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The birds are tweeting, flowers in shades of blush pink and pressed rose are bursting through at every turn and any form of advertisement is now filled to the brim with summer-infused messages.  Cold drinks with rising bubbles, al fresco dining on picturesque patio spaces and fresh garden spaces with bohemian cushions splayed out across the grass.  You name it, summer has got it.  With this in mind, there's just something about this time of year that appeals to our more feminine side, right?  It attracts the most gentle of locations, activities and dining experiences.  And the same applies to our wardrobes!  From powder pink plush velvet hairbands to the ice pink suede Hugs & Co Penny Driving Loafers slipped on my feet, these months are a call to action for those of us looking to embrace femininity...
Hugs & Co Penny Driving Loafers Ice Pink Suede
Hugs & Co Ice Pink Penny Driving Suede Loafers
Pretty Pink English Rose Garden
Above all else, embracing femininity requires us to be calm and gentle; appreciating the season for everything it offers!  But let's get down to the nitty gritty and focus on how to incorporate this vibe into our appearance this summer.  Needless to say, I'm about to suggest you gravitate towards blush, white and caramel shades.  They'll provide you with an instant bright and airy vibe, particularly if you're pairing them together.  I'm a sucker for a classic white shirt (in this case, a ruffled number by Karen Millen) for this very reason.  The Hugs & Co Penny Driving Loafers shown in this post have been my go-to faves lately for rushing around London; either getting to-and-from events, or simply running errands!  It took me a long time to warm to flats when necessary, but since discovering their suede loafers, there's simply no going back.  
English Blogger Pink Rose Garden
Summer Straw Sun Hat Styling
Hugs and Co Penny Driving Suede Loafers
Summer Pretty English Rose Garden
Colours aside, there's quite a few ways in which we can help ourselves look and therefore feel more feminine this summer.  When choosing your outfit, opt for flowing fabrics that allow your body room to breathe.  Ruffles, frills and tulle will become your best friends.  My advice?  Add a pussy bow neckline to your summer wardrobe asap, and while you're at it, reduce the price-per-wear of any maxi dresses hanging prettily in your wardrobe right now by fishing them out and wearing them on repeat.

Okay, so with regard to accessories, opt for sun hats; swap any unwanted darker details with a rose pink or caramel ribbon - an easy five minute fix!  I'm currently adoring oversized plush headbands; a coveted look since Prada graced the editorial pages with their satin designs.  If it's not too hot, layer on the jewellery; bracelets in particular go a long way in helping us to feel more feminine as they're constantly in our line of sight.  However, not to worry if the temperature is soaring; instead opt for the cooler version of slotting a couple of pearl embellished hair slides into your hair - looking pretty while simultaneously preventing hair from sticking to your forehead.  It's a win-win!  Oh and one more thought, don't skimp on the perfume...
Summer English Rose Styling 2019
How to look and feel more feminine this summer
Hugs and Co Penny Driving Suede Loafers


Blouse - Karen Millen

Skirt - Zara   |   Clutch - Karen Millen

Shoes - Hugs & Co


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Pretty pink aesthetic summer flowers
Hugs & Co Ice Pink Suede Penny Driving Loafers
Needless to say, I'm adoring embracing femininity this season and this includes all of the frills, ruffles and shades of pink I can get my paws on!  I'd love to hear how you're embracing femininity this season?  Let me know in the comments below!

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With love,

Gabrielle x

Thanks to Hugs & Co. for working with me on this post!