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I'm now into neutrals.  I know, I've declared this to the world via my blog before, however now I'm knee deep into this newfound love. At first it was playing around with some alternatives from black and navy blue and then it became choosing the neutrals in my wardrobe over the darker shades.  And now?  Now I'm actively seeking neutrals left, right and centre.  I've fallen in love with how streamlined neutral shades look when paired together, how well they compliment gold-tone accessories and even better yet, how they enable you to look well put together at short notice.  But the question is, how can we bring neutral tones into our transitional wardrobes - and look chic while doing so?
Mango brown neutral snakeskin crossbody bag
Bath city historic front door photography


P A Y   A T T E N T I O N   T O   Y O U R   A C C E S S O R I E S

If you're truly diving into a world of neutrals, try streamlining your outfit with neutral accessories. One thing to keep in mind is that it's never been more important to focus on craftsmanship.  With less focus going on with your outfit, eyes will be quicker to dart to your accessories.  My advice?  Ditch the white handbags that encourage fingermarks and instead opt for textured patterns

L E S S   I S   M O R E   V S .   M O R E   I S   M O R E

This is a notoriously difficult one, and especially for when neutral styling is the topic of discussion.  On the one hand, it's entirely possible to look crazy chic by opting for a minimal aesthetic.  And on the other hand, fewer clashing colours allows you to go to town with layering.  The choice is yours!  

T E A S I N G   T E X T U R E S

This could possibly be one of my favourite discoveries of late; the power of textures.  The last thing we want is to have you looking like a sheet of white paper; a blank canvas is no fun, right?  Instead, keep your eyes peeled for gorgeous and usual textures.  Ribbed designs and tweed materials can work well throughout each of the four seasons, and animal prints can be particularly helpful in this department; leopard print,  snakeskin etc.

B E A U T Y   T L C

With less clashing colours and loud patterns causing a distraction, a greater focus falls on the smaller details.  This works perfectly for when you're debuting your latest gold layered necklace, but not so much when your manicure has grown out.  So often guilty of this, oops!  So, before plunging into a pool of neutrals, turn your attention to your skin, hair and nails.


River Island white and gold tweed dress
Styling a short white tweed dress in spring


Jumper - Ralph Lauren

Dress - River Island (now on sale!)

Bag - Mango 

Boots - Hobbs


Prettylittlething layered gold coin necklaces
How to look chic when styling neutral white colours fashion blog
I'm still walking deeper and deeper into this world of warm, natural shades and so I'd love to hear if you have any other tips?  Let me know in the comments below!

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