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Confession time: I used to be a bag snob.  Phew, thank goodness that one's off my chest!  I'd very much like to blame it on being young and naive, but I'm not convinced that one will slide.  Oops.  Since then, I've converted to loving both designer and high street handbags equally.  But how do others feel?  What was the general consensus? So, I posed the question recently over on my Instagram of whether or not you were a fan of high street or designer handbags.  The answer was pretty unanimous both on the photo and in my DM's: it depends entirely on the style and the craftsmanship.  It was less about the logo and more about how much your heart fluttered at first sight. Although, sure, a dreamy brand name helped a little...
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Zara brown snakeskin top handle tote bag
Ultimately, I'm with the consensus of seeking out fabulous craftsmanship.  However, admittedly this changes slightly depending on whether I'm shopping for a high street, or designer piece.  Whenever I've purchased a designer handbag, it's been after muuuuuch thought and consideration and always in the direction of more timeless styles to ensure my hard earned cash hasn't been spent in vain. However, when it comes to the high street I tend to justify trends above all else.  Animal print?  Sure.  Heavily embellished?  Okay.  Tassels and pompoms?  I mean, okay. 

The question is... could you tell this snakeskin beauty was from Zara?
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Orange tight wrap midi dress
Zara brown snakeskin top handle tote handbag


Dress - ASOS   |   Handbag - Zara

Shoes - Lost Ink


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I'd love to hear your thoughts on this outfit, as well as where you stand on the debate between designer and high street handbags?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Chlobo for working with me on this post!