GHD Gold Festival Collection Styler Hair Straightener
Hello, yes, I finally have a GHD styler sitting prettily in my haircare drawer.  That's right, I was one of the last remaining people in the entiiiire universe not to rely heavily on the brand for sleek locks - until now!  I've always taken great care of my hair, but somehow I missed the boat on getting experimental.  Hmm.  And I mean, sure, I've played around a little for shoots, but on a daily basis?  Not really.  But that's all about to change, thanks to GHD determining my fate by sending over the fabulously colourful GHD Gold Festival Collection Styler!  Decorated in a kaleidoscope of colours, it screams of summer and of all the endless hair styling opportunities that await!  But hold up, remember I'm a newbie.  A total beginner.  A novice.  So, to start with I waited for the dreamy new edition to reach 185oC (the optimum styling temperature) and started to play around with a simple straightening function...

GHD Gold Festival Collection Styler Hair Straightener Blog Review
GHD Gold Festival Collection Styler Hair Straightener 2019 Beauty Blog Review
GHD Festival Styler Beauty Blogger Review
So, a little background on this pretty new tool.  The most impressive point to note is the new dual-zone technology enabling for two new generation heat sensors to control the optimum heat for 'smoother, sleeker and healthier-looking' hair.  In my quest to get volume in my hair, I often find I've reached more frizz and less fab; making this new generation feature a predicted blessing for future bad hair days!  And I won't have to wait long, as the GHD Festival Styler takes just 25 seconds to heat up - so I have no excuses for not getting creative...
White flowers bridal hairstyle idea
GHD Festival Styler UK Beauty Blog Review
Chlobo gold Zodiac Pendants VirgoTo celebrate my first time using hair straighteners that I haven't borrowed off a friend of a friend (of a friend of a friend...), I picked up these pretty little hair springs for a feminine summer-themed look.  If you're heading to a festival this season and don't fancy covering your head entirely in flowers, this is a more subtle way of adopting the look - and very simple to achieve!
Bridal Hair Idea White Flower Hair Springs
H&M White Palm Tree Leaves Wide Leg Trousers
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the GHD Gold Festival Collection Styler; a gorgeously colourful new edition from GHD!  Do you own any styling products by the brand?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to GHD for working with me on this post!