Chelsea in Bloom Rag & Bone Shop Display 2019
... and there we have it for another year!  Chelsea in Bloom ends today after a fabulous week of filling the streets with spectacular floral displays.  This year the theme was Under the Sea and while some locations went all out and brought out the most fish-filled displays you can imagine, others went for more 'inspired' designs with ocean-themed colour schemes.  Personally, I'm not fussed either way.  If the display is eye-catching and makes me whip out my camera so fast that stray sweet wrappers fall out of my handbag, then it's good in my book!  I wandered around on the very first day of Chelsea in Bloom this year while attending an event in the area at Chelsea Barracks, and one thing is for sure - I was not disappointed!  If you catch this blog post early on, then there's still time for you to head over to Sloane Square to see all of these fabulous displays first hand, if not, consider this a taster for what you can expect to see next year!
Chelsea in Bloom Links of London Floral Display 2019
Chelsea in Bloom Dermalogica Mermaid Seat
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Club Monaco Floral Display
Chelsea in Bloom Sarah Chapman Mermaid Floral Display
One of the best things about the floral art show has to be how the sights are all within walking distance of one another.  In a short space of time, you can fill your eyes and mind with a huge amount of incredible displays of beauty and sheer talent!  The first shop front display I stumbled across was Club Monaco; a firm favourite at this time of year for those shooting outfit photos.  Speaking of which, it's not just content creators going wild over the creations - it's everyone!  This makes Chelsea in Bloom all the more special, as it brings out the public's creative side.  In fact, I lost count very early on of just how many photos I had taken for other people while in the area!
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Under The Sea Flower Displays
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea Jellyfish
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea 2019 instagrammers
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea pink jellyfish
This year's Under the Sea theme provided a focus on the magical underwater world and the need to conserve and protect our oceans.  This year Chelsea in Bloom was celebrated in partnership with the Plastic Oceans UK; a charity with the aim of stopping plastic pollution reaching the oceans within a generation.  A good cause for sure, and a brilliant way of bringing attention to something so urgent.
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Hackett London
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Club Monaco
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea 2019 Instagram Guide
Chelsea in Bloom Moyses Stevens Octopus Flower Display
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea 2019 Pink Seahorse
Some of my favourite floral displays from this year's floral art show include Rag & Bone's blush pink themed creation (shown below in the following two images), Dermalogica's embellished mermaid throne that instantly makes you feel like some sort of Ocean Princess, and finally the entirely ocean-themed pop-up in the centre of the square complete with seating, jellyfish and every other form of sea life you can imagine.  An information desk is provided at the latter, providing more details on the reasoning behind this year's theme and how you can help the cause.  Mmm, it feels good to do good...
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Rag & Bone Floral Display
Chelsea in Bloom Rag & Bone 2019 Flower Display
Chelsea in Bloom 2019 Rigby & Peller Floral Display
Chelsea in Bloom Under the Sea Blog Guide
London Chelsea in Bloom Instagram Guide
I'm so pleased I got around to seeing all of this year's fabulous Chelsea in Bloom floral displays this year.  I adore the theme and they really are something to be seen first hand, but it's all good - I've got you!  I'd love to hear which of these are your favourites?  Did you visit Chelsea in Bloom this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x