Erborian CC Eye Cream Review
How long has everyone been hyping up Korean skincare?  And uh, just how long has it taken me to jump on the bandwagon?!  Having had my fair share of nasty breakouts in the past, I tend to hang back when it comes to skincare and wait to see which trends and brands go the distance and are still loved the next season, year, decade - you get the idea.  And you know what?  I think I've done the right thing.  Because I've ended up being introduced to Korean skincare by Erborian and some of their fabulous new releases.  In short: game changer.  I'm on a mission right now to having my skin looking Spring-ready before the gorgeous weather comes into play.  With this in mind, I've been playing around with Erborian's Magic Transformask, CC Cream Skin Perfector and CC Eye Cream.
Erborian Korean Skincare Blog Review
A round of applause ladies and gents, this is the FIRST #nomakeup shot to make it onto A Glass Of Ice.  Oh boy...
Erborian Magic Transformask Blog Review


M A G I C   T R A N S F O R M A S K

Just give me a minute to stop swooning over the pretty baby-pink packaging.  Okay.  So, as you can see I'm wearing Erborian's Magic Transformask in these photos; at this point in its powder state.  The gel substance transforms into a powder after a few minutes of it being on your skin.  Then, when you're in the process of washing it off, it gives way to a rose-gold shimmer!  It's pretty gorgeous in the moment, although I didn't notice the effect lasting afterwards; which I'm choosing to see as a good reason to give it another go - and with heavier application!  Ooh...


C C   E Y E   C R E A M

( I   W E A R   S H A D E   C L A I R )

My favourite introduction out of the three.  Hands down.  Upon application, the Erborian CC Eye Cream releases its CC pigments and automatically adjusts to your skin tone.  I'll admit, upon first hearing about the product, I was doubtful.  I figured matching my pale tone wouldn't be possible and especially not in a way that would help to brighten the eye area.  Ohhhh how wrong I was!  This baby is going to be a definite re-purchase from me again and again and again.  Not only does the cream help to conceal, it also moisturises and illuminates; the ultimate three-in-one product.

Psst!  The Erborian CC Eye Cream contains Centella Asiatica: the soothing plant that wounded tigers love to roll around in.  I mean, tigers.  My heart melts.


C C   C R E A M   S K I N   P E R F E C T O R

( I   W E A R   S H A D E   C L A I R )

Similar to the CC Eye Cream, I'm smitten with Erborian's CC Cream Skin Perfector.  Most of my complaints are reserved for the eye area (hello, dark circles), but I was still keeping my peepers peeled for any positive effects the CC Cream Skin perfector may have elsewhere across my face.  There's no denying the incredible power of the CC Cream Skin Perfector; once again perfectly matching the skin tone as soon as it comes into contact!  I don't look to this product for longterm enhancements as I do with the CC Eye Cream, however for the 'here and now' it's doing a fabulous job.


Erborian Korean Skincare Beauty Blog Review


If you try one product:  Erborian CC Eye Cream

If you skip one product:  Erborian's Magic Transformask


Erborian Magic Transformask Beauty Blogger Review
I've adored my first introduction to Korean Skincare, thanks to Erborian!  I've come to one conclusion so far, and that's how Erborian does not mess around when it comes to skincare.  Go big or go home.  They make big promises and it's made the process of trying their products all the more exciting!  Have you ever tried any products from Erborian?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Erborian for working with me on this post!