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Ooh!  I can hardly contain my excitement over the temperature gradually rising.  Can you believe summer is just around the corner now?!  In less than a fortnight's time it will be June and I don't care what the calendar determines as the first day of summer, because JUNE marks the beginning of summer.  Right?!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm a summer baby.  I love the warmth, the sunshine, the hectic schedules and the evening strolls ending with fizzy drinks outdoors.  However, to enjoy the season to the max, there are a few things to do - or at least think about - beforehand.  Read on to become the most organised and prepared person in your social group...
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F I N A L I S E   T R A V E L   P L A N S

Including accommodation, travel and everything in between.  Not only will this put your mind at rest with regard to plotting and planning, but it'll also help you to avoid those shocking last-minute prices!    Oh, and don't forget to schedule time off with your work...


S E T   U P   A   B U D G E T

Because there are so many good things going on in the summer, right?!  It's like the whole world suddenly wakes up and everyone wants to do everything.  Sadly, our banks don't.  And so, ladies and gents... we must budget.  Ugh.  Such a nasty word, but it's necessary.  Budget now and avoid any nasty surprises later in the season when you'd rather be stretched out underneath the sun!


B O O K   T I C K E T S   I N   A D V A N C E

 For shows, festivals, experiences and more.  And be sure get travel dates for friends, family and loved ones added to your calendar as soon as possible.  


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S C H E D U L E   A   B E A U T Y   &   F I T N E S S   R E G I M E 

My favourite of the five, for sure.  Whether or not a shake-up of your fitness routine applies is entirely up to you, but a beauty regime is something we can all get on board with.  Manicures, pedicures, waxing, hair appointments and more - plan ahead and beat the masses.  Also, if you colour your hair, make sure to take extra precautions with regard to maintaining your shade in the sun!  


T I C K   I N D O O R   T A S K S   O F F   Y O U R   T O - D O   L I S T

Because we do NOT want to be cooped up indoors at the height of July when everyone else is at the latest food festival, right?  Tick the monotonous tasks (usually money or cleaning related) off your list now and save yourself a whole lot of effort later in the summer season.  Yay!


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I hope my five suggestions have been of some help to you; hopefully you'll be one (or uh, five) steps closer to feeling more prepared for the beautiful new season to arrive!  I'd love to hear how you prepare for summer?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

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