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This is surely the most beautiful time of year for London; the sun is shining and blooms pop up left, right and centre.  Although there's one week in particular that has us all losing our minds and it takes place towards the end of Spring.  Along with Chelsea in Bloom, another area of London goes all out to make a fabulous impression with show-stopping floral displays - Belgravia!  The luxurious location is known all year-round for their beautiful shopfront displays and themed events (this pretty pink Peggy Porschen doorway ring a bell?).  However, for Belgravia in Bloom there's even more to appreciate...
Peggy Porschen pink pretty flower doorway
Peggy Porschen Belgravia pink interior design
For this year's annual celebration of Belgravia in Bloom, I was invited along by Belgravia London to enjoy a beautiful day filled with themed experiences - and it exceeded expectations!  No content creator's tour would have been complete without a walking tour of some of the area's spectacular shop fronts, including the famous Peggy Porschen, Neill Strain Floral Couture, Moyses Stevens and The Hari hotel.  This year the latter teamed up with Daks and Amie Bone Flowers to creates the most spectacular display imaginable.  All of these pretty sights were enjoyed with some lovely weather and even more lovely girls!
Neill Strain Floral Couture No11 Shop Front
Moyses Steven floral spring shop front display
The Hari Hotel Amie Bone Flower Display Belgravia
The travel arrangements to get between locations was equally flower-filled in the form of a decorated tuk tuk! Having never stepped foot in one before, you can imagine my excitement.  Admittedly, I'm usually put off by their appearance - but believe me when I say there were nooo complaints when the below floral beauty appeared in front of us...
Belgravia in Bloom Floral Shop Front
Belgravia in Bloom Floral Shop Front
Belgravia London Floral Tuk Tuk
After exploring the Floral Mood Gardens in Motcomb Street's Halkin Arcade with our super friendly PR and assigned guide-for-the-day, we were taken to enjoy a cocktail and nibbles at No.11 Pimlico Road; a favourite for many thanks to their delicious food and modern interior.  After a treat or two (and demolishing nearly all of the smoked salmon bites, sorry ladies...), we waited outside for the return of our fabulous floral tuk tuk and then whizzed through Belgravia's beautiful streets to our next location...
No 11 Pimlico road Interior blog review
No11 Pimlico Road Spring Summer Food
No 11 Pimlico Road London Lifestyle Blog Review
So, you most likely know aaaaall about Jo Malone.  But have you heard of Jo Loves?  It's a brand by the founding lady herself.  However, owing to a non-compete agreement signed with Estée Lauder, Jo Malone was prevented from launching this competing brand for five years - but it was undoubtedly worth the wait.  Each of the fragrances are entirely unique and were created truly with specific memories and moments of Jo's in mind.  Pink Vetiver was hands down my favourite, with the fragrance still occasionally wafting into memory.  A highlight of the day was the Floral Themed Fragrance Tapas experience at the Jo Loves branch in Belgravia on Elizabeth Street.  You're taken through into a private room and given a thorough background on the brand, as well as an artistic tour through each of the twelve fragrances.  Fragrance heaven!
Jo Loves Belgravia Elizabeth Street Floral Display
Jo Loves Belgravia Elizabeth Street Blog Review
Jo Loves Belgravia Private Room Experience
Jo Loves Belgravia Elizabeth Street Blog Review
Jo Loves Belgravia in Bloom Elizabeth Street
Next on the agenda was a cocktail at Jones Family Kitchen.  Did I choose a cocktail too strong for my feeble tastebuds?  Possibly.  But it was delicious nevertheless!  Sat in a spacious corner seat, we met up with a few other content creators who had also been taken through a tour of Belgravia in Blooms' most fabulous experiences that day.  This is definitely a location to consider next time you're in the area and are looking to meet up with some friends for after-work drinks.
Jones Family Kitchen Cocktail review
The day ended on a brilliant note thanks to a Flower Arranging Workshop at the Botanic Identity Station in Eccleston Yards.  I've been on a few floral workshops and masterclasses in my time and yet somehow each time I always feel like a beginner!  Thankfully, this time I definitely managed to pick up a tip or two from Moyses Stevens and all while surrounded by a sea of blooms and a rustic-chic design for the luxurious pop-up.
Botanic Identity Station Eccleston Yards
Moyses Stevens Flower Workshop Botanic Identity Station Eccleston Yards
Moyses Stevens Botanic Identity Station Eccleston YardsAfter wrapping our bouquets in cellophane, tying Moyses Stevens' branded ribbons around the stems and popping our handiwork into gift bags, all that remained was to say goodbye to all of the fabulous ladies there and head back to my place!
Moyses Stevens Flower Workshop Belgravia Blog Review
Belgravia in Bloom fashion instagrammer collaboration
Moyses Steven Flower Workshop Belgravia Blog Review
This truly was a fabulous day from start to finish.  Belgravia London did a brilliant job at organising the schedule and I'm already super excited for next year's celebration of Belgravia in Bloom!  I'd love to know if you've ever visited the area?  Does anything shown above stand out to you from this year's Belgravia in Bloom?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thank you to Belgravia London for arranging this fabulous day of experiences!