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So, earlier this year I moved to London and have been absolutely loving pretty much every moment ever since!  But remember, this is London we're talking about; space is limited and so putting a personal stamp on a home that feels unfamiliar at first becomes an even harder challenge.  It's true, you can't tear down the wallpaper, rip up the floorboards and start from scratch.  But you can wave a magic wand over the aesthetic and grant your new home a gorgeous facelift that perfectly matches your personal style.  I've had a lot of fun personalising my new place in Kensington; tweaking little things here and there until it has become my feminine haven to live, work and play.  Okay, back to why you're reading this: you want to personalise your new rental home without losing your deposit.  No problem!   Here are some ways to do exactly that (and more)...
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S T O R E   A W A Y   U N W A N T E D   S M A L L   I T E M S

Safely, and I mean safely.  The very first thing to do when you're looking to wave a magic wand over your new rental place, is identify the small items currently in place by the landlord that you desperately don't want to be there.  It's time for them to go, and you have a few options.  Firstly, consider hiring a small storage unit - but keep in mind the potentially longterm cost.  Secondly, ask around with friends and family who may have some extra space (and a very generous nature).  Thirdly, purchase a trunk in the largest size you can find to store these unwanted items in - my favourite option, for sure.  Oh, and pick a gorgeous design and the trunk will become a lovely addition to your new space, rather than an eyesore!


S H O P   T E X T I L E S

A fabulous new rug will do a great job at making your new rental place feel like home.  Although equally, an old favourite of yours could also go a long way in making you happier with the space!  If you have a sofa, opt for a few cushions to spruce up the seating, although I'd suggest most of your 'textile budget' should go towards the most luxurious throw you can justify for the end of your bed.  As you can see here, I've opted for a blush pink and soft design to help add a feminine touch to the bed.


C O N C E A L   R E N T A L   D A M A G ES

You know what I'm talking about; scuffs to the floorboards, marks to the walls etc.  Thankfully, these can be pretty simple to conceal.  If it's a pesky piece of furnishing you're dealing with,  reach for blankets and throws to makeover seating, and a neutral table runner to hide the sins of a dining table, or sideboard.  If it's the walls that are bothering you, rearrange your furniture.  If that doesn't work, consider investing in something perfectly-sized to hide the damage; such as an oversized headboard, or floor lamp.


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H O M E   F R A G R A N C E

Personalising a new rental home isn't just about the aesthetics (although a gorgeous home accessory or two can't hurt!), it's also about genuinely making ourselves feel at home.  When entering a new place, we immediately do three things: look, touch and smell.  Focussing on the latter, it's super simple to breathe new life into a space by hunting down and stocking up on your favourite home fragrances.  Now is the time to splurge, as it's this fragrance you'll now associate with your new space.  As shown in this post, I've been adoring Bahoma London lately and their vast range of luxuriously strong home fragrances (and body/bath products!).  Not only that, but their product design is a dream, which goes a very long way in personalising my new space.

Psst!  Bahoma's Jasmine Fragranced Diffuser smells like a freshly cleaned home!


L E T   T H E R E   B E   L I G H T !

You may like the light fittings that are already in place, fabulous!  However, if you're not a huge fan then consider storing them away and temporarily replacing them with something you do like.  If it's a ceiling fixture that's firmly stubbornly in place, consider swapping the light bulbs for something warmer.  In nine cases out of ten, the warmth of a bulb can make all the difference, even if the fitting is still the same.  Oh, and so long as the fitting doesn't get too hot, there's always the option of embellishing a little - as shown in this post, with a faux peony!


Bronze Hand Painted Water Glass
Bahoma Bath and Body Collection Review
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Bahoma London Bath Collection Salts



P I C K   A   T H E M E   A N D   S T I C K   T O   I T

The toughest challenge, but the most rewarding!  This will also make picking out those special and personal finishing touches a much easier and more enjoyable process for you.  I've opted for a feminine, soft and romantic theme for my rental and it's made arriving home each time all the sweeter!


W H A T   T O   D O   A B O U T   T H E   W A L L S ?

Admittedly, there are some problems you just can't solve.  But dammit I'll try!  Firstly, if you're renting a home with high ceilings, check for picture rails (I'll be utilising mine soon having only just noticed these myself!).  Secondly, look around for any nails already in place.  No?  Not a single nail in the walls?  Then it's time to look around at prints.  All of mine have been from Desenio, although there are plenty of fabulous options around now.  Lean them up above any available surfaces, such as a chest of drawers, or your home office desk!


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Homeware gold textured pedal bin
Lost Ink Nude High Heel StilettosThis may sound like a cliché, but above all else it's about having fun with the process of personalising your new home.  The bottom line is that you've made a move and it's daunting, but above all else, exciting!  So, the process of making your new house a home is one that you can enjoy developing, day by day, and week by week.
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I've really enjoyed the process of personalising my new rental home in London.  Although let's face it, for those of us who adore home decor. . . the process never ends!  Are you currently renting a place?  How have you personalised the space to make it your own?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Bahoma London for working with me on this post!