.  You may have a blog, a business or something else you're keen to be seen and if that's the case, you've probably asked yourself at some point - should I theme my content?  Needless to say, I don't have all the answers, I'm not an all-knowing, all-seeing being and I'm not Gwen Stefani (still a low key girl crush).  However, what I can do is argue both for and against developing a theme across your online channels - having experienced both sides of the coin...
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P R O S   O F   H A V I N G   A   T H E M E


There's a lot to be said for having a cohesive presence online.  Ultimately we see before we read, making first impressions count - and in a big way.  By making your Instagram (or any other channel) aesthetically pleasing, you're making a visual impact and one that immediately tells the audience what you're all about.  Your presence becomes more  aesthetically pleasing



You'll be more likely to come into mind for that specific style.  By creating a niche, you carve out a clear path of what people can expect from you.  Better yet?  Viewers will relate certain content with you and even recognise your images on their feed before even clocking your username.  This can lead to a love or hate situation; meaning those that like your content will love your content!



Having a theme in place can really help with regard to keeping focus and managing to avoid straying off track.  By having set colours, topics and visual branding in place, we're less likely to find ourselves unintentionally in the woods and miles away from our end-goal vision



The process of creating branding materials simplifies massively once you have a theme in place for your online digital presence.  I'm talking about business cards, service cost sheets and media kits (depending entirely on what it is you're theming here: business, blog, service etc).  The cohesive branding stretched out across your materials will also help with professionalism; both in how you're viewed and even more importantly, in how you feel about your business


C O N S   O F   H A V I N G   A   T H E M E 


Like I said, it can be a love or hate situation.  For the very same reason why those who like your content may love your content, by having a consistent theme you also accept the possibility of those less keen on your content growing to truly dislike it.  Potato, potahto.



In pretty much every element of life, having a niche will both open and close doors.  You'll attract those of a similar mind to you; both socially and professionally.  And in turn, you may lose the interest of those less keen on your chosen theme - again, socially and professionally



For some creatives, this can be tough.  There's a reason so many of us have flocked to creating content online; it allows total creative expression - and this applies to creative start-up businesses and freelances too!  With this in mind, curbing a desire to do anything and everything can feel conflicting for some

Does having a themed instagram feed help?
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As you'll be able to tell from my blog and social channels, I've developed my own theme over the past few months and it's one that's much more fresh and feminine than my previous style.  It's far more in fitting with my personal taste and I enjoy creating content ten times more now than I've ever done before!  So, to answer my own question, I believe that yes, having a theme does help.  But more importantly, I'm interested in your views on the topic.  Do you think having a theme helps?  Can you think of any pros or cons?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x